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HEALED SKIN!!! My orange peel/enlarged pores skin is HEALED!!!

Hi Everyone.. I have not had Fraxel done but I...

Hi Everyone.. I have not had Fraxel done but I have had the terrible orange peel texture side effect from using Retin A that many fraxel users have experienced. I used Retin A approx. 3/4 times and my pores enlarged all over my face and I got all these weird lines on my my face look exactly like an orange peel when you looked at it in the natural light. It was horrific and horrifying. I have probably read every single thing on the internet pertaining to orange peel texture. Here is some interesting things I have discovered...

Retin A, over exfoliating, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, rosacea, peels, and lasers can all produce orange peel texture. But why? That was my question. Why do all of these things produce the same terrible side effect. The answer, I believe, is inflammation. When you get a burn, you get inflammation. When your barrier is damaged, you get inflammation. So, whether it is a chemical burn, a laser burn, a damaged skin barrier or inflammation within the body (Rosacea) it can do the same thing: create orange peel texture.

I mean, when you look at the texture, even if it's not red, it just looks like inflamed skin, doesn't it? So once I realized that the problem was inflammation it was much easier to know how to resolve it.

I have been experiencing this for 2 and a half months now and I knew I had to go over my skin routine and see if there was anything at all that could be irritating my skin ( even just a little) which would lead to more inflammation. I looked at the ingredients again in my "extremely gentle" face wash and skin barrier cream. My skin barrier cream had nothing irritating- all gentle oils that should not bother the skin. My "extremely gentle" face wash, however, had vitamin C and lactic acid!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are NOT gentle!! At least not for skin like ours.

So for the past five days I have changed my skin routine and have been looking at my skin in the worst possible light. I'd like to add that these are the things I have been suffering with recently..

1. #11 lines that are all weird and crinkly that appeared from NOWHERE between my brows. Wrinkles that come over night?? What the heck??!

2. Redness around the nose and even down my nasolabial folds a bit. ugh.

3. Worse nasolabial folds. Skin looked saggier there as well. So confusing!

4. More fine lines

5 Crinkly skin when I smile on either side of my mouth. Looks like severely dehydrates skin

6. Broken caps on nostril

7. Holes all over my face and lines. ( orange peel texture/enlarged pores) *worst thing of all.

Five days ago I began this routine..

In the am, put raw honey on my face for 2-5 minutes. Rinse off. Put on Montana Emu oil all over my face. Not too much. Lightly blot areas where extra residue is. On nose and between brows ( oilier areas) put cerave am. On drier places ( rest of face) put on ceractive by cellceuticals. Wait 15 minutes and put on insivible zinc sunscreen by skin ceuticals.

Night: Raw honey on face.. wash off with warm water. Emu oil all over face- do not blot extra. Rub in ceractive while face is still moist with emu oil. Cerave am on nose and between brows. ( my cerative cream is a bit heavier so I don't put in on my t-zone, just in case)

That's it. That has been my routine and I have LITERALLY watched my pores disappear before my very eyes in the past 5 days. It;s seriously miraculous. My broken caps are disappearing. My red around my nose is completely gone. My skin looks lifted and tighter. NO MORE 11 wrinkles between my brows!! OMG they were there for over 2 months!!! Skin plumping up! Fine lines disappearing. Best of all my pores are 90% GONE. I still have a bit of crinkly skin on sides of my mouth when I smile but I feel 100% confident this will all go away.

This routine will help your skin. I am sure of it. For some, it will completely fix it. What I learned: You cannot irritate your skin with exfoliation or peels or any, even slightly harsh chemicals on your face if you have orange peel texture. Do not put vitamin C on your face!!!

****If you have had orange peel texture for a year a more, do this routine but add in dermarolling ( microneedling) with a .5 needle. I read ONE doc (every other doc suggested lasers) who said that microneedling with break up the scar tissue and weird formation of collagen on the dermis that is creating orange peel texture. I think if you have had this problem long term you need to break up the tissue on the rdermis so that it can smooth out. It will not cause the problems that a laser or retin a cause because you are not burning your top layer of skin off. Dermaroll and then put on nothing but emu oil. I would dermaroll once a week with .5 ( not super agressively) and see how your skin reacts. If it's ok, up it to 2x a week.

This is the best advice I can give to anyone who is experiencing orange peel texture. My skin looks amazing now and I am SO SO SO relieved!!!!!!!

It's very difficult to capture the damage using a cell phone camera..

but here it is. This is in the healing phase, mind you. Do you see the tiny dots? Those are all over my face- everywhere. They used to be three times as big though. I am laying in bed with my baby and will try to get a better shot later.

Ok.. here it is...

This is my skin in the worst possible light. This is the light that I have been inspecting it in every morning. The pores used to be three times as big.. I will post a photo that shows how I used to look. This is my healing skin but you can still see major orange peel texture. Before retin a I had poreless skin. I only used retin a for preventive reasons, ie: fine lines.

How my skin looked when damage first happened.

This is not my photo, but what I looked like in the beginning. The pores might have even been bigger. Here you can see how my above skin is such a huge improvement for only one week of the most gentle care.

Next on my quest for healing skin..

I am going to see how my skin does when I go a day without any cleansing. If this helps, I will only wash my face at night before bed. I will update you all if there is any progress. Trying to fine tune my routine and finally get my poreless skin back completely. I'd like to note that my skin definitely looks firmer. I think a destroyed skin barrier gives the impression of saggier skin. You def. want to repair your barrier.

More good news!!

I have been washing my face only once a day and have noticed even more improvement in my skin/pores!!!! I think giving my skin a break has been very healing. I feel so optimistic today!! Last night I mixed a little cetaphil with my raw honey and used my extra gentle cleanser from cell ceuticals on my nose only and my skin was very happy with this. I noticed the honey was giving me blackheads on my nose so I am going to wash with a cleanser from now on. I don't have any pores on my nose so I feel comfortable doing this. Plus I hate blackheads!! I haven't had any for so long. Frustrating. Anyway, I felt my skin could use a bit more cleansing with the only once a day wash so mixing the cetaphil with the raw honey was the best I could come up with. It worked great. Will post photos soon!!!!

More healing!!!!!

I just want to let everyone know.. I stopped using my ceractive as I want to use only the least amount of product necessary. I also want to stay as gentle and natural as I can possibly get. At this point I am ONLY using raw honey and emu oil. My face is dramatically improving. It's incredible. Please, if you have sudden onset orange peel texture/enlarged pores be as gentle as possible on your skin. Use natural oils and natural face washes. THIS is how your skin will heal- and it should heal. I cannot believe the difference once I removed the ceractive.


My pores are GONE. gone. gone gone.

I stopped everything and ONLY washed by face with raw, local honey- organically harvested and then put on emu oil. Nothing else- not even make up or sunscreen. (stayed home and out of sun- it's dead of winter here) It's been a few days of that- just a few and my skin completely healed. It's dry but there are no pores, I can *barely* barely see the broken caps- very light, the 11's are totally gone. My skin is healed. It's healed. I am SO happy! photos to come.

healed skin

healed skin

healed skin

Hope for laser/peel victims.

I know that some of you think that because my damage was from a cream that there is no hope for you. I don't believe that. My damage was bad. I was sickened by it and could not photograph it. I was also in denial and would turn away if a saw it in natural light. My skin, at its worst, looked just like these photos.

Hello everyone!!!

I am SO happy my post is helping so many. And I understand your stress.. it is very scary. But please do whatever you can to stay positive and help yourself through whatever anxiety/depression you are feeling due to your skin. I'd like to go over some things again bc they might have gotten lost in the comments. First- this routine did NOT get rid of my broken caps. It seemed that way at first because the redness diminished so much. But nope. they are still there ( :-( ) I am going to have to laser off those bad boys and that scares me.****** STAY AWAY FROM LASERS AND PEELS IF YOU HAVE ORANGE PEEL SKIN DUE TO INFLAMMATION***** I cannot stress this enough! It will NOT help your skin. No chance. No way. No how. I have read countless doctors say that lasers and peels never shrink pores ANYWAY. And they certainly won't shrink pores that re inflamed because they inflame the skin more. SO please. Please do not do it.

Second.. you must be patient. I have to say I am good at being patient and I really believe that helped me. Don't change up your routine unless your *pores* are getting bigger. If your skin gets dry, etc. keep at it. If the pores stay the same or shrink, keep at it. ANything that makes your pores bigger should be immediately stopped. Check your skin every morning in the natural light by a window where you can really inspect it. It will takes months for your skin to improve with this regime so don't expect miracles over night. Just stick with it.

Remember- your honey should be TOP QUALITY. It must be raw. it MUST be raw. Local. Harvested in ways that do not use pesticides. I would be wary of any honey that claims it's organic. You can't really have organic honey. You want raw honey that is of the best quality. You want to make sure they harvest the honey in the best ways. This is where I get my honey if you want to make sure you are getting the best: http://www.honeyrunfarm.com/ you can buy from here.

Get top notch emu oil too. Do NOT buy it from Amazon or some such place. I buy mine from montana ranch. It should come in a glass bottle not plastic. The emu oil can leach chemicals from plastic bottles.

Be gentle with your skin. Any time you can avoid make up or sunscreen and stay indoors, do it. Give your skin a breather. Wash with luke warm water. Use the raw honey just like you would a cleanser. Don't over apply the emu. You can spot treat acne. I use salcycic acid acne treatments because they are anti-inflammatory. Just spot treat though and do not spread on your face. I hope this helps. I think aloe from an aloe plant might be ok as well. Remember- patience patience patience. And tp quality products. No scrubs. nothing harsh. Raw honey and emu oil- that's it. Your skin will heal. Just give it time! :-)

Keep update

I know I say not use lasers right after I say I am going to use a laser. Sounds stupid right? But I am just going to laser ONE broken cap and see how it goes. If it's ok I will laser the other two. But I will NOT laser any other part of my face. Just where the cap is. I don;t want to do it but these things are permanent and I hate them.

Quick update-

I meant quick update

Another update *PLEASE READ*

I'm getting lots of questions. If you have sudden onset enlarged open pores that look like orange peel texture, this is what you should do:

Wash your face with warm water and RAW (MUST BE RAW!!!) honey. Lightly pat dry.
Apply emu oil that comes from a glass bottle ( NOT plastic) I buy my emu oil from montana ranch

THAT IS IT. That is all you should do . Check your skin every day in the natural light to see how your pores are doing. Your skin might get dry but if your pores are shrinking or at least not getting bigger, keep up this routine. It could take up to 6-9 months for your pores to completely go back to normal. Maybe even longer. Please be patient.

The more stuff you put on your skin the more you will irritate it. Any cream, make up and sunscreen has chemicals that will irritate your pores so avoid them when ever necessary. Now sunscreen is VERY important if you are going to be outside so you must apply it. If you are going to be indoors or at home all day- don't apply make up or sunscreen. Give your skin a break.

Do not use a chemical sunscreen. Use a mineral suncreen with zinc. I use skinceuticals zinc sunscreen. I love it. The sun will inflame your skin and damage it so do not tan, etc. Try and keep your skin out of the sun ( using hats, stand in shade) whenever possible.

Personally, I would not use any creams or any other face washes. I STILL only use raw honey and emu and zinc suncreen with I go out side. That is all I use and my pores are gone. I'm being safe. So just keep it simple. If your skin is really dry, you can add in some aloe directly from an aloe plant. If this makes your pores larger, stop. So, again. Keep it simple, be patient and only use RAW honey and emu oil. That's it. :-) Hope this helps.

emu oil- montana ranch
raw honey- honeyrun farm
suncreen-skinceuticals ultimate uv defense with invisible zinc
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Hi there! I have been crying nightly over my "new" skin. It feels so vain, but I used to have great skin. I moved from the South to the North a few months ago, but continued my same skin regime which was using a "daily facial scrub" from Neutrogena. My skin became drier and drier and I contributed it to the fact that it's not used to the harsh winter weather and the fact i had recently started taken a new medication. Months later (3-6), I realize it's probably dehydrated and my exfoliating almost every day has made things worse. I am super depressed because this was of course avoidable. I have exactly the same skin you describe, minus the broken caps. I have huge pores and lines that appeared out of nowhere. Your post has given me hope, but I am wondering based off all your research, if you think there's a chance your honey and emu oil treatment will work for me. I'm scared to say it's worth a try, because I don't to ruin my skin more! I'm scared and feeling desperate.
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Hi There, I have been experiencing the same problem you had ! I used a famous French Brand named Lierac that was supposed to peel gently my skin to get rid of chickenpox scars, all my pores are huge ! I'm so angry at me for using that product, my skin was better before even though it has its chickenpox scars. I'm allergic to honey, please could you advise me on what to do.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Paulie
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Sorry i need to precise that its the chemical peel cream that i used for three months that has made my pores enormous.
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Does anyone have more info on Biatine? I thought I read something about it here and have on other boards. I think you need a script though but some websites sell it but am afraid it will not be the real stuff through a website. Just started using Emu oil but saw this too.
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I'm sorry. I meant Biafine, I think.
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Hey sunny07. I had 2 medium depth chemical peels for minor acne scars and my face has gotton horrible like yours. Mine is very red an inflamed large pores an sometimes it burns. I had them a couple months ago. I used raw honey an emu oil. I really didn't give it much time only like a week because I always come on here to read peoples experiences and read some that they stop doing anything to their face an their face has healed completely. So I might start leaving my skin alone an do nothing. But idk this is hard an im really impatient.
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I am looking to purchase Emy oil this immediately instead of waiting to be shipped and see my local Vitamin Shop has it from Longview Farms. Is this going to be ok or do I need to purchase it elsewhere to get it more pure?
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Sunny, I have seen a lot of healing and I use Longview farms from vitamin shoppe :)
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Sunny07, I personally preferred an emu oil that is AEA Certified. I have been using Montana Emu Ranch (at their website or Natural Grocers) and Thunder Ridge Emu Oil for a month and noticed dark fine baby hair on both sides of my face (closer to cheeks) and I am not a hairy person! It helped removed two millia near my left eye. It also cleaned and minimized (temporary) the appearance of my big pores. I will continue to use it on my eyebrows where I don't have much hair but will discontinue it on my face due to hair growth. Biafine helped reduce inflammation and itchiness within a week. I still have a LONG way to go. Some days I look okay while other days I look like crap! Because of this incident (damaged protective barrier from over exfoliation from Tretinoin 0.025%) I have been very gentle to my skin. I am even going as far as changing my diet completely by eliminating diary and meat and eat more legumes, vegetables, seeds and nuts that are rich in antioxidants. I take spoonful of hemp seed oil in the morning, a spoonful of ground flax seeds and a primrose oil (pill). My skin looks very full for being 38 yrs old but the texture is horrible (thin). I have horizontal lines around my nose areas when I smile. My skin cracks when I wake up - that is how dry it is even though I cover my face with 3 layers of oil and creams! My skin used to be dewy in the morning. Now it looks like crap after the oil and creams ended up on my hair after rolling all over the pillow during the night! I will think twice before I apply anything harsh on my skin again!!! Vanity is my biggest mistake!! My skin is so high maintenance!!! Good luck. Be patient, persistent and gentle to your skin.
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Jetsetter - Thanks for all this info. What do you mean AEA certified? I bought some yesterday at Vitamin Shop, Lakeview Farms. How do I know it is AEA certified? What is the difference? I googled the Biafine, like you posted. Did you order it online? It looks like it may be something to try, from what I have read. Thanks.
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Oh my gosh I got little fine black hair on my cheeks too! I did not know emu could have been the reason for that though I was pretty sure it wasn't the honey. Really did not help with the damage from IPL and the lady thing I need is dark hair on my face. I wonder if it will go away??! Ugh
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AEA certified means the emu oil you are buying meets the stringent rules and that they are pure. You can google AEA certfied emu oil and will find sites and read about it. This site does not allow links and I don't want to plagarist. I ordered the Biafine from Amazon. It came sealed and looks legit. I love that it took away the redness within a few days. I wish it would help get rid of big pores and brown spots.
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I am having this problem due to a microdermabrasion I was talked into by esthetician. It is now 4 weeks and pores are still enlarged. I have been washing face with honey. Have not ordered EMU oil yet but tried other oils, grapesee, jojoba. I can't believe what a problem this left me with. I also did IPL that day on a few brown spots and a scar but I think it is the microderm, as my whole face is like this and only did a few IPL spots. I am reading horror stories of IPL now so not going back again for that
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Sunny, honey and emu has given me so healing but I still have a ways to go. I would def do honey and emu though and good skin supplements for hydration and collagen.
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Christeena. What supplements have you found to help? Have you tried MSM?
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Chrsteena - Thank you so much! I will go pick it up this week rather than wait to order online. I am using Cereve pm at night but not seeing improvement. I also tried sensitive skin Neutrogena cream and that didn't work. My other problem too is not sure if the honey is enough to take make up off. Wen to a party last night and had make up on and had to mix honey with Neutrogena facial cleanser.
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Sunny my guess it is from the IPL only because my IPL effected areas near the area the area I had treated. I had my arms done just the top for a few brown spot areas. It "traveled" or effected the under side of my arms. Also because I had my arms resting on my lap with only a cotton dress on durning the treatment it also damaged the skin on the top side of my thighs. Their is a very visual and textural damage that you can see and feel. So sorry I ever had it done
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Imsorry - Yes, I do worry about the IPL. I only read the horror stories after I did this. I thought I researched enough. It sounds like it went through your whole arm and into your leg. Scary stuff. Mine she did on my facial surgery scar I had last year and about five brown spots. The confusing part is my whole face has the enlarged pores. So not sure it is the microderm or the IPL. But the fact I did both in the same day scares me. The drs on here say it is good as it penetrates deeper, but that is what scares me the most.
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I am so sorry. I pray you, as the others, will have a complete healing. It is a nightmare!!
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I've been dealing with orange peel texture / enlarged pores since August of last year from using Retin A. I've tried the raw honey for a cpl months and it hasn't made any difference. From what I have read online after tons of research it seems like once your pores are enlarged they can't shrink back down to how they were before because the walls of your pores have become over stretched. I feel sick that I went to the derm for some acne and now my face looks like shit. At least besides the acne I had good skin on the rest of my face. Now my face looks terrible.
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I share your pain. I had glycolic peel which left me with lots of brown sun spots. Used retin A which left me with enlarged pores, new wrikles from creases formed inbetween pores and orange peel skin. Have also been using raw honey but not made that much of difference but good to give skin a rest. Its spring here. Usually in summer my skin looksbetter as previously if I had too much sun my skin would peel revealing new poreless skin underneath (Uk weather with factor 20) however now the integrity of my skins natural uv barrier has been comprimised I need to wear factor 60 on my face. Wish I never started. I dont know why derms prescribe products to break down skins natural defence system and then we are trapped in an never ending cycle and have to pay for expensive sun lotions to do the job that our barrier was doing before it was tampered with. Money spinner? Obviously I am not saying we should be careless when it comes to sun protection however it is sunlight on our skin particularly Uv which our body changes into Vitamin D and should in theory work fine prior to degrading with chemicals.
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Please don't do a laser. If your skin is too sensitive to Retin A then a laser will be harsher. I believe the pores will shrink. I've seen it on myself after 15 months and I've heard from others. I think inflammation keeps the pores open. Are you using Emu oil?
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I think the Emu Oil can protect the barrier which is compromised allowing the skin to heal. JMO.
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Hi there Yes been using emu oil. The oil itself sits in pores and they look bigger(amplified), but still same size. Whether it is actual emu I have no idea, I could be rubbing chicken fat on my face for all I know....which makes me wonder what the difference is to begin with however I am extremely grateful for the suggestions here. My skin is very shiny with oils and makes things look worse than actually are. In the day I wear Aveeno Collidal oatmeal blended moisturiser. It gaves my face a 'matt' effect and forms a protective layer albeit invisible. This stuff has been a saviour for me as have felt so disheartened to date. Can go out with no makeup for the first time in months. Doesnt do anything for lines or wrinkles but I like the finish. I am 33 and have terrible brown sun spots all over my face. The uv layer which produces melanin sits below the stratum corneum. My stratum corneum has been badly damaged which has caused the stratum basale to produce a staining effect (the brown spots). I cannot see a logical solution to the staining/brown spots unless the stratum corneum is gradually peeled over time perhaps, thinking of the onion analogy. Would vitamin C serum help or just cause more irreversable damage?
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I think it can moisturise and rehydrate as do most oils. I do not think, in my opinion and I am by no means qualified that this can protect the skin barrier from uv damage alone. This is a common problem we all face, trying to rectifying the damage that has been done by chemicals to our own natural skin barrier which from research done in my own time appears to be irreversable unless we severly shed all the damaged layers if this is possible?!
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