Having a Hard Time Making a Decision! - Worchester, MA

I'm 25 and have always disliked my nose, but I'm...

I'm 25 and have always disliked my nose, but I'm having such a hard time choosing the right surgeon and I want to make the right choice as its a major change to my face and would hate to have any regrets.

I'm trying to determine who's the right match for me and was hoping I could have some feedback from anyone who's had rhino by either Dr. Fechner or Dr. Bentkover in Worchester, Massachusetts.

They both seem very knowledgeable and true artists of their craft....coin flip? ;)
Thank you for any advice :)

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I hope you'll used this space to keep us updated on your whole process from decision making to post-op. You're smart to do your homework on surgeons. Here's what doctors say about choosing the right rhinoplasty doc for you.

Please do keep us posted. I love reading about different consultations, supplies you're collecting for recovery and the procedure itself.

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