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My dermatologist used B-liftx 2/0 on my skin which...

My dermatologist used B-liftx 2/0 on my skin which is put on with a sponge in liquid form and quickly dries to thin white mask. They gave my a small electric fan to cool my face, which did get quite hot in the first 2 minutes. After that it gradually got back to normal (because the acid stops reacting at a certain point so it doesn't overdo the job) ...even before the 5 minutes were up. I washed my face, put on a moisturizer and sunscreen. My skin started flaking the next evening, like having a sunburn. Two days later my skin felt gorgeous. Effects last about 3 weeks before you notice your pores becoming large and your skin back to dull again. I wish I could purchase it online myself and do it at home because its a) obviously cheaper (saw a pack of 12 for $200 - but is available to dermatologists only) and b) the aesthetician didn't do anything that I couldn't do myself.
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