Worst Decision I Ever Made

Silicone implants after breast feeding 3 children...

Silicone implants after breast feeding 3 children I enjoyed larger breasts and wanted it to be permanent after I had lost the fullness - cost $9,000 (1994).

Had another procedure within 4 years as they hardened within months and cost $8,500, again they went hard and lopsided but I could not justify spending this kind of money yet again to get them put right or out for good until now.

I am now currently researching explant specialists as it is not straight forward to remove implants completely in order to get a good result once they are out.

Pros - not many except filling out a top and temporary happiness once the pain goes and they settle down, and the novelty soon wears off.

Cons - They will never look or feel natural, women are always asking and men always wonder. Even if they look good at first they harden and go saggy or become misshaped and uneven.

You never ever feel good within yourself, it's like you are living a lie that everybody knows about - do you admit it or do you perpetuate it, knowing they know anyway - not that it is anyone else's business it just becomes so.

Worst thing is that I feel embarrassed hugging my kids or friends...

Downside also is that my breasts do not and will never look as good as they did before the implants and it will cost me just the same to get them out as it did to put them in plus stretched skin and scars.

Unless you want to look like a Barbie I'd say don't do it at all or just increase by the smallest cup size especially if you have little tissue coverage. Mine were over the muscle and look (and feel) like two tennis balls stuck to my chest.

In most cases if you are naturally small breasted implants will always look suspect due to your overall body proportions especially if you subsequently loose a lot of weight.

And in case you are wondering all men can tell and most women too (naked) - and your breasts always feel cool to the touch, a little too firm and not nice and maliable.

Ultimately I think the whole problem lies in the design and feel of the actual implants which still cannot replicate the give and feel of the natural female breast.

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My surgeons were fine it's just the complications implants present themselves as in hardening and loosing shape and the actual feel of the breast.

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Sounds like you had capsular contracture. Once this happens, regardless of the fix there is a very high chance of happening again. There is a very high risk for this. And should of been explained to you prior to surgery. Id suggest looking into Dr. Berman the "pocket protector"
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I would not say that "everyone" can tell that you've had them done. I stayed the same cup size just filled out after the lift. Sometimes bigger may not be better. And you have to realize that any foreign object in your body can cause complications.
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I have had implants for 15 yrs and am still an advocate for implants, HOWEVER, I dont care how "REAL" you think they look. 9 times out of 10 I can spot an implant, even under a sweater, just due to the firmness. I think its nieve of woman to think implants arent SO popular that at the beach another woman(especially another BA'd woman) can't tell, no matter what size you are, that you have implants. If you are sporting firm beautiful breasts with a few kids by your side, we all know firm breasts in reality are GONE! Lets get real here...lol Like I said get them to feel better and dont worry about how real they look, because we both know the truth. Just enjoy them, it was your body and decision and smile cause your happy about your decision. I also feel that the negative stigma of woman having breast implants has worn off. It is done daily by 1000's of woman and more accepted.
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I completely agree with your post, I thought it was just me who was uncomfortable years after surgery. I got one implant to correct a defect and I would love to have normal breasts. I'm glad you're letting the public know how terrible implants really make a person feel emotionally and physically. I would appreciate an update of your removal so I can know what to expect. Good luck with everything, I hope it all works out for the best!
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I agree with the first comment.Just from all the reading and research I have done,cost was way to much,and the over the muscle would play a huge part in the appearance .I am sorry that you are going through what you are.Best wishes in the removal process.
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