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Hello Everyone, My name is Wendy. I am 41 years...

Hello Everyone, My name is Wendy. I am 41 years old and decided after having kids, loosing 70lbs. which I kept off for over 3 years, and working out an hour a day 6 days a week to do something about the loose hanging skin and fat I cannot shed any other way beside a tummy tuck. My decision has been rather quick. I knew I wasn't loosing any more weight even though I was trying so hard ......practically staving my self and doing zumba and pound 6 days a week. The summer was coming and I knew I would have the proper time to recover so I made my final decision in May 2014 and booked my surgery July 2nd 2014.


You did great about losing so much weight! Congratulations! You need to wait 3-6 months to see the results of the Tummy Tuck and now it's too soon. Best wishes!
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Congrats on your weight loss and tummy tuck!! May you have a speedy recovery! :)
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13 Days Post Op Pics

So unhappy with results so far. I'm the same weight and yet wider around every part of my belly. I'd like to believe this is all swelling and I won't look pregnant and everything will smooth out in a few weeks, but honestly I'm very pessimistic when I see the photos of others. Nobody else seems to have this:( I don't know when I should start to really worry and compain but it's very depressing.


Congratulations and welcome to the flat side! Your journey is unique and try to remember that you are a better version of YOU now! Enjoy it and take your time to heal. It takes a bit and you will swell on/off. Be well and continue looking fabulous.
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How can I need more post op tummy tuck lipo after my surgery? unhappy with my results so far:(

Today is day 16 post op of my tummy tuck. My doctor who is voted the "top plastic surgeon" , on long island told me I would need lipo to my "side's" a year or two later after my tummy tuck. I know someone else who had the same ps and needed the same thing. I guess his reasoning had to do with interfering with the blood vessels in healing. He said he could tell I would need post op lipo immediately, because of my shape. Anyway he says he was only able to take out 40cc's of fat through lipo during my tummy tuck. I really didn't think much of it and just thought I'd be happy to get rid of my loose hanging flap. But now I'm 16 days post op and feel like I don't look like anyone else:'( there is a very prominent ridge or what I describe as a higher&harder flap ab. I don't think it's gonna smooth out and flatten. I could deal with extra fat on my side's but it appears in the front and not flat. I definitely don't look like most people 2 weeks post op:'( I've also seen doctors respond to other posts, that it's very rare to need post op lipo after a tummy tuck but yet the top ps on LI it seems pretty standard. I'm really upset, I just wanted this done and behind me. I can't really afford another procedure or want to risk my life again for cosmetic surgery.


Sorry you are feeling down. I still think you have an amazing transformation. And I do think a lot of what you see is swelling, hang in there for your final results.
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Unfortunately I'm not flat and unhappy with my results. I was already told I will likely need post op lipo a year or two down the road. Feeling very depressed:( I wanted a tummy tuck to have a flat belly and now I have to wait and put my body through more stress and try to find the money to do it:'( I didn't think post op lipo to my side's would interfere with having a flat belly. I know it's early but my doctor already said I will need it so there is little hope I will get flat:(
Do a side by side of your before and after pics goldy. There is such an amazing difference!! I know you're discouraged but don't forget some of what you're seeing now is swelling. Hang in there!

Day 17 post op

Today is day 17 post op. Feeling good and a lot less swollen. My weight is down by 5lbs. Which I'm very happy about since I've been just sitting around and not exercising or doing a good job tracking what I eat. But I Still have the ridge which I'm still not happy with and can't see it smoothing out.


Thanks for pointing out my before and after kiwi and jazzy. I do see a big difference between before and after. I know there will be a lot of changes still. I'm trying to be positive. It is better than before. I hope it will be what I hoped for and still pray my ps was wrong and I don't end up needing post op tummy tuck lipo.
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I sincerely hope that for you too!!! = )
I'm trying to keep that "6 months" in my head, too, Wendy. Since my surgery July 2, that means 2015! But I am wondering if we can enhance the speed of return to looking good through exercise? I can't do much yet but intend to bike ride and use elliptical trainer. Let's keep hoping we'll look better soon. And continue with the "camouflage" clothes until then.
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Day 21 post op

I can wear underwear and see my privates LOL. Things are looking better and feeling better everyday. I saw my ps 2 days ago and he says everything looks good and I'm still swollen but I should be flat once I'm healed and the swelling is down :D. I was very happy to hear that. I will still need lipo in a year or so but feeling like I'm getting to where I want to be:) I can finally feel my hips and see a contour..... yay! My stomach is softening as well. Those showers and self messages really help. Also I walked a mile yesterday. ... so happy to be getting healthier by the day.


Glad you are in better spirits!
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I feel your pain as I am in a very similar situation. I knew at 6 weeks I did not have the results I should have. I saw my ps and told him (in tears) how unhappy I was, he advised me to come back closer to mid June if I was still unhappy.... I didn't hesitate to see him mid June! I straight up asked if he would " fix" me and he agreed! My stomach above my belly button is just as flabby now as it was prior to surgery ... Except when I lie down - I'm tighter... Too bad I can't live life lying down :p haha He's given me 2 options a vertical incision basically from breast bone down or another horizontal incision above the bb but it could still leave a small flap above. He advised me to come back nov/dec and we would go over what I wanted...there isn't a doubt in my mind that I would much rather live with the anchor scar than flaps! I'm not looking forward to another surgery - more so because of the length of recovery (I had very little pain post surgery which was great) But I want to look like I should after a tummy tuck so I'll suck it up and deal :p That's my story and I hope things go well with you! There are options and hopefully your surgeon covers the cost
I'm sorry you are going through something similar. It really sucks to have to go through this again. I seem pretty tight but I still hoping once the swelling goes down everything will line up correctly and I won't have this hard ridge that makes me look pregnant. My doctor says it will get flat but I will need lipo in a year. Since he told me that before my surgery it is an extra cost. I'm just a little over 3 weeks post op so idk how much more the swelling will change my shape. It seems like it won't change too much but it's hard to tell. At least your ps is willing to pay for a revision. I would get many different opinions from several plastic surgeons before making a decision based off of a doctor who already "botched" you. I realize I should have gotten several opinions once he told me I would need lipo after my tummy tuck. I wish I didn't rush into my surgery but I only have this time of the year to recover so I felt stuck. Lol oh well... shoulda, woulda, coulda :( But u live and l learn and I plan on getting other opinions before just going for lipo.

28 Days Post Op

Getting happier by the week :) swelling is down a lot. I can't believe my before and after pics. There is a huge difference. I'm still a little bummed cause I'm not completely flat but it seems every week that passes I get flatter and flatter. I hope I still have a lot more swelling in a way so at least I know I will get flatter.


you look amazing! Keep your chin up I am sure I will feel the same once I pic a doctor and go for it! Hugs from NH and if you need a friend to talk to just contact me.
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It is a massive improvement, so happy for you!
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Thank u jazzy! B-)

7 1/2 weeks post op

Well I'm really starting to get flat LMAO only problem is I'm getting fat and lazy from this recovery. All I want to do is go out to dinner and drink LOL. I'm really starting to fell like myself and the swelling is way down. I hope I can get my diet and exercise back under control. I think my doctor was right I will definitely need lipo. In a year or so.


I'm 2 weeks post op today and feel like yourpost at 16 dpo! I too am saddened and unhappy with my results although I know it is going to get better. Your story helps me to see that it really does get better and it really is just swelling! You look amazing!
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Yes, my doctor told me at about 5 weeks post op to stop wearing all compression garments and the swelling would dissipate. It has helped. So don't give up. And don't do what I did and eat LOL. It will get better:)
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Not able to rate the final outcome yet. Did not pass full recovery time

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