TT Surgery -6/11/2012 - I Am on the FLATSIDE! Loving it!- N. Virginia , VA

I am scheduled for a TT on 6/11/2012. I am a...

I am scheduled for a TT on 6/11/2012. I am a single mother of 4 and my stomach is atrocious. I have been scrimping and saving since 10/2011 to make this happen and I am so excited about. Especially after having to push my surgery date back 3 times do to work and my surgeon getting in a bad motorcycle accident.
I will be getting a full tummy tuck with lipo (flanks inc) and a hernia repair. I am scared as all heck but look forward to the results. I am now 31 days away from surgery and working on quitting smoking so I can have the optimal healing results. I will post pick of this horrible beast I have been carrying around for the past 13 years this evening. I am currently 5 4 ½ and 210 lbs….

Welcome to the site! You will love it here. Ask questions, develop friendships, and you will definitely feel their arms around you supporting you throughout your entire journey!
Thank you!I am so proud of myself for taking the plunge.i love this site.It is so helpful.I am now 11 days til surgery..time is creeping !!!!!

Welcome & good luck!  Good for you for making this decision.  You will be so happy!  Keep us posted & we are here for you if you have any questions!

Here are the pics as promised. My plans were to...

Here are the pics as promised. My plans were to drop at least 20llbs prior to surgery but my schedule school/work and kids will not allow me to the gym as much as I want so I am watching what I eat and trying to get a lil jog in here and there. Either way I am hoping the TT, Lipo, hernia repair and tigntening of the muscles will take alot/all of this away. 27 more days to go...Still working on quitting smoking However, I have cut back to 2 ciggs a day from 6 daily!...My goal is to not go back to smoking after surgery and ofcourse make major lifestyle changes after surgery.
Youre welcome, t37! It gets kinda hard to figure out who is saying what to who at times so to make it easier list the name of the person you are talking to in your comment. How old are your kids?
Thanks so much! I'm new to this site so I will definitely be on it more & reading lots of material & taking as much advice as I can & yes friendship is a plus I enjoy meeting new people who have or is going thru the same as me..
My advice...start reading everyone's journey, questions, comments and advice on here. I have learned more from this site then anywhere else. Find someone you identify with and keep that friendship going. You will find many more along the way. Good luck.

Just thinking this time next month. I will no...

Just thinking this time next month. I will no longer hear the sound of my belly hititng my legs as I walk up and down the steps and/or bend down to pick things up when I am home relaxing(no girdle)...Havent had a cig in 24 hours and I plan to keep it going. This site is inspiring me to quit smoking for the sake of better results and OFCOURSE my future. I have never been so impatient in my life...I just want to wish away 5/17-6/10/12 and get this thing overwith. I have my scripts for my meds (TT surgery related) I wll be dropping them off at CVS today.....Them being in my possession makes things reality that I am closer and closer to ridding my self of that monster that once was a safe haven for all 4 of beatiful kids.....BYE BYE nasty tummy...only 25 more days left to chill on this BOD! LOL
Hi Lushis, June is right around the corner, good luck to u and keep us posted!
Good luck with your TT and MR, I want to also say please please stop smoking you really can do it I was a smoker too and quit 3 mos before my surgery I cant even imagine smoking through this the coughing alone will tear you apart... I had my TT and MR Apr 26 and really happy with my results my doctor even took a nicotine test on me right before surgey because he stated if there was nicotine in my body he was not performing this surgery and I thank GOD I had already quit 3 mos before surgery because it defitenetly would have been a more difficult recovery please quit....And again I wish you a good recovery
Thanks so much for the courageous words & friendship ... I'm so glad I stumbled across this site, I'm getting prepared fíe my surgery & even tho its next month I want to make sure I have everything that I need... I'm looking forward to the new me...

I am now 11 days from surgery and I am now...

I am now 11 days from surgery and I am now starting to think about the little things or might I say BIG things. My plan is to camp out in my livingroom (2nd floor)post op where the recliners are however, the BATHROOMS are on the 1st or 3rd floors. Is this a good idea or am I being irrationa? I have had 4 c-secitons and managed to go up and down with them but am now wondering if I should get somone to move a recliner upstairs to my bedroom (w/ bathroom)....HELP!...O and one more thing I find as time gets closer I am getting a little more apprehensive (better word for SCARED) LOL!
Hi ,lushis. Everyone is so different so remember I'm only speaking from my experience. First, all of my babies were vag births so I have no clue what it's like to recover from a csection. Sounds like you handled four of them like a trooper. After my TT I was a wuss and in pain. I dreaded having to get up to use the potty. I camped in my bedroom with a lift recliner and had less than six feet to walk to the bathroom. I remember hurting, feeling sick to my stomach, dizzy and so happy to get back to my chair after I was done. Btw, I purchases a lift for the happy I did that. This was only for the first three days. Definitely by the fifth day I was much better about getting to the potty and getting around. Again, everyone is so different. This is just an idea, but maybe for those first couple of days could you have a portable potty next to your bed. I'm almost certain you won't have a BM before you're feeling welll enough to climb up and down the stairs, so anyone helping you could just empty it for you. Most of us emptied our drains while on the potty too so you could easily take care of that close by for a few days as well. Again,Just an idea. As far as being scared. I was sick to my stomach scared, but I have wanted this for so long that I knew I just had to face it or I would always be stuck in the " I wish I had zone.". You can do this! It's not easy! It's no picnic and the Barbie figure doesn't come the minute you wake up,'s so worth it! Stick with us MAY tt's. We will help you through it!
I am now 11 days from surgery and I am now starting to think about the little things or might I say BIG things. My plan is to camp out in my livingroom (2nd floor)post op where the recliners are however, the BATHROOMS are on the 1st or 3rd floors. Is this a good idea or am I being irrationa? I have had 4 c-secitons and managed to go up and down with them but am now wondering if I should get somone to move a recliner upstairs to my bedroom (w/ bathroom)....HELP!...O and one more thing I find as time gets closer I am getting a little more apprehensive (better word for SCARED) LOL!
From here on in it's the count down. You'll do just fine! Im scheduled for june 18th. just call me nervous nelly lol

Welp! 4 more days till TT. My nerves are a bit off...

Welp! 4 more days till TT. My nerves are a bit off but I know I will be just fine.
I have accomplished very many to-dos for this big day; received my toilet lift, finished my last bit of grocery shopping and finalized transportation plans to and from my PS office.
I forgot to add last Saturday I went and saw another surgeon due to raving reviews from another real self member and ended up scheduling with him instead. Dr. Navin K. Singh (thanks Daniela26) will perform my TT and muscle repiar (I've decided to opt out of lipo- I will work it off ) instead of Dr. Palmer. I changed my mind due to the fact that I had not really heard much about Dr. Palmer and for something like this I felt it was important to have first hand feedback.
This weekend I will clean my house from top to bottom and wash every stitch of clothing I can find. I plan to spend some time with my children at the pool (one last time with the monster stomach) and just relax to get mentally ready for this procedure. Until Monday fellow TT uckers!
Hi Lushis3117. We are having our surgeries on the same day! We also have similar builds from what I can see of your pictures. I too can't wait to be rid of my extra rolls.

I totally understand your feeling nervous. I am too, but I am going to be busy with work and life in general right up until Sunday night before surgery. When I first scheduled my surgery, June 11 seemed so far away. Now I am wondering if I really will have enough time to get everything done that I need to before the big day! I will do the grocery shopping, laundry and run through of my post surgery supply list tomorrow. I will be working friday through sunday so there will be very little time for anything over the weekend. Good luck to both of us on Monday and I will see you in the Flatlands next week!
Lushis3117... Good luck on ur big day.... I will pray for you...
Hi Lushis3117! I also went to Dr. Palmer for a consult but for me I did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling. He talked way to fast and overwhelmed me with huge medical terms so after taking a few days to think about it I decided not to use him as my PS! Nice guy but not the type I want to deal with if I have concerns or complications! Good luck on your big day!

Just got a text from my surgery coordinator. 7 am...

just got a text from my surgery coordinator. 7 am Monday its gonna be on and poppin. I cant believe I am able and willing to do this! Flat Side Here I come!...Really wish I knew how to change the Doc info on here. I already feel as though I need to give Dr. Singh credit where it will be due!
Good luck tomorrow girlie!! I'll be there at 11:45 for my drain removal, maybe I'll see u as they wheel u out!
Ahhhh! I'm excited for you as if it's happening to me!!!
Just a few more days!!!

Made it....a lil loopy but its over....will update...

made it....a lil loopy but its over....will update later

Well my sisters in TT...its a done deal...I am on...

Well my sisters in TT...its a done deal...I am on the flatside.DR 90210 i mean 20185 did the damn thing. I love him and his appears i am having a reall really good recovery thus far...I kind of shock the nurse when i got uo to go to the bathroom by myself wuth on the assistance of her helping me out of the chair....sooooo for me the c- section experience has kinda cushioned me in this experience, My lil sis is here until wednesday and she is my rock right now...she holing it down like a true soldier. my bestie will arrive about 4 hours after my sis leaves for work on day are a few pics...O and I did not get any lipo so hopefully my results will look pretty good!

2 drains
6 pounds removed
You are gonns look great!already look good!
Whoah!!!! He did a great job, I can tell already!
I met your sister in the reception area, did she tell you?! So happy for you girl!! I recognize Katie's hair in your before pic lol. SO GLAD everything went great. Happy healing momma, sounds like you got this! Take it easy and rest! Even if you feel great, rest rest rest!!! A million congrats!

Hey guys ....I am confined to my recliner except...

Hey guys ....I am confined to my recliner except to use the bathroom ,,,which is like every other hour,,,(i am drinking up everything I can get) my drains or grenades as I call them are working just fine, yesterday it was like 60-65 ccs and today i think it was under 50ccs so I guess thats good. Besides my two year old pushing the back of my recliner and demanding that I "Get Up" I have been accient free (no pulling on drains etc) and I am feeling really good, o but the stomach does feel like I got kicked pretty badly, I noticed this morning I was a lil crouched over walking to the bathroom ...and I made the mistake of letting 5.5 hours go by with no percs so I did got a lil uncomfortable BUT I must say FOR ME its not as bad as I prepared for....Dont worry friends I am staying put no matter how I time or money to regress in this process.....O and you all are wonderful. The support is out of this world and I am adament it has a huge affect on my progress as well. I will try and get you guys some pics this evening,,,However I promise my self I will not remove the binder until at least thursday...I just feel so secure in it!

Sadly im dealing with horrible constipation..I had...

sadly im dealing with horrible constipation..I had a bit of the bubble guts -from nervousness prior to surgery and now the main pain is from my constipation issues...(weird right),the last 24 I have taken 4 colace and 2tsp of drinking plenty of fluids and hoping i land safely...not violently real suggestions?

thnx now suffering from,major constipation..i tried colace and mom to no avail..the dr has prescribed an enema so here i go. the pain from the constipation is unbee'erarable and takes all the attention away from the TT. any suggestions.?
You look amazing!!!
Congrats on ur surgery! Wow no Lipo how exciting... I can't wait to be on the flat side.. happy healing...

Day 3 or almost at 72 hour mark-----I feeel ...

Day 3 or almost at 72 hour mark-----I feeel Grrrrrreeeeat ...I mean kind of like Tony the tiger explains it in those frosted flakes commercials. After my family arguing over who was going to give me an enema last night my step mom did the dreadful dead and everything that overstayed it visit and more came out. Ever since then I have been up and moving around with much energy..(But I promise I am taking it easy) I swear the bloating, gas and storage of the crap made my tummy look a lil swollen through the compression garment and had me feeling almost regretful for getting the TT...But now I am feeling great and trying to figure out what outfit I can put together to run a couple drive thru errands today (dry cleaners, bank, cvs and drop my sis off to work). I need to find something to conceal my grenades LOL. Well hopefully I can get some of those pics up this evening as promised. Have a wonderful day my fellow TT sisters. And for those who are going in soon or just went in once you get through the first 48-72 ....its cake I PROMISE. Good Luck and Congrats!
That is the worst, but I'm so glad you went. Oh what a relief it is! Take it easy today.

Feeling super good...even considering going back...

Feeling super good...even considering going back to work Monday grenades and all....just for 4.hours or so. I have my own office mini fridge and all so I just might do it...I think sittig in this house by myself would get me in more trouble then sittin at my desk getting paid to surf the net...we will see! yesterday I drove fro Chantilly to Woodbridge (40mns) with freind in car with no problems. I ran a few errands,and then cam home and tiddy up a we bit...i jus knew when I sat down to relax I would be in for it but nope I was jus fine....i am on tylenol now and my only complaint is my back feeling quite tender o and ofcourse laughing is painful...but I must say I feel great......also I have not removed my binder and will not until my follow up tuesday..i just feel like it would do more good then harm.....well til nxt time sisters....give me five mins and I will edit and post 2 pics from yesterday! O yea this may b a,Lil TMI A but my vajay area is unbelievably swollen

O forgot to mention...I am not sitting around...

O forgot to mention...I am not sitting around funky as all hell...I been taking these wonderful refreshing bird baths in my stand up shower ....and they do the job just fine for now...Cant wait to get a realshower hopefully by Tuesday my drains/grenades will be a thing of the past!

Well Ladies, I made it back to work today. I...

Well Ladies, I made it back to work today. I could have taken the rest of the week off but being a single mother of 4 children I have my own special form of ADHD and I have a problem staying put (when I physically can move ) at home. I though coming back to my desk/office would be safer for me and my grenades (drains)...LOL. Speaking of the grenades I only emptied the equivalent of 2 tablespoons from both drains this am (24 hour period). So tomorrow @ 12pm we should be departing form one another. HA!
I am imagining the drain removal to be one of the worst parts of my experience due to the fact everything else went sooo smoothly. I will post some 2 piece suit pics this weekend. But here is one I took Saturday evening! Have a great one my fellow TT Sisters.

Oh Yea one last thing....SWELL HELL.....How in the world do I get rid of it....any suggestions?
Way to go!!! Great results!
In order to get rid of swelling is having someone rub it also a hot shower and time really...hang in there it gets better
I will try this. I will also try and research a lymphatic masseuse in the area I live in. I am reading that lymphatic massages are very helpful!

Welp Drains are removed (not a bit of pain) and I...

Welp Drains are removed (not a bit of pain) and I am going back to work for 6 hours tomorrow and thursday ---FT starting Friday! (oh my you wouldnt believe how much my subordinates messed things up in the 5 days I was gone ...soooo glad I went in yesterday) I am taking it easy but moving along. I must say I could never be a poster child for this procedure because I think I had it tooo good. The most pain I felt was that horrible 36 hours of constipation Oh and I cannot forget Sneezing LOL (is a huge issue)...I am loving my new waist line....I had no lipo so I have one fold (love handle on each side opposed to the 10 it felt/looked like I had previously) BUT I just signed myself and my 4 children up at Sport and Health Club and WE(myself, my 13 yo and 11 yo) are gonna start getting it in in about 3 weeks. I will begin this weekend with 3 mile walks on the treadmill 4 days a week but after that I am going to be on a mission. I am starting my kids off now because I never want them to go through what I went through with weight issues which causes depression so on and so forth....
Thanks a bunch....and You will tooo...Its worth the wait, money, pain and time I PROMISE!
Hi there!

Get it girl! You look great!!!
Hey Hunni, How are you feeling? I am keeping you in my daily prayers!

May 17th I had the wings (brachioplasty) removed from my arms, & incision of back folds. I am healing & loving the results!

So I log on to realself today and see someone’s...

So I log on to realself today and see someone’s post about a near death experience with a girdle...Ironically, I had to be cut out of one of mines last night. I wear the compression garment the Dr. gave me all day and then in the evening I wear one of many I purchased from maidenform the other day...SO basically I tried a new one last night and passed out in my recliner (I am still sleeping in it’s so darn comfortable) I should have known it would be a problem because I broke a freaking sweat trying to get in it and it took me like 10 mins to get it on right. Needless to say I awoke around 9pm panicking cause it was so damn tight ...I couldn’t breathe (well I thought) and so I was barely able to yell for my 13 year old daughter but luckily she heard me and rescued me by way of cutting it off me LOL… Its funny now but I tell you I was scared out my freaking mind last night. Soooo I have decided that when these lil tape things from my incision fall off I will go back to maidenform and get properly measured. Other than that I am doing really well. I have been asked twice "Did you get a boob job” and I have had quite a few say to me” Did you lost weight, you look good” even through the swelling it shows that I am back on the good foot belly wise. I soooo can’t wait for the next 3 months to go by so I can really show it off.
OMG! I laughed out loud at your post today! And you know that is not a good thing when you are healing from a TT! I have only been brave enough to wear the cg I came home from surgery in or a couple pairs of Spanx that were too big pre-surgery but now fit just right while I am swollen. Thanks for sharing and happy healing! You look great!
hey, You've prob read about my Near Death Experiences with Girdles hahahaha they are just about a thing of the past... you look fantastic!!!! keep up the great work!

SO I am officially 2 weeks post op...and I am...

SO I am officially 2 weeks post op...and I am loving my new look. I mean just sitting in my car and looking straight down to my crotch vs the fat blubber is a Grand Feeling. I slipped into a lil depression the other day realizing that I am unable to make the moves I am normally able to. What I mean is I get tired easier and I cant get the laundry by myself or go food shopping by myself like I used to (for a family of 5). But as of yesterday I was able to stay up all day and thanks GOD for my roomate/good friend laundry and shopping got done. there are some things I wish I knew before surgery (not like it would have changed my mind on getting it) but they are:
TO Sneeze, Cough, laugh hurts or uncomfortable for at least 3-6 months
Cant lay on stomach for some time either (I am a stomach sleeper)
and I tell you this compression garment makes me feel real protected but it makes my waistline a bit bigger then it actually is LOL. Other than that things are great! SO Happy to be on the Flat Side!
You really look great! I've been so bad at checking in, I'm sorry! :)
Let me know how you like the shakes.. They're truly wonderful and if you don't like it, you can send back the empty bag for a refund! You can't lose anything other than weight!! :)
Wow! I had my TT surgery along with BL (no implants) on the very same day as you, and you have kicked butt!! I am so impressed by all you have been able to do since! Now I feel like a wimp! LOL. My hubby and neighbor (who is in the health care field) won't let me do much...but I am grateful for them! Getting stir crazy now...whenever I am alone, I get up and do as much as I can! Can't stand sitting on my butt another day! LOL...good luck! So very happy for you!! :-)

Well ladies, I must say I am Super Satisfied with...

Well ladies, I must say I am Super Satisfied with my decision to get the surgery. Yesterday 20 days po I had a big cook out at my house with many family and friends and everyone noticed the new me. Funny thing is my oldest brother from NJ kept asking why I was so quiet, not yelling at the kids and appeared to just glide around the house. He initially thought I was on pain pills lol but I had to explain to him that I am still healing from a very major surgery and even though look great and get up and go everywhere I have to do it with ease and also that it takes ab mucsles to yell up the stairs and you wouldn't realize it until yours were affected LOL..I accidently slept on my stomach Saturday night which was interesting until it was time for me to get up (hell)...I think I will stick to the recliner for another week or 2 it’s so much more comfy. I did have a reality check about me and my 2 piece this summer (the fact that it may not happened). I didn’t get lipo and I need to hit the gym but must wait another week or 2 to get the ok for the swimming and various exercises I need to do in order to shake the rest of this little bit o fat off me. LOL...I must say I feel so truly blessed to have been able to get the TT done and get the old me back. My confidence level is almost at an all time high ...I don’t walk into a room anymore and feel like everyone looks at my face smiling and then down to my abdomen in disbelief. I have o re program my brain when purchasing clothes because I keep forgetting about the fact that the pouch is now gone and I can open up my clothing possibilities....
I agree with sexysoulsister!!! You look awesome in those jeans!!!
thanks Penster!
Wow your but looks gorgeous in those jeans!!!LOL !!! it's funny how much our before bellies distract the look of our figures. You are wearing those jeans!!!

4 weeks post op appt today...i was told my scar is...

4 weeks post op appt today...i was told my scar is healing excellent and I do not need anything other than vitamin e and coco butter ....I have been cleared for swimming and exercise (except ab work of course) ...I am giving my self until sept 2012 to cardio off my love handles...I CAN DO IT I CAN DO IT....well if not there is alway smy wonderful Dr. Singh...LOL..O and I am now sleeping in my bed and on my stomach..thank goodness!
hey momma - just checking in. how are you healing?
Hi just read your review, looking good!
Looking good! Glad to hear things are going great!

Sooooo...I am 8 weeks post op as of 8/6/2012.. ...

Sooooo...I am 8 weeks post op as of 8/6/2012.. All I can say is I am still in shock and my head is still a lil big ...thanx to my new look. I didn’t get any lipo so don’t get me wrong I am not boasting a six pack...BUT I must say dropping from a pants size of 16 to 14 (and sometimes 14s are too big) and the compliments I get are to blame. Also the fact that I can now where my 13 year olds size large shirts instead of them 1X or 2X I used to wear to hide that bear belly I had. I DO NOT REGRET having this surgery at all ---although I am no poster child for the reality of this surgery (I certainly kind of glided right through the after surgery issues).
I am still numb in the stomach area and I have had 2 lymphatic massages at massage envy. My boyfriend thinks I pull the surgery sympathy card every time he wants me to do something that engages my stomach muscles (like dance) and I am reluctant, I can dance but not the kind of dancing he looking for LOL. I guess I look so good that there is no sign that I am still healing from this major surgery,. It is all good though because I know in the next 6 months (hopefully) I will be right back at (ab WORK). I am still taking it easy but I must SAY LIFE IS GOOD!
I am doing just fine...I have no complaints...Loving the new me....and its only been 8 weeks. How are you? Have you talked to Dr. Singh about your BB.
and Feeling Great...Thanks!

I am officially 3 months post op...Not much has...

I am officially 3 months post op...Not much has changed except I feel ALMOST completely healed (still numb in the belly area) I no longer where my CG and although I still swell up I feel a lot better (comfortable ) then I felt 6 weeks ago. Time is definately the healer on this thing. Funny part is I still gravitate towards clothes that I'd normally purchase to hide the pouch BUT it isn't even there any more. Still getting used to this thing....So Glad I did it and So Glad its over with. I have lost a total of 22 lbs and I am keeping it off thru diet and a lot of water intake (kids are in various activities right now that keep me OUT of the GYM) I am hoping to get back in the GYM in the next 2 weeks or so. Hope all is well with everyone!
You look great girl, our belly looked almost the same. But you know sometimes I forget I dont have it anymore and I feel like a part of me is missing LOL crazy right
Absolutely love the pics of you in the dresses. You have a glow going on. Thanks for sharing your experience & congratulations!
Looking Great Lushis!!
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