Worth Every Penny - Orem, Utah

I knew without a doubt that I wanted this surgery...

I knew without a doubt that I wanted this surgery.

I found a fantastic surgeon.. and it was worth every penny.

I was back to work in one week and my surgeon did such a great job, my breasts looked great from the start.. never looked hard or square or weird.

I went from an A cup to a DD.

After a year of research, the doctor I went with was the best decision. I travelled across the country to go to him. 

Hey, I also would like to know who the doctor is? I live in Orem and there is two that seems really good.. located on 800 North
i would like to know which doctor you used. I am really concerned about them bein symetrical.
Dr. Trent Jones

Every aspect, from the first phone call through all post-op appointments, EVERYONE who works at this facility is wonderful.

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