I have wanted a TT ever since I gave birth to my...

I have wanted a TT ever since I gave birth to my twins, 16 years ago. Due to female issues, I have a hysterectomy scheduled, and realized this would be the perfect time!,,, I will have the time off, and the procedures can be done together. So... It's actually happening! In one month not only will I be free of pain and evil heavy periods, my twin belly will be gone!!!!!!!!!!

Well, everything is officially scheduled and...

Well, everything is officially scheduled and coordinated between Dr's, the money side is all worked out and solidified. Now I just have to wait! 27 days to go!!! I am SO excited! I little worried about the swelling from the hysterectomy, but hoping that if I take it really easy, eat clean, drink lots of water, I can keep it to a minimum. Anyone else have experience with that? I am also hoping my hormome changes dont make me crazy. :)

I am exactly three weeks out! My PreOp appointment...

I am exactly three weeks out! My PreOp appointment is next week. Here are some details about me. I am average build, 5'6", I weigh between 145-155. 155 feels TOO heavy. I got there again after Christmas, but am already back to just under 150. I would love to just hover at 145. Of course, even at that weight, I have my belly... but only for 3 more weeks!!!! I am adding some pics (GASP) I cant wait until I have the afters!!!

I have two weeks to go! Today I had my pre-op with...

I have two weeks to go! Today I had my pre-op with the PS. I got my prescriptions (antibiotic, pain killer, anti-naus pills) and some generic instructions. However, since I hadnt met with the GYN performing the Hyst. I had to reschedule the pre-op till next week. Grrrrrr.... I am just a tad annoyed, since they knew that was the case. And that the DR wasnt even in today. Soooo... I will meet with my GYN next week, determine if she will perform the Hyst either Vaginally or Abdom, and then see the PS the next day to clarify the timing of everything and answer my questions. I have to say, the past couple days I havent even been concerned with the TT due to the HUGE amount of pain I am from my goofy uterus... I have been miserable. And I am not even in my cycle. I cant wait till its all gone!!! And the TT is simply a bonus. :) I will update again after next weeks pre-ops. :)

Well, had my pre-op with the GYN. I have made a...

Well, had my pre-op with the GYN. I have made a new choice about my ovaries.. If she sees endometriosis she will remove all signs AND my ovaries. If she doesn't, then she will leave my ovaries. She feels that a majority of my pain is coming from my uterus and a condition I can't spell. BUT, since I know I have had endometriosis removed before... I feel certain she will find it. But, I guess I won't know till I wake up! And, I can change my mind the day of surgery.... Sigh. The TT is the simple part in all this!! Sitting at the hospital now waiting for my pre-op appt... :-) almost all done with all the prep!

Had the last of my pre-ops today! YAY!! What a day...

Had the last of my pre-ops today! YAY!! What a day my surgery day will be.. at the PS office at 930 to be marked (in my new, cute VS Bikini Bottoms), to the Hospital at 10am, and the surgeries start at 12pm. The Gyn will open me with his markings and do her thing, and the the PS will take over. Its gonna be a long day!! LOL!! And, I get a Morphin Pump in my IV the first night, woohoo!! :)

I am so excited ladies for this ladies!!!

Added a couple more pics... Can't wait to add the...

Added a couple more pics... Can't wait to add the afters!!

Just a quick update, all surgeries went well, I...

Just a quick update, all surgeries went well, I was able to keep am ovary, :-) most of my pain comes from the lower abdomen, but managing with pain meds. More later and hoping all the best for my fellow 12 th ers!!

Well, four days post op. can't wait for the drains...

Well, four days post op. can't wait for the drains to get removed, should be Monday. Just truckin along pretty much.

Added a couple more pics. And a before and after.....

Added a couple more pics. And a before and after... OMG!

Well, one drain out.. One in until Wednesday....

Well, one drain out.. One in until Wednesday. Seriously thought I was gonna cry when he said, sorry, i don't take both out at the same time. I totally understand... But I was VERY excited to get them out.. Sigh.

Feeling pretty good today! :-) showered last...

Feeling pretty good today! :-) showered last night, and even with the drain, it was wonderful! Then with about a million pillows, I slept in my own bed. Ahhhh. This morn I even straightened my hair, and was getting around great! And then, I FINALLY had a 2nd BM, it had even four days! Ugh!! Today is also my first day alone, all day. I feel like it should go by easily. Can't wait to see how I feel in another week!

PO day 8. 2nd drain is out! Yay!!!!! I feel so...

PO day 8. 2nd drain is out! Yay!!!!! I feel so much better with it gone. Now just praying I don't develop any seromas or anything. Feeling pretty good and hoping to get some photos tomorrow standing. :-)

I took some pics after my shower last night, since...

I took some pics after my shower last night, since the 2nd drain went bye bye! I am pretty swollen since its night, and my BB looks kinda gross because of the steri strips surrounding it. I was able to take a couple off after the pics and it looks SO much better! Feeling pretty good. Working some from my recliner via computer. Appreciating my wonderful friends that have taken me to appts, brought meals over for my family. They are awesome! Looking forward to an outing this weekend (and a little scared). So far.. All is well!! On the HYST side, no problems. Hormones seem stable, few hot moments at night (not sure if its a hot flash or not).

Just for fun, put my jeans on this morn, and they...

Just for fun, put my jeans on this morn, and they fit! Yay! So excited to see how they fit when I am not swollen anymore! Since I was trying things on, tried on the bikini I bought to be marked in. Love it!! While I look a little think still, I know I am pretty swollen, so I am tickled!! I added a couple tics.

I think I officially overdid it this weekend....

I think I officially overdid it this weekend. Saturday my bf and I went out to lunch, and then took a two and a half hour excursion to watch my 18 year old daughter cheer at the Regional Basketball game. Boy was I hurting by the time we got home. Then, off to Walmart today with the help of my BF to get my weekly groceries. He loaded and unloaded everything. And then we made enchiladas for dinner. Talk about pain! Had a mini melt down, it's hard for me to NOT be completely self sufficient, as I have been a single mom for SO long! It kills me to ask for all this help and just be unable to everything on my own. Ugh.

On a good note, almost all of my steri-strips are off and my BB is visible now, and I think I like it? Posted some pics...

All in all, i am still VERY happy with the results, I just need to be patient with the healing process.

I am PO week two, nothing new happening really. I...

I am PO week two, nothing new happening really. I have been wearing a tight compression tank during the day, feels like its a more even pressure all over, still wear the binder all night and some of the days. I have started tracking my measurements, and I am pleased with them. I am also down about 5 pounds to 145. I would love to be at 135.... But, time will tell if my body would agree. I am off to my two week PO appt with the GYN today. Should be I uneventful! Other than being ready for this healing process to be over, I am super happy with my results so far!

I added a new pic sitting, so glad my lap fat is...

I added a new pic sitting, so glad my lap fat is gone! There is a little pocket above my belly button that is driving me batty. The PS says its swelling and that the skin there isn't that great due to stretch marks.. Fingers crossed it will look better.

Oh, and even tho my jeans fit? My dress pants for...

Oh, and even tho my jeans fit? My dress pants for work don't! Lol!! My flanks must be swollen from the tiny bit of lipo he did (I say tiny cause there wasn't even any bruising). So, I am still swelling a ton i guess :-)

I am feeling just a tad Blue. I think some of it...

I am feeling just a tad Blue. I think some of it is PMS (I should be starting a period, thank God I won't have one tho, YAY!). I am starting to really dwell on my stretch marks that still surround my belly button.... Of course, with less swelling, they look even worse. I am pretty sure that a Bikini may be out of the question... :-( part of me is confused, since the Dr said He removed 5 inches of skin... And I don't remember my stretch marks going up as high as they must have?? Boo. So, my other blue moment is having done too much yesterday and now I am hurting and swelling today. I decided not to make a 1.5 hour drive to spend the days with girlfriends.. And now I am regretting it. So, here I am whining on RS. I know you ladies will understand!! Thanks for listening!

Well, here I am! At four weeks PO! I head back to...

Well, here I am! At four weeks PO! I head back to work half days starting Friday.. I am nervous! I have added pics comparing my two week pics to today's four week pics. I also have a pic showing my incision. I am very happy with it, although it does go higher on my right side, but that may be swelling. One thing I am super happy about is my measurements. Pre TT my measurement at my waist was 33.5, at my BB it was 37 and around the fullest part of the bulge was 38.5. Today, my waist is at 30, my BB is 33, and the full point (well where I think it was) is 34.5. Yay!!!! Even with the imperfections and blue days, I would do it the same all over again. I look normal again!!!!

Oh ya.. And to me, I don't see a huge difference...

Oh ya.. And to me, I don't see a huge difference visually between two and four weeks.

5 weeks! (Tomorrow actually) I worked a half day...

5 weeks! (Tomorrow actually) I worked a half day Friday, sat in the car 3 hours and watched Softball for 4/5 hours, and I have been feeling ok! I hope I am still swelling, I would love to see more of a waist (not that I have ever really had one) I am excited to get to exercising... I just have to wait for the all clear from the GYN. I have come to terms with the stretch marks that are left over and the weird sag above my BB. My dresses for work fit so nicely, I don't even care!! Lol!!

I am changing my review to 'not sure'. I am VERY...

I am changing my review to 'not sure'. I am VERY unhappy with the area above my BB. I know... Swelling. Well, we all know that yucky tummy skin tends to look better when it's filled out... And as my swelling decreases, that area looks more and more awful. I almost think I have just the same amount of stretch marks as I did before!! How is that possible!?! I can pinch plenty of skin above my BB.... Why wasn't it pulled down more!?! I see my PS next week for my six week appt. I am sure he will say wait and see. I also realize that a revision my help... But that's probably another 3000 in hospital charges and more time off.. And vacation time to boot. Boo. I am posting some pictures to show the issues...

Almost 6 weeks!! I finally feel almost normal. I...

Almost 6 weeks!! I finally feel almost normal. I can lay on my sides and changes sides in bed comfortably... Yay!! I tend to get sore or more swollen depending on what I wear. I amTRYING to be patient with things... I get really frustrated with my upper stomach, but it changes (for the better and worse) depending on the day. So... Patience is my new mantra!

This is my third week back to work, 2nd week with...

This is my third week back to work, 2nd week with full days. I am SWOLLEN, SWOLLEN, SWOLLEN!! ;-) My measurements are all bigger than about 3 weeks ago, my weight is 5+/-, so I know its just the swelling that is skewing things. I am sure the sitting, and eating more normally (not afraid of salt anymore) really are causing me to swell, and I have to be patient thru this stage. I am hoping the 12 week mark shows improvement. Last week I saw the PS, he was very honest about the area above my BB, and it being the hardest area to make look good... he did say that if when I am completely healed, I am still unhappy, he would do some minimally invasive surgical procedures to make it look better. Be that lypo or a new incision around the BB removing additional skin. I was happy with that. So, other than the SWELL HELL... nothing new to report. Just staying patient!! :)

Well, I got brave this evening and put on my...

Well, I got brave this evening and put on my bikini. Considering its the end of the day, I am ok with the way it's all looking. I love how my scar looks. Yay!! So, here are some pics. I honestly don't see too much difference at this point from about week 4 or so, but it seems to be that is the norm.

So happy to say I went 4 days without a...

So happy to say I went 4 days without a compression garment!! Yay!! My stomach muscles are sore today, but I have been basically back to normal. So I don't mind the soreness. I bought bikini number two, a fun string bikini!! One morning when the swelling is low I will have to post some pics. I have to say I am happy that I did this and things keep getting better!! :-)

I have had an interesting week. I think I may have...

I have had an interesting week. I think I may have over done it with everything and my insides weren't happy about it. I think the Hyst takes longer to heal... I was definitely swelling in my pelvis region, and I even had some discomfort. I think the week prior I was doing everything normal, exercising, sex, pulled some weeds, and I think my insides said NO. This week I have taken it pretty easy, and it's feeling better. On a happy note, I bought bikini number two! I added pics. :-)
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oh my gosh you look great update us
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Hi, thinking of having a tummy tuck. I know that Dr. Hauge is phasing out and Dr. Hoyt is taking over at that location, but is there anything you regret or were not happy with in your tummy tuck experience? Did he do muscle repair?
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Love the new bikini!!! You look great!! Hope you are feeling better.
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B, it's icky in MN so I had nothing better to do then to start reading my comments from the beginning.. :) And noticed you were one of the firsts to encourage me to have the TT.. Thanks for being an awesome support system! :) Don't regret it for a second!
  • Reply
You are so welcome!! I am so happy you decided to do it and that you love your results. We deserve to look an feel 'normal' :-)
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happy 9 weeks looking awesome!
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Ok, seriously you are one of the RS ladies who look amazing! Your 8 week photo is saweet! I feel bad for those who don't get the results they want, but for the girls who do it's such an awesome experience!
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UM WOW! Thats your results right there. You got a sneak peek at your nonswollen results.
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B you are looking great...I can't believe we will be 8 weeks tomorrow. I plan to do some new pic's I just don't see any difference yet...
  • Reply
Thanks Sara! Believe me, if I took that pic now? Awful!! Lol!! I think the time has gone by so fast!!
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You are looking Fabulous B! You took such great photos!
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Thanks Lacey!
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I remember that feeling of not seeing progress between those weeks too but the difference with in the next 4 will be huge. Looking awesome!
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Sorry swelling sucks and it still happens at 12 wks
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Glad you are surviving the work schedule..On the swelling ..all we can do is live with it...I like mornings better no swelling ..
  • Reply
You look really good! Your abs are becoming more and more defined by the week. I'm a week ahead of you so I feel your pain about pinching the fat but I also know we are so far from healed that it may not even be like this at 6 months! We have a long way to go :)
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How are you doing? :)
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Hi Lacey! I have been busy, back to work and all that fun stuff. :) I am SUPER swollen right now.. it is better in the morning, but all my measurements are larger than around 3 weeks ago. I think that is par for the course, especially since I am back at work and such. I havent posted much because I dont see huge improvements/differences..... ugh. Staying positive tho!!
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Your pics look great! My tummy has been up and down in the last 3 weeks. It is so tight then loose and my bb makes a frown. My ps said to give it time and it was swelling I notice. I only look at my tummy in the mornings, since swelling sets in with very little exertion. I just can't imagine that your TT would give out so quickly unless you pulled the plication. I'm curious to see what your ps says.
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I have to admit, it has been better this last week. But I am curious what he says about that area. I see him Thursday.
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I need to say your mantra...
  • Reply
Patience Sara! :-) I think it's interesting how we all takes turns either being patient, or reminding others to be patient. :-) I suppose we need to remember that our tummies didnt end up icky overnight.. So them getting back to flat wont either! Even tho we feel like they should. We have already come so far, we just have to be patient for the final results. Hang in there Sara!! Cause I will need a pep talk next week. ;-)
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BBG that is so true...I am hanging in there .... you too...
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I know you feel so far out but really the ups an downs and still coming strong. I don't know when they end but at over 3 months out their are still a lot of bumps. That 6m-1yr is a true estimate I think. But damn we look good
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