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Cellulaze/lipo Combo Mommy of 2 - Woodbury, NY

Hi there! I wanted to share my experience as this...

Hi there! I wanted to share my experience as this site has been so helpful for me. I am 33, mommy of 2 wonderful children 9 and 11. I am 5'4, 130lbs and this is my 3rd surgery. 2 years ago I had smart lipo of outer thighs at that time i had almost no cellulite. Over that past 2 years I became ridden with cellulite as it healed. today I had cellulaze outer and back thighs, and lipo of abdomen, inner and outer thigh. Counting on Dr. Greenberg to fix me!


Hi. Could you give an update about your cellulose procedure? Did you get any improvement?
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How is everything going?
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Good luck with your recovery and results, thanks for sharing on here. Please continue to keep us posted, it's people like you that actually have gone through this process that may sway us one way or another to make up our minds whether or not to do the same procedure.
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New York Plastic Surgeon

Today was the day, so I may be a lil loopy, lol. I would first like to say that results are the most important part of selecting a doctor. People on here talk about his bed side manner, the fact that you don't see him much, or that he doesn't take his time. In my experience and expectations thus far (just got home from procedure) he was sweet, calming, took time in consult and pre-op and always asked of I had anymore questions. His staff is wonderful and informative. It's not his job to hold your hand, it's results! And since I just got this done today, I will update on Dr G and my results soon.

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