WOW! My Belly is Gone!

I had Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Lipo...

I had Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Lipo to the flanks.I"m only 6 days post op but i can tell there is going to be a big difference. i had lots of stretch marks almost up to my rib cage but now they're down by my belly button. i'm really swollen too. i was so scared and worried about this surgery. thinking something could go wrong. but i'm a  25 year old mother of 3 and i wanted to enjoy my body again. and i wanted the confidence to do things with my kids again. my belly made me so self conscious though. and it's gone now!

went in for surgery at 7:45am on Thursday March 12th. i woke up fully dressed before i even realized i fell asleep. i felt zero pain. when i had to get up to walk i could tell something had been done to me, but it was just very weird. i felt a burning sensation in my belly kind of.

i slept the first 4 days away. stopped taking percocet on Sunday night. and now i'm only taking extra strength tylenol when needed.

Day 4 cabin fever and depression hit. i regretted the whole thing. i hate being helpless and useless. i hate not being able to clean my house, i hate not being able to hold my kids. i have a 7 year old, 3 year old, and 10 month old. my husband will be home for 2 weeks with me but i still wish i could do more.

i have my first post op appointment tomorrow and will update again!

Update: yesterday was my one week mark. went to my...

Update: yesterday was my one week mark. went to my first post op. doctor said everything was great and i got my drains out. i went to my in laws and hung out on the couch and watched tv and it made me feel soooo much better!

I"m soooo happy i did this!

Photo Update

Los Gatos Plastic Surgeon

the staff is excellent. The dr makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin and tells you the truth and what your realistic expectations should be. the nurse was an angel and so was the anesthesiaologist. I"ve never been in any surgery and i was fine!

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You look so much better! I would love to see updated photos to see what the scars look like now...
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Thank you for posting your experience. You look great! I was so inspired, I scheduled a consultation with your PS. Thanks again! = )
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you look phenominal i am ready to take the big step and do this myself i hate dragging this thing around with me its awful i am just a little concerned about the pain but then again nothing worth having is easy right?
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I have been contemplating surgery for years now,your results look amazing!
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he performs in his own surgery suite in his facility. looks just like a hospital OR.
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Hello, I am glad to see your before and after pictures my tummy looks like your before photo and I am hoping to get to the after part. I am 27 with 2 kids and excercise has not gotten rid of my tummy. I am located in the bay area and have came across Dr. Hoffman name a few times but it clearly looks like he is the man and I will defintely be calling for a consultation. Was the surgery performed in the hospital or in dr. facility? Thanks!
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thanks ladies! i'll be 4 weeks out tomorrow (thursday 4/9) i've been back to work since day 11. but i work 10-5 for my mom and sit at a desk shopping on line all day so it hasn't been difficult. i'm SOOO SWOLLEN!!! i can't wait to see my results. really sick of the swelling cuz i look prego, but still better than before.
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You look fantastic!! and you will feel a lot better in just a few days. Just enjoy the time you are physically in recovery and let your husband and kids wait on you :) This will soon be over and you'll be back to a full run.
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How you feeling today.I've only had mine done one week ago 4/1/09. I tell ya its rough. I wonder if I made a mistake too. I feel like I look deformed. I do have a before pic on my comments but I will take an updated one when I get my drains out. are you still feeling numb? Your pictures do look great. I can see big difference. Take care
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hang in there.....I felt the same way and being confined to the bed and couch was not want i wanted either, but it gets better.... read my review.
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