Worst Experience of my Life

Sounds like I had the same Dr. on probation in PA ...

Sounds like I had the same Dr. on probation in PA Moved to IL. Had to have a second surgery by a truly board certified plastic surgeon to correct the scars left by lifestyle lift. Had eye damage that will be with me forever. DO NOT DO THIS. If you are certain you want a lift, go to a real doctor that knows what they are doing. There are no bargains here. Takes longer than an hour to do -- try 3 to 4.

Takes longer to heal -- try 6 to 8 months. No going in public for at least 3 weeks or more. Stitches are removed by office people & you are lucky if you ever see a doctor again, or even if the office is still there when you call back.

I had a LSL in March of 2010 and was totally butchered. RUN as fast as you can if you have surgery scheduled. I laughed when I read the positive reviews above. They must be Lifestyle Lift employees. They already had to pay a $300,000 fine for posting bogus "positive" reviews. Remember, you only have one face. Do your research and have a real board-certified plastic surgeon perform the surgery. My surgery was done in Troy, MI. What a frigging nightmare!!!
Hi everyone. I really appreciate for sharing Your stories. Really sorry most of You had so awful expirience... When I saw this comercial I was so into to lift my chin. After I read all this stories I definatelly cancel my appoitment. Thank You everyone... And please feel better....
I made an appointment for today with this Lifestyle Lift and after reading all the horror stories, I don't plan on even giving them the courtesy of an appointment cancellation. I had a lower face lift done by a plastic surgeon about 10 years ago, it was great, and yes it was expensive. I'll be calling him back today and not taking the shortcut on money spent. These people are hacking up other people's faces and there is no turning back. I have a friend who on March 10th is going to have lipo on his cheeks (this sounds like it could be a complete disaster), the lifestyle lift and his eyelids done. I will try today to talk him out of it but of course they have already gotten some money out of him.
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