32Years Old, Breast Implant Removal (Almost 3yrs Ago) and NOOOOOO Breast Tissue !!! Fat Transfer to breast - Worcester UK

So...... I am a 32yr old mother of 2, fit and...

So...... I am a 32yr old mother of 2, fit and healthy I LOVE to exercise. I had breast implants at the age of 21 (WAY to young looking back) and had revision surgery TWICE due to capsular Contracture, it didn't work and in 2011 I opted to have the implants removed completely. My surgeon at the time (Dr Levick, Priory Hospital Birmingham) did not advise me of Fat Transfer or any other option other than further revision surgery (I just wanted them out) at that time I wasn't even aware Fat Transfer existed.
I was told that after 6/12months my breast tissue would reform and I would be left with the breast size I began......... Call me naïve but I believed him...... Anyhow... It didn't happen and almost 3yrs down the line although my skin contour has improved dramatically (no longer looking like a wrinkled 80yr old) I have absolutely NO breast tissue.
In 2013 I came across a lovely lady on this very site who had a procedure, in my home town of Worcester, where her implants were removed and she had fat transfer all at the same time, This news was exciting but financially devastating for me as I had forked out the same money (Almost £3.5K) on simply having mine removed. This lady gave me Dr Mehboob Ali's (Yes that is his real name, fits doesn't it?) details and I went for a consultation on 18/02/13 and booked to have the surgery but then, sadly, my father was diagnosed with cancer and I had to cancel, he needed the money more than me :-(............. Back on his feet having beaten the horrible disease :-) I can go ahead with my surgery....
I am currently awaiting a phone call to confirm my surgery date of 22/02/14 Ekkkkkkkkkkk..........
I will post some before, during, after pics and update as often as I can. Hopefully it will be a success and I can move on with life and FINALLY be comfortable in my own skin.
Thanks for reading :-)
Now days breast implant had become very common as many are very conscious about their figure and shape as i had breast implantation years back it was very effective and helpful for me. I http://drnurein.co.uk/fattransfer.php
I'm so excited for you! What size implants did you have in the past? What areas of your body will your surgeon harvest fat? Breast fat transfer is definitely becoming more popular. In fact, RealSelf recently created this community based on demand. Glad to hear your dad is doing well and that you can move forward with your surgery. Looking forward to your photos and following your journey!

Surgery BOOKED !!!

So, I have now booked my surgery, the date of which is 09/03/14.... Only a few weeks away. Last year I was quoted £3329 for the procedure, I have been informed it is now £5660 :-0 a HUGE increase but thankfully I have negotiated a price and will have new, better boobs very soon (fingers crossed).

I will post some pictures before my surgery.
I bet you are soo excited now. I'm hoping to have this done too once i have saved enough pennies. Really looking forward to reading your story and seeing the pics. Best of luck and wishing u a speedy recovery :)
Hi .... I'm VERY excited but eagerly as nervous... It's a strange feeling this time round. Unlike when I had my implants, which remain the same size forever, this treatment is your own fat so your weight must be kept at an even level throughout. If I loose any weight its likely to go from my boobs first. I'm about 6lb heavier than normal at the mo so do want to loose weight!!! Just hope it works!!! I'll post some before & after pictures before I go 'under' next weekend!
Thinking of you! I am having the same surgery in NYC on wednesday...Can you please update with some pictures? where were your lipo sites? What is most painful? I have had my implants for 5 years, under the muscle. having them removed with capselctomy and fat graft from flanks, inner thighs, knees and love handles. Excited to see your results, sending you healing thoughts!!!

Before Pictures

Surgery Day

So today was the day....... I am sore on the doner sites and it's already beginning to bruise. I have a sore throat from the anaesthetic and am tired but aside from that I'm ok. I'm sure I'll feel it later when the numbness goes. Here's some pictures from today.
Hi there Gem, u are looking nicely perky! :) are u happy with the amount of fat he placed? I think you're gonna look great. Where did he take fat from? Hope the next few days are not too painful for you, sending u healing thoughts x
Hi, thank you. I'm sooooo sore, swollen & bruised at the moment I'm not sure how I'll look yet until it's all settled, my breasts look & feel great at the moment - I just hope they don't shrink too much when the swelling has gone!
Hello, I am going in on Wed for implant removal with fat transfer-getting anxious. How much fat did you have transferred?

33.5hrs after surgery

So .... More than 24houes after surgery and I feel like I've been hit by a bus. My compression garment has drawn tears everytime I've had to visit the toilet and everything is sooooo swollen especially my stomach. The bruising is not too bad but I'm sure it'll get worse.
I'll post some more pictures at my weeks check up.

Pictures 33.5hrs after surgery

Hi Gem I'm feeling very excited for you as I have been through this myself. I would like it done again as not much of my fat survived but still very worth while doing. I'm in the UK and researching PS for this at the moment to see who has the best results. Do post pics at one month if you can as that is a good indicator of fat that is likely to stay with you. So much of it is swelling to start with (or at least it was for me with the way it was done) goes sown in about the one month mark. I have seen some marvellous results with fat transfer on Realself an want to find out if it is the doctor's technique or because the patient has boobs to start with!!! I'm very small with implants and don't have enough fat to remove them and replace so just want to try and add a bit more. Still wanting my holy grail called a cleavage!! Hope you're pleased. Take care and keep posting!
Hi Eva, I'm really hoping there's not a lot of swelling on my breasts because I love them at the moment
I hope you're right. Your doc will be able to tell you. Good luck.

Day 3

So ... Today's been a good day. The soreness has reduced a little and there's no further bruising, I'm still swollen in my stomach & buttock area but feeling much better today!
A tip for anyone going through this procedure - get a compression garment - I purchased a waist to knee type as the surgeon advised he would take fat from the top if my legs - this didn't happen but the top of this garment really dug in & was painful getting on & off when going to the toilet, I've been to M&S today & got a bodice with poppers in the crutch .... #GodSend ..... Should have got this earlier!!!

One week Post Op

So, it's been exactly 1weeks since my fat transfer, I am still very swollen and numb around my midriff and must say I'm not overly happy with the result even after a week :-(
I knew I wouldn't gain a lot and that it's NO comparison to breast auentation with implants BUT having said that -
I still need more !!! The shape is good and I'm certain that after bring in a (proper) bra all day they won't look wrinkled and old like they did before this op, I just hoped for a bigger result!
The sad part is I am Currently around 6lb heavier than usual due to a knee injury that meant I couldn't exercise.... So i'd wanted to lose that before my holiday.... I'm scared to lose any weight in case it hoes from my chest !!
Pictures are below!

Day 7 Stomach & wounds

Oooops - forgot to add the stomach, bruising & wound pics
I think they are perfect!! Lovely and very natural. I hope you keep all of the fat as they are absolutely gorgeous!!
Congrats! Amelia


So this is a 4week update, which is when you 'apparently' see the full fat loss. My flanks are still sore (bruised) to touch but aside from that all bare 1 of my stitches have dissolved and I've been back at the gym training for a week now, light training- but it's better than nothing.

So.... Was it worth it?? I'm STILL undecided!!! When I'm wearing a bra (one of my old bras) I can see/feel a difference & they feel fuller. Without a bra.... They still feel/look the same (to me anyway)
If I loose anymore fat, I would DEF say it wasn't worth the money or the pain !!!
I knew this procedure wouldn't have a dramatic effect, like augmentation, but I had hoped for a better outcome! ????
Hi, I was just wondering how things went for you post 4 weeks? are you happy with your results? Best wishes x
They look fuller and natural, much better that what u had before:)
Hi, I did mine a month ago, the same time u did, how much fat did the doctor injected in your breasts? I also don't see much difference without a bra, but when I put push up bra I see a little difference, I can see now that part of my fat got absorbed:( I was informed about that, ) also I see that he injected fat through your areola , I had from side ( more close to underarm) so not much visible, your scars fade away?
Dr Mehboob Ali

Dr Ali is a very experienced Surgeon who specialises in Breast, Eye & Facial surgery particularly Bilateral Fat Transfer. He has performed this surgery for over 20yrs and performs it on many woman who have suffered at the hands of breast cancer, mastectomy's etc He is very helpful and makes you feel comfortable during your visit.

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