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So I am here in Poland and have had my procedure,...

so I am here in Poland and have had my procedure, it is day 3 after the surgery and I am feeling fine. I saw him for the last check up this morning and he said I am healing very well. I was only under general for 1.5hrs as the procedure was very straightforward and no tissue was removed-only excess skin, he also made my areola smaller, I wanted this but did not request as was part of the procedure anyway. The pain has not been bad, only having to take a 500mg tablet every 6 hrs, which seems crazy but is fine, it has more been general discomfort but thankfully that seems to come in waves. Everyone I met whilst here was very pleased with their experience and results. I didn't think I'd be so mobile after the surgery, luckily Wroclaw is a lovely place with lovely squares, great restaurants and lots of shopping malls.


thanks very much for your review and update. i am having the same procedure in March next year with Adam. I would like to keep in touch with you to follow you and your recovery if you dont mind please. A great job so far. xx kerry
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hey kerry, glad i can be here to help. are you also having the lift without implants? how exciting! you really have nothing to worry about, he is a wonderful surgeon who can really achieve the natural look i was hoping for! please do follow i will keep posting pics as often as i can and update recovery. at the moment im feeling fine, the pain is very slight, its just more a little vulnerable when out and about- like people rushing past me and stuff. and i look after kids and its a bit scary when they kind of hug me too hard and stuff! but i went back to my other job working in a boutique less than a week after the op and that was absolutely fine! any qs you might have feel free to ask. caro x
HI I'm also having replacement implants and removal of capsular contracture as well as uplift, thanks for being kind and allowing us to view your pics, it is quite nerve wracking isn't it. I must be a wick patient coz my last 3 augmentations I was in pain and uncomfortable for weeks, its all good reports with Adam though so fingers crossed, what would you have done differently or could change if you had to go through it again hun? Just so I can learn from others experiences. X

13 days PO and the bruising is going down a bit....

13 days PO and the bruising is going down a bit. been taking arnica and putting vaseline on sutures. going well, little bit annoying that i have to wear the sports bra for 2months, but at least i can wear a normal bra mid december for christmas parties and new years. my sutures on my right breast are darker and healing slower but i think that may be to do with using my right arm more than left. i am off meds pretty much all together apart from a paracetamol before bed when the itching is at it's worst. they itch itch ITCH but thankfully not all the time.


Wow! You look fab! I had a tummy tuck with Dr Kalecinski in September and am going back for lift and implants in January! Can't wait having seen your pics!
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oh wow so you've already been through it all before... where did you go previously? i dont think i would change anything, i might have asked if he could make my nipples a little higher but that may have looked unnatural. the best thing is communication when meeting with him, he is very understanding of your hopes of outcomes after the surgery. i think with me he did the best he could with what he had to work with and without using implants and i am pleased, it is a huge improvement and i think it takes a talented surgeon to achieve such a natural look with such minimal incisions. did you have PIP implants? x
hi carocaro, I went to the Nuffield previously. The capsular contracture is my bodies reaction to implants. basically the body forms a protective shell around the foreign object, I have had this for years but it has not caused me pain of any kind so i just live with it. The main reason Im asking for revision and replacement off adam is because I was dissapointed with the size post op the last time. The surgeon did not give me what I wanted. He made out i should be grateful i had implants left in (that was my 3rd op)... i found out from 4 PS that this wasnt the case, I then had an unplanned pregnancy and my boobs increased in size to Huge during the 9 months and even Bigger when my milk came in. I knew they would be wrecked so i decided to breastfeed my little one. Hence the sagging and position now. My right boob always heads off to the right, Ive read somewhere if your right handed thats what happens but im not not so sure about that. Anyways, Surgeons in UK quoted £7k - I want to take advantage of the price with adam but also how clean the clinic is. Im on adam surgeon FB page almost daily. With 124 days to my op date im excited nervous and researching lots. Not that anything would deter me now cos im going for it, flights and hotel sorted. Ive been out there a couple of weeks ago to meet adam and make sure the place actually existed.... I dont trust internet completely ha ha. I was very pleased I did. Adam was great. He even saved me money and arranged with the supplier when i was in the room to loan him different size implants as he wont know from 650cc to 800cc until he opens me up and reviews my pocket. I was told I have 500cc in me now but im not convinced of that anymore. I have asked for my medical records but apparently they dont retain them after ten years. I just cant wait. xx

It's now been 3 weeks and 2 days since surgery. I...

It's now been 3 weeks and 2 days since surgery. I am still sore but I have been working a lot and lifting a bit when I probably shouldn't so that may be making me feel a little more sore. However, the reason I have been lifting is because it hasn't felt uncomfortable. The scars are pretty much sealed now so soon I will start using bio oil on them, I have been taking arnica orally and my bruising is nearly all gone.


wow looks great i got an uplift with adam aswel how are you heeling now ?
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Dr Kalecinski

I was in safe hands, Adam is a very experienced surgeon who made me feel at ease every step of the way. The clinic is very clean and my night nurse, Magda was brilliant. I am happy with the results of my surgery, Adam made it all seem very simple and straightforward.

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