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One week and I'll be flat - hopefully!

Ever since I can remember, since about 6 years...

Ever since I can remember, since about 6 years old, I've had a tummy. Having my first child at 18 didn't help and neither did my subsequent two children. I'm not overweight and eat relatively healthily but cannot do anything about my stomach, no matter how hard I try. I've wanted a tummy tuck since the birth of my second daughter 6 years ago, but knew I wanted one more baby so didn't pursue it. Last year my friend had the procedure done and the results are amazing, which prompted me to look into it further. I saw a plastic surgeon in the UK and was happy with what he had to say and booked myself in.

However, my circumstances changed and I had to cancel as I could not afford it. I was absolutley gutted. Reluctantly I looked abroad for other options and the more I looked the more I realised it could be a viable story. Adam's name was repeatedly mentioned in postive reports so after asking lots of questions and having my photos studied by Adam, I have booked myself in. The only thing is I will be travelling alone as my husband will be staying at home to look after the children.

The thought of going to a foreign country alone is quite frightening as I'm hardly an accomplished traveller! However, eveything is organised and the clinic in Poland organises everything for you. So all I have to do now is wait. I'm thirty very soon and so I figure it's about time I put myself first, which I never do. I read this sight every day and have find so much out, I thank everyone who has gone through this before me.

Welcome to the community.  Thank you for posting your review and pictures.

March is right around he corner so hang tight.  How long will you be there after surgery?

Hi. I arrive the evening before surgery and will be for seven days including the day of surgery. Its's quite daunting going alone but the clinic has a special apartment for patients where someone is available if needed which is quite reassuring.

You will be ok:)  They will take great care of you and then you will be back home before you know it.


After seeing the forum started for March tummy...

After seeing the forum started for March tummy tuckers I thought I'd try and start some friendships up with those going through this at a similar time, rather than just reading through everyone's stories trying to get as much info as possible, which has been so useful. You know it's starting to get close other people are listing there dates.

At the moment it still seems quite far away as I have my 30th in 2 weeks, we're having quite alot of work done to the house before I go and as Im a teacher, I tend to think in terms! After the February break is out the way I'm sure it will seem so much more real and scary. Only my husband knew I was doing this but last night I told my mum. I thought she's go mad but she was actually ok. I forgot to mention I was going abroad and alone though. I thought i's let her get used to the idea of the TT first before dropping that bombshell.

My husband is so supportive, I couldn't ask for more. It all seems like a dream. I've wanted this surgery for years and to think I could actually feel comfortable in my own skin and not constantly worry about my overhang is almost too much to believe. However, 5 weeks today I am sure it will seem very real, and painful!!!

Thanks to everyone who posts on here, not just my page but all thoughs people who's reviews I've been obsessively reading for the past months, for helping me know exactly what to expect and the support that everyone gives each other.

Goodnight for now xxx
Hi I have been friends with a lady who went out to see Adam a couple of months ago and OMG, he has done a fantastic TT and lipo Op for her - the difference is just amasing. I take it you have joined his FB page too where all the other pre and post op people are just for more support. I am going out in March too I fly on 4th and return on 11th so I can give you updates if you like. Im having Boobs done xx
Thanks for that. I would be great to hear how you are doing. I haven't joined the facebook page simply because it will then tell everyone I've 'friended' him then everyone will put 2 and 2 together and know why I am off work. At the moment only my husband, mum and one friend who has had the surgery here knows about what I am doing. Good luck with your surgery. I can't believe how quickly it has come around. xx
The time goes so fast but before the procedure at least for me it seemed to stand still, lol. I am now 3 weeks po and it seems like it was just yesterday I was going in to have my TT. Good luck!!

I haven't been on here for a while as I have found...

I haven't been on here for a while as I have found a facebook page where people who are visiting my ps can chat so I've mostly been there making friends with people who'll be there at the same time as me.

I cannot believe this time next week I should hopefully be flat. I'm starting to get these little niggles, like what if I don't get what I expect, what if he doesn't suck as much out as I need... the list goes on. I'm not too worried about the pain yet. I'm kinda hoping it's like when you're pregnant with your first, you have no idea what the pain's really like so you can hope it's not as bad as you expect!

I fly to Poland on Monday and have printed my boarding passes, ordered my currency, sorted carparking at the airport and have my list of stuff to take written so I'm hoping everything will run smoothly. The tt is now at the forefront of my mind all the time, which is hard as I'm so busy at work making sure everything I need to do before going is sorted, as well as planning 2 and a half weeks worth of lessons for the cover teacher since I teach in a primary school. It feels like there aren't enough hours in the day.

So far I've only had a few nights were I've struggled to sleep becuase of worrying about everything I need to have in place on order to go. I just hope everything goes well and I'll be flying home to my wonderful husband and children on the 18th with a smile, as I've come through the op and my tummy is perfect. Not a lot to ask, eh?!
Adam Kalecinski

Extensive internet research an then emails and telephone calls to David, their UK Correspondant.

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