WY10 Teeth Whitening and Burnt Gum

I purchased wy10 teeth whitening trays and gel...

i purchased wy10 teeth whitening trays and gel from dentist. on second use a little bit must have escaped from the tray and within 2 minutes i could feel my gum burning. i removed the tray and found that the bit of gum tissue between my front teeth had turned white and an area around it looked red.

this system cost £260 but i don't want to damage my healthy gums. what should i do?, thanks, dianne.

I am abit confused..... I have the homekit Wy10 HP6 whitening , I am not sure if I am supposed to leave on for 30 mons per day for 2 weeks or for 2 x 30 mnutes per day for 2 weeks, my dentist said the treatment was for 2 weeks but there is no timeline instructions in the kit and I do not want to overuse and run out before the 2 weeks is up, can anyone advise please ?


Have you tried looking up the brand of your whitening? Maybe they have instructions on their site =)

Can you tel me if this Wy10 service is offered naywhere in Ireland?
Name not provided

I don't know yet

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