Going in Today 7/9/12 for my Explant Surgery - Woodbury, NY

Ive had these weights on my chest for 8 years and...

Ive had these weights on my chest for 8 years and I have never had the money or guts to take them out. I had money saved up when I was recently pregnant but when I miscarried I figured its now or never so I used the $ for the surgery instead. I already nursed one child (not 3) and they were enormous and painful. I started off with an A cup and when I was 24 I went for my surgery. I wish someone had told me not to, but to be honest, I never told anyone I was doing it. It was a very impulsive move. They first surgery brought bad results. So what do I do? Go back to the same butcher to "fix" them. Lets just say, the "small C" he told me I would have, was a DD. I have never been so insecure and embarrassed. I literally wear hoodies in the summer to hide. Thank God my husband is supportive. He's not a boob man I guess. So today I go in to get these things out. I took pictures. I will post the afters as I go. I know my courage came from the brave women on Real Self. It was always something I needed to do, but I finally am doing it.

I had some gramatical erors in the last post. My...

I had some gramatical erors in the last post. My son is "NOW 3". Anyway, I feel great. My incision area hurts but when the drain tubes comeout Im sure the pain will be gone. I am happy. I am excited to buy new clothes and bras. I will put new pics on in a few days. I want to go to sleep but I drank a large iced coffee after the surgery since I couldnt drink for so long. Now I am wide awake.

I will get the pics taken in a day or two. I was...

I will get the pics taken in a day or two. I was able to shower and get the tubes out today. I just dont want to discourage anyone. They are wrinkled from being so stretched out. I feel like I should wait til they have some life before I scare women who are on the fence. But give me a day. I havent let my husband look head on at me yet and I had Him take the last pics. I personally am happy and feel light and free. I just think that after being insecure for so long with these giant boobs and hiding behind clothes, my brain is all messed up. The funny thing is, I never discussed getting the initial surgery with my parents and they never commented on my newly giant boobs. Maybe they never said anything to me because they didnt want to embarass me but now its is once again obvious that there has been a change. I dont know why I care. I have brainwashed myself. I know they are going to love me regardless. I feel like this website is going to be a therapy for me. I apologize in advance if I get too deep. I have body issues that are deep seeded. Thank you to all.

Well, brace yourself everyone. Here are 3 day old...

Well, brace yourself everyone. Here are 3 day old pictures. The Dr. said they will look better as time goes. I am only showing everyone because you are all great and seem honest. I dont want to discourage others with these pictures though. I took them myself because I was alone, so the angle might be bad. I will take better ones in a few days. But I feel great, so I figure why not. Theyre flat and saggy as you can see.

I was washing my incisions today and my breasts...

I was washing my incisions today and my breasts are so soft in my hands. I cant believe I went so many painful years hiding behind the implants. I am so lucky to have gotten them out when I did. I can enjoy my new body. I made my husband and my 3 year old son touch them too. To all those women on the fence, this is definetly the right decision. I only wish I would have done it sooner.

I will post some pics this week of my 2 week post...

I will post some pics this week of my 2 week post op. I went into Victorias secret today just to see what I MIGHT fit into. I am very confused. I left without an answer. I think ill just stay in sports bras forever. The ends of the sutured that stuck out the sides were cut last week but it seems there is a little piece sticking out that they missed and its irritating me. It wont heal unless I get it cut out, so ill go tomorrow first thing.
SO, I am still happy with my decision. I think I look fine in clothes. Flat but fine. Im getting used to the naked breasts. I knoqw when I am able to exercise again, I will build up my chest. Its sorta concaved now, which isnt helping the situation. I didnt really ask my husband to elaborate on the "They Look Fine" when he saw me naked, but he can leave if hes not happy. I dont know what to say. Thats a whole thing in itself. Boobs or no boobs. They didnt make our relationship better or worse. I was unhappy. Ive actually been wearing more flattering things than Ive ever worn with the giant masses. I cut carbs out (mostly) and am getting thinner to fit my newly small bust. I mean, I cant be pear shape, so I HAD to lose pounds. My job is still keeping me out "sick" for 2 more weeks. I appreciate it. I need time to get used to myself before I go into work. I just want to look my best.
Still havent seem or told my family. Just my sisters. It will be obvious when people DO see me, and I know its unavoidable. I guess I am just shy and insecure around certain people and situations. Its too much to get into now. I should be laying on a couch rattling this off. Thanks everyone. PIctures very soon.

I just have to say, before you go ordering bras...

I just have to say, before you go ordering bras online without trying them on, and assuming you know what size you will be, I went to kohls the other day and spent a considerable amout of time trying on bras. I dont know how flat everyone was before, but I have learned that I am NOT fitting in my old bra size. Even close to it. I have extra skin from being stretched out so much, that I am spilling out of the sides of small cups, and I dont fill a bigger cup. I settled for a "Full coverage" C cup right now in the "Candies " brand which is juniors. I tried on probably 50 different bras maybe more, and I left with 2. I never regret my decision though. Just was a frusterating time. My Father knows and is very cool about the whole thing. I was nervous about it for a while. I dont know why I have been so insecure about my body. It makes me sad that I was hiding who I was for so long. Thank God I am free now. I am so done pretending.

Ok, the most recent pic was just taken today 8/10....

Ok, the most recent pic was just taken today 8/10. I couldnt get side shots because my camera kept steaming up from the shower. I think my breasts are tightening up a little. Maybe its just in my head. Im not sure. But Ive gotten used to them and Im very happy. The bra situation was a little rough, and still is, but I found a bra I love. Its called "simply perfect" by Warners. Its the "Invisible Under Clothes " bra. It has a soft cup. No wire. I dont exactly fill out the whole "C" cup so I am going to try for a "B". I got them at Target. I wore a bra to work with underwire and I was so irritated. My incisions seem healed but are still very sensitive. Once I get the OK to start doing pushups and working out, I will build my chest up, Its still concave from not having the massive implant under my muscle. Im sure the bras will fill out better when my chst is build up a little. My chest feels funny when I scrub the bath tub. These muscles have alot of healing to do.

Ok, well 3 and a half months later I am still 100%...

ok, well 3 and a half months later I am still 100% sure I did the right thing. I really havent been lifting weights or jogging like I had planned, so I know my chest could look better, but I do push ups here and there when I am not utterly exhausted from my job. I have more confidence now, with my small flat breasts that I did with the 2 giant mounds. I feel like I can wear anything, and I will look sexy rather than whorish. Thank you to the support I found on this site.

Still happy

Hey Ladies, I just wanted to let everyone know that taking these monsters out was still the best decision for me and I do not regret it and do not want to replace the implants again. I am thinner and healthier. If anyone needs a pep talk, just reach out.
Dr. Stephen Greenberg

Everyone is fantastic. I am so blessed.

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Thank you for sharing! Please keep us updated on how they change over he next year OXOXOXO
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Thank you for your pics and words of wisdom. I have my explant scheduled Jan 17th, 2014 and I cant wait. I have the exact feelings you did about your implants. Its so nerve racking wondering if I am doing the right thing. After I read your review, now I know I am doing the best thing for myself and my health. Thank you.
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you look really lovely! thank you for your update, glad to hear you feel sexy!
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You look fantastic!! Thank you for the update! It helps those of us who are curious about the long term results. You have motivated me!! Thank you and take care!!!!
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Thank you so much for your detailed review and recent update...I plan on doing the same every so often because it really helps women make the decision to explant. I got mine removed about 4 weeks ago; had the same problem when trying on bras. I discussed this issue with a cancer/mastectomy bra fitter specialist and she said what I need is a 'shallow' cup. The underwires of a 'd' still fit because the implant stretched me out that way, but there is no projection to my breast...perhaps a good business op? Special bras for implant removal survivors! (You are looking great by the way!)
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I'm so happy for you. I'm so glad to have them out too. Isn't it weird how you can spot them a mile away in other women? So glad to have them out.
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Just checking on you. I hope all is well. I kept up with your posts this summer before my explant.
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Hi there! Sorry if I've missed this information, but what cc implants did you have? Thanks! Happy healing!
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You look soooo good!!! I'm on my 5th day and am soo happy! How long did your doc give you until you can start working out? I'm going crazy right now now doing my daily work outs LOL! I hope you post more pics I love following everyone's progress, that way I know what to look forward to :)
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HI, They do look like they might be tightening up more. I have to tell you, I have been using this serum by Nivea on my legs and arms--cellulite minimizing serum made with Lotus flower
extract. It does seem to be tightening my skin on my arms especially. I read about lotus oil and that is what it does. I have been using it on my chest in preparation for my surgery, and it really leaves the skin looking firm and glowing. Just thought you might want to give it a try.
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My surgery is 9-21-2012, I do not want to have new ones put in. My husbands wants me to consider it. I told him I would but I'm not. How painful is the removal? I remember the implants in 2012 was excruciating.
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hi All! I had my explant 4 days ago and tll have drains which id driving me nuts!. I just hope thy don't look too bad I am not brave enouhg totake phoos, I will try today I want to share my toy with all of you!
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You might be pleasantly surprised at how great you will look, I was and I had my implants for almost 20 years and the skin was still ok...I am hoping for a fantastic outcome for you....
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Hi Bettyboop515 . . .Thats the bad thing with implants, there's always more surgery. That was the reason I didn't get implants again and just opted to explant. My ps said that some people are just prone to the cc and it will probably always happen. I thought maybe if I went to saline instead of silicone i'd have better luck, but the nurse said probably not. I just didn't want to keep having surgery after surgery.

When I got implants I was a small A cup and went up to a very full B to a small C cup. I was happy with that, they were still a normal size. IThey corrected the symmetry in my breasts. My right side has always been the smaller breast ever since I started to develope. I am about 20 pounds heavier that when I had the implants in (I was alot younger then)

What type of fillers do they put in the face?

I am going to have my asymmetrical breast made symmertical using my own body fat. My ps said to let the breasts heal for 6 months and then we will start the system that he has been trained on. I have done alot of research on it and even checked out the ps that developed the system. It's a healthy way to get larger breasts but without implants.
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Do you have photos from your recovery?
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I've never heard of the body fat process............. I guess I'm just fed up with the whole process now. Are you in the US? I'm wondering if my skin will be even more loose because of the size I was. They were very 'top heavy' which I hated so I'm scared I'll be very saggy and flat which was why I wanted to know if the skin settles down and fills out a little.
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I do have photos but just haven't posted any yet. Hopefully soon.
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Hi Bettyboop514. Yes I am in the US. Where are you? There are alot of women on here that were quite large and they firmed up nicely. How long have you had your implants in/
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Ops . .I see you've had them for 36 years.
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Hi BeagleBaby1. I've had two implants rupture on my right side so the right hand side is very uneven. To even them up they are suggesting fillers (like the ones they put in the face I think). But again it's more invasive surgery and if that doesn't work I'm back to square one and I've then got fillers to contend with as well as implants. I was probably a small B cup, but small and unhappy. After the first op I got CC straight away but wasn't sure what to expect and didn't go back. Had those for ages and then decided to get them changed but the same thing happened and it's happening again with my third surgery. I was wearing DD bras but they didn't look that big. What size were you. I hope you get to put some pics on, I'm so scared, but I don't know what to do!
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Bettyboop...do you have yours out now? You are unhappy with them out? PLEASE DON'T GET FILLERS!!! If you have a reaction or issues, they can't take it out without removing your breast tissue and since its loose, it may travel or enter your lymphatic system, build scar tissue around it, or harden painfully.
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Hi Sgfit, no I don't have them out yet, am waiting to see my PS and was just concerned at what I would look like, that's when I found this site which has been hugely helpful. Thank you for your reply. He was going to put the fillers in with the implant to try and make them more symmetrical........... but I hate them and want them out now........... certainly am not going to get the fillers put in. I seem to build scar tissue around every implant put in, nothing seems to work and I don't have enough breast tissue left to remove I think. So fed up with the whole thing now! Thank you for your reply x
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Hi, from what you've said I definitely think you are going to love being free of them. It takes a while to adjust of course but you'll get there.

Why dont you have them out and wait a few months to see if you want the fat transfer like Beaglebaby? my breasts are assymetrical also. But strangely it looks a bit better now since the implants are out as the skin has stretched on the smaller breast making it a bit plumper (and I put on weight!). I think actually they are fine, I dont care at all they're asymetrical, most womens are in fact.

Dont be afraid of just being you. You're not a pair of breasts. When you feel so strongly that you say "I hate them" it just says to me that you need to get them out!!
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Thank you :-) I have made my decision now and have my appointment with the surgeon for the 3rd October to tell him that I want them out. I'm still worried that I don't have enough breast tissue but I'm 59 now and I can't be worrying about how my breasts look any more. I take care of myself and I'm so sick of this. Should have done it years ago, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I will probably have to wait a while for the surgery, but now I've made my decision I'm a happy girlie. Thank you to everyone who has posted on here, so happy I found this site x
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Thank you so much for your reply, I'm going to contact my PS and am going to request that they are taken out. I know I won't be happy to start with but I am so much more confident than when I had them put in.............. I really don't want to go through any more surgery to sort the problems out (they are talking about putting fillers in). Now is the time to remove. My body hates the bloody things and hindsight is such a wonderful thing! As you say, we are not defined by our breasts. Can I ask though is your skin tightening already??
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