Introducing Myself, Some History, and Future BBL , BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT , 19 YRS OLD HISPANIC FEMALE - Yonkers, NY

Hello everybody on Realself ! I am 19 yrs old,...

Hello everybody on Realself ! I am 19 yrs old, 5'4", currently weigh 190 pounds, hispanic, female, from The Bronx, New York and will be starting college as a freshman in exactly 5 days and I am very interested in going through a fat transfer or better yet known a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). I have always been on and off with my weight since a child. When I was 9 yrs old i was overweight a couple pounds and got into the habit of living a healthy lifestyle meaning watching what I ate and daily excersizing with the help of my mom. I went from like 134 pnds to 119 by the age of like 10 - 12 (i do not quite remember). It became a cycle for me to gain and loose weight on and off. It got really out of hand in highschool when I was 16 yrs old. I was 220 pounds and it was because of severe poor eating habits and smoking weed which made me get the munchies causing me to eat very unhealthy foods because I could not handle the cravings. It got to the point where I was very unhappy and depressed because I constantly heard people tell me I was really pretty from my face but I would look way better if I drop some pounds. It got me upset because I agreed as well. So I also forgot to mention I had naturally large breasts too. At 12 years old I was a C - cup. My innocence did not allow me to realize how big they actually were until I turned 14 yrs old when they grew to a DD cup. At 17 yrs old my breast size was a 40K, I had to get custom made bras and they were really expensive and hard to find ! I could not fit bathing suits even if they were a XL! It was really frustrating not only for the simple fact of the difficulty of shoppnig for bras also because of severe back pain and back spazzims my nerves were going nuts because my spin was bending forwards because of my heavy breasts. So, when I hit 18 yrs old I had went from 220 pounds to 174 pounds. It was all about mindset and positive thinking within MYSELF. I used my previous skills as a child and researched on youtube workouts to do at home and continued eating healthy. I worked out almost everyday took breaks of course and started drinking NOTHING ELSE THAN WATER ! Adding healthy snacks like fruits or yogurt. I was my own coach, I learned its not only about what you eat its about HOW MUCH you eat as well. It is not realistic to cut off pizza or french fries, its ok to eat them here and there but do not let it become a habit. I had not been able to continue dealing with these back pains and spine spazzims so I decided to talk to my doctor about it because I was fed up. At 18 yrs old February 2014 , I went through a breast reduction from size 40K to a 38D. My insurance covered it due to medical reasons because it actually was very serious. Now presently, I am happy with my breasts but not so happy with other body parts. I believe so much loosing and gaining weight my body lost its proportional sizes. I personally do not think it is reallly bad but I am not satisfied with myself because working out is not doing it for me right now. I do not have poor eating habits anymore its just I feel I have a nice body but i could use some touching up and enhancing. My stomach is not really fat but i have some guts and some back fat, big inner thighs, some flanks, some rolls, and some extra fat on my upper arms and are quite jiggly. My biggest issue is my butt, its not completely gone but its not how i wish it would be. Its not making me happy, i use little tricks to boost my confidence in jeans and stuff but i know deep down im not happy. I have worked so hard to loose weight and look right for myself but i dont know what else to do. So i made a free consultation appointment August 28, 2014 , it is August 23 currently. I have a friend who is willing to cover it so we will see the quote from then on. Also, i will be starting school that day of the consultation and I really want to focus on college and i have other things i am worrying about. I feel if i get this BBL done i will be a very much happier person. My wish is to have a flat tummy, and nice curves with a big butt ! I would like to emphasize i think having a big butt is so attractive. So i will be updating posts about latest news about my soon to come journey! Just wanted to throw out there every woman who is reading this, you are beautiful in every single way and if there is something you dislike there is always something you can do about it to feel better !! Thanks guys ! xoxo - Josie

Current Body Look

Sunday, August 24 2014, I am going to post current body pics. Hispanic 19 yr old female, 5'4", 190 pounds. Looking to go for a BBL, Brazilian Butt Lift. I want to remove fat from my flanks, stomach, upper arms around the arm pit area,some chin fat and inner thighs to my butt. I want a flat stomach, no extra chin fat, tight arms, no flanks, minimized inner thighs, less back fat, no rolls, nice curves , and a big butt.


Soo these are examples of how i would like to look. My wish look is basically a thick woman shape, with a nice flat stomach, curvalicious shape, and nice big booty !


Hello everyone on Realself ! I unfortunately could not make it to my appointment I had scheduled for a free consultation. So I need to make another app, I just started school and am continuing working so I need to find a day where I wont be busy. I will keep updating any news. I have noticed that i hate on myself almost everyday and put my self down a lot when i look in the mirror i am starting to dislike my body more and more making me more anxious about this bbl i want so bad. Just to think I would be needing to do this surgery around December for winter recess so i could have school vacations makes me a little agitated because it feels far and also i hope i could recover well enough once winter vacation is over to go back to class. I know i cant sit down for a few months so it stresses me out because i want my butt to be big !! I am stressing this quite a lot, i just want to be happy :[


So recently, i been binging and beating myself up mentally. Everyday i am looking at pictures of these beautiful women w, amazing bodies. I have been attempting to excersize like old times, yesterday Sunday August 31st, it was alright very exhausting. I tried to do mostly butt work outs and some abs, but i am soooo discouraged. I feel like whatever or however much i try to work out and tone up, it wont be enough. So why bother & waste energy ? I know what i really need is the bbl, it is quicker, and actually will fulfill the look i wish for. If i work out it wont add proportion to the areas i want to target, it just wont. Probably just loose fat overall areas. Which is what i dont need ! I have gained weight eating so much ! I went from 174pnds to 190 pnds !! >:000 I need the bbl, i need the bbl ! =[ I'm so unhappy & frustrated. I am depressed, its not helping me focus on college. I am doing good though but my body is bothering me a lot i feel so uncomfortable.
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I made an appointment for a free consultation in Yonkers, New York, and will be making another appointment with another clinic in Yonkers as well to compare and contrast my visits and information about the surgery.

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