Having a Hard Time Making a Decision! - boston, ma

I'm 25 and have always disliked my nose, but I'm...

I'm 25 and have always disliked my nose, but I'm having such a hard time choosing the right surgeon and I want to make the right choice as its a major change to my face and would hate to have any regrets.

I'm trying to determine who's the right match for me and was hoping I could have some feedback from anyone who's had rhino by either Dr. Fechner or Dr. Bentkover in Worchester, Massachusetts.

They both seem very knowledgeable and true artists of their craft....coin flip? ;)
Thank you for any advice :)

Some pics of my nose. playing around with photoshop!

I played around in photo shop with some different nose shapes...not sure which I like the best or if any are possible with my anatomy. I'm looking for subtle change in the tip and the bridge as well as bridge width. I really like the character of my nose and want to simply refine it to help the balance of my face and open up my other features.

Yeah, give it to me.

Seriously, just put this nose on my face.
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