4 Wraps, NO Results

Did four wraps, overnight for each. 3 on stomach...

Did four wraps, overnight for each. 3 on stomach area, 1 cut in half and placed on arms. Absolutely NO inch loss. Tightening of the skin for a few days after each wrap, but no results otherwise. Complete waste of money. I drink over 64oz of water a day, and have a lot of weight to lose. Very disappointing, just wanted something to jump start my weight loss journey.


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hey kelsy, It took me 6/7 wraps to see great results. I know thats not what you want to hear but I did notice that wrap 3 I saw skin smoothing.. I had to wrap my feet and started using witch hazel and saw better results. Id be willing to talk to you and provide more guidance if you wanted I know you probably are put off with investing soo much money, but I am someone who had issues and have experience in helping others with this.
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itworks isn't the only wrap available, it's the only one making such a claim. However, all of them are temporary, just like coloring your hair or getting a manicure.
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