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Botox Caused New Bags and Wrinkles - Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Very disappointed in my most recent botox...

Very disappointed in my most recent botox experience. 17 days ago I received 30 units in my forehead and between brow. It seemed to set in right away and by the next night my forehead was almost completely frozen. By day 5 I could not move my eyebrows at all. One eyebrow has lost its arch but the other has not, so I look very strange. When I smile I have bags and wrinkles under my eyes. My once big and expressive eyes look small, red and irritated. I've been having anxiety attacks and terrible headaches. This has aged me instead of making me look refreshed as it has in the past. I've been hiding behind dark rimmed glasses so that the bags aren't as noticeable and I'm trying not to smile. I just pray that when the botox wears off my eyes will go back to normal. Overall this is a terrible, depressing experience and I will never use botox again. I don't know how I will get through the next few months.

Thanks again, Megan :) I buy my galvanic gels from a company named Rankines Remedies out of Canada. They're much more affordable than the tiny NuSkin vials, and you get a big tube. I have written them an email asking if they know whether treatments will help reverse the botox and/or if they have any suggestions for anything that might. I don't want to be doing galvanic treatments if they are going to EXTEND the effects! ~Sagging in Seattle
I have a Galvanic Spa from NuSkin. I used to use it regularly, but fell off the wagon. Am definitely going to get it out of the drawer. I read a bit about the Facemaster, and I think it's sort of the same thing...micro-currents?

OH...*frozen*...I just now found another site! I don't know if we can include links here, so I'll spell it out:
cosmeticsenhancementsforum dot com And the article is titled "How I got rid of Botox eyebrow drop in 2-5 weeks" ...sounds promising! I'll sign off so that you get this right away and can check it out! ...stay in touch!!!

Is anybody else out there following this thread, who knows whether or not galvanic treatments will speed recovery from bad botox?????? (I don't know that much about posting on RealSelf...should I post a separate comment?)
~Desperate in Seattle

I don't know for sure, but it seems a lot of the people who tout its benefits also sell them...so I'm a bit skeptical. I have heard other community members mention exercise, lots of water, green tea, and vitamins as ways they have helped Botox move through their systems faster.

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I am 5 weeks out and I am seeing a slight...

I am 5 weeks out and I am seeing a slight improvement. My eyes have come back to life which is a big relief. Still have the bunching/wrinkles under my eyes when I smile which is upsetting but I am hoping it will ease up as the botox wears off. I'm slathering on eye creams and gels and praying that the new wrinkles aren't permanent. Beginning to see some movement in the outer edges of my forehead, although one eyebrow raises higher than the other. This past weekend was the first time I ventured out without the dark rimmed glasses but was a little nervous that people would notice that my face looks strange. Hoping that in my next update I will be able to say this nightmare is behind me.

I am happy to report that I am almost 8 weeks out...

I am happy to report that I am almost 8 weeks out and seeing a lot of improvement. I have movement in my forehead, my eyes are back to their wide bright selves. I still have the new wrinkles under my eyes (even when I don't smile). There are slight bags under my eyes when I smile, not sure those will ever go away. Some days are better than others but I feel that I am out of the woods.
Your experience makes me nervous and not the first time I've heard a story like yours on here. I have been excited to have the 11's disappear from between my brows. I seem to have a permanent frown when I am not meaning to and have been looking forward to Botox and possible a filler. What can be done, if anything, to help eliminate this from happening?
Almost a year...bad botox has (I think) finally worn off...I have eyelids again, frown wrinkles are back (don't care!) ...but deeper wrinkles over outside of eyebrows seem to be permanent now and there are still days when my left eyelid droops :(

Frozen - soooo happy to hear your update!! The Botox ran through your system pretty quick if you are starting to see recovery after just 8 (although I'm sure it felt like forever to you) weeks. I'm really, really glad things are going back to normal for you. My guess is the bags will go away as it continues to wear off. Please keep us posted.

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