6 Weeks Post Op, Right Breast Higher and Harder...

I am 6 weeks post op today. I went under the...

I am 6 weeks post op today. I went under the muscle and my left breast has been great. My right breast on the other hand had bruising along the outside and has been tight and sore. It is still very hard and not dropping. I go to see my surgeon next Monday. I am really nervous that the right one isn't going to drop and soften up like my left. I am left handed so it isn't my dominant side having the problems.

I can fill out shirt and swimsuits etc
I am more confident

It was more painful than my Rhinoplasty
Restricted on how much you can pick up and carry my limit was (5lbs)
Possibly having uneven breast

No need to be nervous. Your surgeon isn't going to say "ZOMG I've never seen this before! What are we going to do?" :-) That said, bear in mind that you *might* be experiencing capsular contracture, and the best solution for that will be a surgical fix. Be sure to raise it as a concern when you see her, although it's a pretty good bet that she'll notice it right away. She WILL listen to your questions and concerns, so just lay them all out for her. If the concerns are of a financial nature, be sure to discuss those as well. It's quite possible that at this stage you would still be covered for the surgery to fix this, but find out what your surgeon's policy is on this. And bear in mind that it's definitely better to have it addressed ASAP than it is to a) hope for a magic pill to fix it, or b) hope that it will fix itself. Good luck!
I am in the same boat as you girls....this is my second surgery,and was more painful than the first surgery....the first surgery went fine til i had a car accident 4 months post op,the left breast ruptured and scar tissue grew...the pain was horrible,my surgeon recommended srtatice,scar tissue has a 50 50 chance of coming back.He told me with stratice,which is an interior bra the scar tissue has a 90% chance of not coming back......so the second surgery fixed the left breast that was damaged,the right one that was not damaged is higher,like yours,and i feel like i'm having a breakdown.....i am 5 weeks post op and wearing the band...i thing it dropped a bit....Like you i am going to get not a sonogram,a mri and see what went wrong...keeep me posted,and good luck girls

Any and all feedback is great! Thanks for your time!

Any and all feedback is great! Thanks for your time!
Oh wow, didn't realize this post is from 2009.
What did your Dr. say? I'm 5 weeks andmy left feels like soft and has dropped significantly. My right is stiff, high and I'm worried it could be capsular contracture. ..
Mine looked better than this 1 day post op and mine looked normal one week post op so ur surgeon screwed up in my opinion ;( sorry girl
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Her and her staff are great. She also revised my nasal tip that I absolutely love! Can't say enough good stuff about her!

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