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Can't Wait for the New Me! - Woodbury, MN

Mom of 3, ages 8,4 and 3. use to be 115 to 120...

Mom of 3, ages 8,4 and 3. use to be 115 to 120 pre-kids...now I range from 140 to 150. I am a runner, but get discouraged easily bc of my belly. just affect how everything fits. Frustrating!! so...........
I have paid my dues, got my prescriptions filed, shopping done. now to just stay on top of the housework for the next week and a half...I will be good to go.

Welcome to the community:)

Congrats and good luck!
Congrats on your upcoming surgery! Can't wait to see some pics

pre-op Today!

Ihad to leave work 2 1/2 hours early and drove over an hour to make it to this pre op teaching and bc of this site they didn't tell me anything I didn't already know! Which is good but bad they cldnt do that over the phone. I cld have done that on my lunch break. anyways...got a lot of cleaning done today! just trying to keep myself occupied to pass the time!

Ok here is my pic...

This is not the body of a runner! can't wait to wear running shorts that won't roll down!
Did they say half of your tattoo is going to be gone?
Lol! yes they did! I will have a nicely decorated incision.
Lol, too funny

This really happened!!

Got to the surgery center at 5:45 yesterdqy morn. by 7 I was already in surgery! I have to say that is what I was worried about the most was being put under, but went well! woke up groggy,it was hard to believe I was out for 4 1/2 hours! yesterday was all a blur, but I won't lie pain was horrible. I kept saying to myself, am I really this big of a baby???
Had my post op this morning and doc noticed how much pain I was in too. she said there is no reason to feel that much. so she wrote me out another full prescription of pain meds and told me to take 3 every 4 hours. makes HUGE difference! I am thankful for the doc I choose! I posted a pic, I am already so happy with my results!! ok need a nap. this was exhausting just to write this! ttyl
Congratulations! I'm a runner too and I'm hoping for the same results. My surgery is Oct 16th. Happy healing. You'll be running in no time!!
Hey lady! I just joined the flat side yesterday. I am just 12 hours post. Hope you are well.

Body Aches???

Ok with all the pain meds and relaxers I am on how in the world can I get body aches too? it comes on sudden like a charlie bit its in both legs,arms upper back and thighs. it is horrible! I have to pace around buntil they go away! I did find out that the reason they wldnt just go away is bc its due to deydration. I was ablt to get through an atteck pretty quickly earlier today by drinking tons of water when it started coming on! other than that I am doing pretty well! hope u all are as well!
Congrats hon, glad all went well! They really did take almost all of your tattoo, that's too funny
Good for you! I run as often as I can, but do a lot of DVD programs at home as well! Today I was able to walk about a mile & felt good hopefully next month I can start jogging! You'll be there in no time! I'm 9 days PO!
Well good luck on sg! i can't wait to follow ur journey1

snuck a pic yesterday evening1

I updtaed a pic while my binder was being washed. this pic has A LOT OF SWELLING so end result shld be smaller that this. Love these results! never thought I wld see a fit stomach again!!
I know its a long shot...but when these drains come out things will fit a whole lot better :)
And you look fabulous
I wld have thought I wld have had more. very surprised at what she got rid of! I was teasing my husband...I told him that I am1/2 way vagazilled! lol

pic didn't post-so trying again!

I can't believe I am 5 days post already! time flies when u r medically drugged up! lol. had another doc appt. we left the drains in and I knew that going into appt. my drainage isn't where its suppose to be yet. but I am aka with that. not much else to report. good luck all tummy tuckers and happy healing all tummy tuckees!

3dpo pic-3rd try?

Tyring agin???

one more time then I quit trying for a while.

why wont this pic load?

Three day post op photo looks great!!! Are you feeling as good as you look?
I am gvetting better and better. I wasn't afraid to ask for more meds whn I needed them and I think that helped me! I go back to work next tuesday and I do think I will be ready.

1 drain down--1 to go!

Got one drain out. I thought it wld hurt more but just more of a weird feeling. they said tuesday I can probably get the other one out! then I will post some picks. I was on my way to my doc appt and all the sudden my skin in my behind got all warm and swelled it! I cld feel my pants getting tighter. I was uncomfortable on the ride home but took a pit stop to chat with my runnign buddy!!
Looking great!! How are you feeling?
I feel really good! I am down to 2 tylenol twice a day. (500mg) but I dI'd take a muscle relaxer b4 bed last night to help me sleep. which I only got up once so that was good. I end up doing to much during the day bc I get so much back pain but that's my own fault.

update pod 10...

Went shopping today with my mom! it was a great trip. its fune when things fit! but I was ready to come home and put my feet up. I also posted a pic to compare. still can't completly stand up straigh but I am getting better every day!

one more pic!

Oh and I tried on a lot of my clothes today too! I have like a whole new wardrobe!

ok this isn't working again!

Hot stuff ! And to go shopping? I *wish* I was there in my recovery, lol. I was excited to be able to walk around and just push the cart but to try something on? I would think that was torture! Lol. So happy you're healing well and feeling good! :)
congratulations! You look great!
Aww that's exciting! Fashion show!

back to work!

Every thing went well! I worked for 5 hours, got caught up on 199 emails then got my workload in order for tomorrow. I was officially on pto yet today but I salvaged some of it. why not???I am feeling good. it was good to be back and to gain some normal ground. tomorrow I get my 2nd drain out! that is going to make a huge difference bc this is getting a little uncomfortable. I am always readjusting my binder bc I feel like I am getting pressure spots.
Happy healing everyone!

Drain 2 Gone!

I tok a deep breath in and it was over! no pinch or anything. I literally did not feel a thing. back to work now for the rest of my life. slept all night last night. I feel almost back to normal! jeans day here at work on Friday so I may post a pic then!
Congrats on being drain free! Make sure you take it easy
Wow you sound great! Yay for you!!!!! :-))

2 weeks!!

I am 14 days today. I went and tried on a whole bunch of cg's bc doc said I can transition from my binder and boy I am sore from that! those are hard to get into when u r trying to protect your incision... didn't know what sz to be trying on so I grabbed all different sizes. a lot hunched over today from doing that this morning but I brought my ice pack to work with me today.
you look great!!! :)

some more pics!

You are looking really fantastic. Happy healing! xx
You look awesome girl!!!! So, what are you gonna do with your tattoo?
I think I will just leave it as is. when I wear my swim suit nobody will know that underneath is nothing. they will think there is more to it. leave it to their imagination! lol

21 dpo!

Had my final follow up yesterday. all is well! they checked for fluid but found none. it was just swelling. she told me to start soaking in the tub to help break up the hard tissue from the lipo. this darn cough/cold just won't go away! I've had it for a little over a week now. its getting old. I even broke down and took a pain pill last friday to help me relax and fall asleep. my body hurts from coughing. She said I can switch to spanx type garmet which I have2. but even tbhough I am starting to HATE this binder I ccan't get myself to go without it. that's all I got for an update. pretty uneventful which is a good thing!
Wow, you are recovering nicely! And already wearing pants too. Im jealous! Did you have muscle repair? I hear you on the binder! I love to hate it. I have shape wear but I go back and fourth. You look great! :)
Cute outfit !!!! Love it , you look great !

its been a while!

I can't believe I haven't updated for this long! on the other hand I feel like I am not getting anywhere. I don't want to wear this binder or these spanx or cg's. I am starting to get back to the gym which is nice but it feels like to much work switching from my cg to my binder then back again to head back to work. I guess I just want to be normal. I don't feel normal, I can exercise like normal. going to the bathroom even takes extra time to fasten everything back up. I guess I am just a little down today...
Maybe you could get some shape wear that just goes around your mid section. That's what I use. It make s bathroom trips much less complicated! I totally understand having down days! This is definitely a crazy process! I hope you feel better!
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

I would reccomend her to anyone! they are very professional but very personable. they take very good care of you, answer all of your questions. they do charde for a consult but I didn't mind. I feels that helps wean out the people that aren't very serious. why waste anyone's time! (Just my opinon)

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