17 Years Old, Big Ole' Broken Nose - Worcester, MA

I've broken my nose probably twice or more, I was...

I've broken my nose probably twice or more, I was just to shake it off and I'd be fine, no hospital visit necessary! Thus the bump and crookedness, I also have a lot of german in me so my nose was gonna be rather prominent. So middle school started and I had a big, bumped, only somewhat breathable, crooked nose. I've been self-conscious every since the teasing started in the 5th grade. No one really teased me so much in high school, except myself. I've always believed looks aren't as important as personality and confidence, but my low self-esteem kept my from developing either. The surgery was a last resort, but so far I don't regret it one bit. I feel better, because I did this for myself not anyone else, this is the way I'll finally find a way to be comfortable with myself. I now have no excuses to hold me back anymore


Congratulations on your up coming surgery! Are you nervous?
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so yesterday I got home, I felt great! only minor discomfort and no bruising. So the first night went great.
This morning I woke up and that's when things got worse... My eyes are swollen all around and bruised, my nose is very much in pain and uncomfortable. I'm taking Oxycodon, but it only dulls the pain slightly. I'm icing my face constantly and praying for a better tomorrow!


The worst days for me were the second and third day. Try to sleep through as much of it as possible! I had to get a refill on my pills. Ice, pills, sleep! Good luck Hon, I'm sure you'll look gorgeous, you already did!
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Thank you! I appreciate that, I'm so swollen, I'm on my third so hopefully it only get better from here on
Looking forward to seeing how your nose turns out! :) I'm getting my broken German nose done next week and regret not doing it right after high school. Did your PS use packaging?
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Busing and swelling is only getting worse, hopefully things can only get better soon. I'm using lots of ice, lots of meds, and plenty of sleep.


Congrats on your surgery! Looking forward to seeing the results. My nose is similar to yours (I'm Italian and German) and was also broken. Good luck in your recovery!
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Recovery's been rough, but it's not that long and it'll be worth it! Thank you for the support!
It sounds like you're doing a good job of taking care of yourself after surgery. Things should get better very soon and I hope you love your results (remember the swelling can last for quite some time after the cast comes off). Please keep us posted!
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Day 4 less swollen

There's a lot less swelling, and my bruising is a bit better. I finally got to take bath, but I think the heat made me swell a bit, regardless I feel a lot cleaner! My head has been hurting off and on all day and I feel insanely congested. The sinus pressure is keeping me from sleeping.

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Day 5 Feeling better!

My headache is gone, Im a lot less swollen and bruised, and I feel almost no pain. My nose is still pretty stuffy and sore. The tip of my nose it kind of discolored and slightly blue, I'm guessing it's bruising since I had an open rhinoplasty, I hope thats normal? My stitches on my septum are kind of swollen, I think I've been cleaning it to much.

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Day 7

So bruising and swelling is down a lot, almost gone. I'm a little upset though, my septum has a become hard and swollen just above my stitches from the open rhinoplasty. From what I've read, it my may be excess scare tissue and I would need another procedure to get it fixed? I was really hoping that part of the process was over, if thats so I'd have to admit I'm pretty disappointed... Other than that I seem to be doing well as the swelling goes down.

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Feeling better, cast off tomorrow!


Looking good so far :) good luck tomorrow
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You seem to be healing up fast! I can't wait to see the final result. :) I will have to check back tomorrow and see how it all went after you get the cast off. I'm so excited for you!!!
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thank you!!

No more cast

The cast removal when well, I cried like a baby when he removed the splints. It hurt a lot more than I expected. So when he remove the cast and the splints the swelling wasn't that bad, but it's been about 8 hours since and my swelling is really bad. I know it'll go away, but in these picture I have a bit a sausage nose


You look fab! :) it will get so much better as the swelling subsides
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I meant my tip is swollen, lol! You're looks like it's going to heal wonderfully! I hope you love it, it's beautiful!
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Wow looks great. It's been five months for me and the tip is swollen still. But it will go down with time, I'm actually getting a cortisone shot next month. It looks really good!
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Sadly swelling can stay for 3 months

Getting used to it, but apparently it's going to keep changing haha


I hope so!
yeah they said I might need a shot. Thank you!
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