Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty in Thailand

I turned 50 years old last October and felt it was...

I turned 50 years old last October and felt it was time to update the look a little. My eyes were looking a bit tired and saggy. I also wanted a mini tummy tuck, both which are expensive in Australia so I investigated further afield. Thailand was my choice so I got in touch with one of the bigger hospitals over there and organised everything myself with one of their customer service people. Everything was organised over the internet and I'm very pleased with the results. Language is a small barrier but you have to expect that, you do get assignment an english speaker person who will go with you to the doctor and explain everything that needs to be done.
That's amazing, and brave. I wouldn't have the guts to travel to a foreign country for a procedure I could have done at home. I'm so glad it worked out!

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Before surgery and after

Thanks Brighid1692, But that's just me, I am used to travelling alone and did plenty of research.I found it more exciting than scary.
Good for you! I travel alone as well but that's much braver than I!

day 8 post op

Had my stitches out yesterday, and my eyes are healing really well. I am now putting a mix of pure Vit E oil and Rosehip oil on them to heal them quickly. Very happy with the progress, albeit very impatient to get back to life.

Day 12 Post op

I went shopping, wore makeup and contacts, for the first time a couple of days ago and the next day one of my was really swollen. Yesterday I started putting ointment on it again and this morning it's looking better..Phew!! Apart from that it's all coming along nicely. I was thinking of going back to the hospital before I leave to get some botox for my crows feet, as I was told eye surgery doesn't correct that, but guess what, I don't need it...hehehe..yay!! that's saved me some money and needles...will post new pics on Day 14 for 2 week progress..Have a great day, I'm off the the Chatuchuk markets for some serious shopping...
Hey Pennyladoo, Thanks for the compliment, I don't feel 50 but I think everyone says that. Going down kicking and screaming, thats me..hehe. Anyway as long as the swelling is down and you can open your eyes wide enough to get them in, then go for it, mine felt ok. But as I said one of my eyes swelled up after that day, could have been being outside all day for the first time in smoggy Bangkok, since the op, could have been the contacts or wearing some makeup. Now I went out yesterday and wore the contacts and this morning my eye is still fine, so I think it was prob the makeup. I had to wear glasses for more than a week and hated it. Will post a pic tomorrow for my 2 weeks post op..good luck..
You don't look 50! You are healing so well and it looks fantastic! I turned 50 this year and have upper lower bleph brow lift scheduled for the 23rd. Im curious about how it felt wearing your contacts for the first time after the surgery. I wear them also and was wondering when we can start wearing afterwards.

Day 13 Post op

Work up feeling great. I wore contacts yesterday and my eyes are fine this morning. I have been putting the medicated cream on them twice a day. So my eyes are looking heaps better this morning, will post a pic tomorrow for my 2 week progress.

14 days post op

So my eyes are getting better every day the swelling has gone down on my right eye, keeping up with the medication ointment twice a day. Have not worn make up since I my eye swelled again, think I will wait until totally healed before I do that again. My eyes are a little yellow from the bruising but I am very happy with my results.
Hi fitnfun, I purchased a makeup called CoverFX. It was developed for covering surgical scarring as well as for burn victims etc. It is actually good for your skin, feels great and covers absolutely everything! I have had no issues with swelling or irritation when I'm using it.

3 weeks post op

Today I am 3 weeks post op. I feel really good, my eyes are getting better and better every day. I there is still swelling, which I expected but all in all I am very happy with my results so far. I wore makeup last night and it didn't irritate my eyes. pic attached

4 weeks post op

My eyes are looking better everyday. They are usually a bit swollen in the morning but the swelling goes down quite quickly. Very happy with my results.
hey Ottawafemale, thank you, you know it really is easy. Just go onto the hospital website and you will be assigned a person who you can ask questions and send photos too. They will get you a quote from your photos and organise your admission date
You look really great. I'm not sure I could figure out arrange everything in Thailand, well done. I would really like to have this surgery as well, I may need an upper and a brow lift, and I am so grateful to those of you that post photos. They're really something! but so essential in knowing what's in store. Thanks!

5 1/2 weeks post op

Here is my updated pic taken this morning. Eyes are getting better everyday. Incisions are smoothing out, still a bit red around the eyes and still are a little swollen when I wake up. But I can wear make up now and you wouldn't even know I have had work done..Very happy with my results.. Happy healing everyone.

pic for 5 1/2 weeks progress

fitnfun87, thanks for sharing and for showing the pics as well. I too I'm looking into Thailand for work I need done, so I'm very thankful for your story. Can you post some current pics with the eyes closed? I would love to see how those stitches are doing.Thanks again.

6 weeks post op

My eyes are getting better every day...
Great to see you got good results. I live in Thailand and have had upper eye lid surgery at PAI. I had perviously got my nose done there and was very happy with the results but NOT their service. Not good at all. The results from my surgery wasn't good. I'll have to get them done again but with someone else. I note your Doctor's name and will go see them. My far right lid side irritated my eye for months, its better now but I'll need it done again. Thanks for sharing your experience. Taylor
Thanks for the new pics. Eyes are still looking good. Continued good luck.

9.5 weeks post op

Not much to report. Incisions are still quite sensitive but scars are looking good. I am wearing lots of sunblock before I go outside. I am very happy with my results. Happy healing everyone.
Next year, new veneers on my teeth or lower face neck lift...yay!!! Kuala Lumpur for the face...Phuket for the teeth
thanks everyone.. Katimaus, I went to Yanhee hospital in Bangkok, not Phuket. They have a website.
It turned out great!!!

14.2 weeks post op

Still healing but very happy with my progress, would recommend this operation. Happy healing everyone
You look amazing. I too just turned 50 and I am looking at where to go and what to get done. I am thinking neck, eyes, lower face. I found your comment really interesting .... 'Next year, new veneers on my teeth or lower face neck lift...yay!!! Kuala Lumpur for the face...Phuket for the teeth.' You have done lots of research, why KL for the face and with who? Many thanks for the feedback. Inspirational.
WOW! You look fantastic. Thank you very much for posting your progression photos as I did not know much about lower eyelid surgery
hi, July i am going to Yan Hee to do a eyelid surgery. My surgeon is Dr.Kitty, are you the same? i am very worried on the risk of operation especially we are from overseas....u answer wil be highly appreciate.
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