Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation 6 weeks later

My surgery was 6 weeks ago, I am so glad I did it....

My surgery was 6 weeks ago, I am so glad I did it. It took me 20 months to finally decide, a number for appts. It was so nice, when I paid $130.00 Canadian for the consultation the Administrative assistant told me it covers as many return visits to answer any questions/concerns I may have. I went in an additional 3 times & afew phone calls before I booked a date. I paid a deposit & then final payment was 3 weeks prior to surgery minus the consult charge. So I'm happy about their policy. Ok, so my experience pre-op was fairly painless, did my bloodwork & the EKG everything was perfect.

Day of surgery arrived & was taken upstairs to my room as I was staying overnight. I was fitted for a compression garmet that I would wearing. I was given a tablet just to relax me cuz of course even though it was all planned I just got a little nervous which is normal but, all was good. In the operating room which I just walked into it was great the nurses etc., were very comforting & off to sleep I went. When I woke up it didnt hurt the pain meds were kept up every 3-4 hours , I wasn't ill just up about every 2 hours to go to the bathroom, all the fluids they give you I think. The nurse advise to take deep breaths, so you are breathing properly & it's better for the TT, also wiggling the toes to avoid blood clots . So I was discharge at 7am the next morning & prescribed Oxycodone for pain.

So surgery Monday & Friday day 4 follow up & removal of drain & all looked good , I had been icing my eyes as well as cool packs on my belly for the first 4 days as well. I kept on the oxy for the next 5 days, 2 Every 4 hours for 5 days then 2 at dinner & bedtime & 1 in the morning & just basically rested, getting up only to use the bathroom & eat, so lots of sleep & movies was the just of it for 10 days & after that I was still just relaxing, right up until 3 weeks absolutely no lifting of any kind & even moving too fast, not that I thought I was moving too fast but, obviously I was because I had to get some fluid extracted at the 3 week mark. From 3-5 weeks , still no excessive lifting & at that point because your body has been concentrating on healing you don't realize & because you have been resting , you do still tire easy.

I'm 6 weeks Post OP tomorrow & feeling back to normal I will post a photo of my scar, it's looking awesome, I have swelling still but, will start exercising again & I think that will help. I'm counting the days.....15 days to March 26th & my Breast Augmentation, In hind sight I should have done both at once but, I was too chicken & I did have Blepharoplasty (uppper/lower eyelids) done at the same time., so now I have 2 weeks of feeling awesome & then I'll be down again for a week or two. I'll blog that experience too. Anyway, I'm going to attempt to upload a photo of my TT


Congrats, looking good!
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lookin great congrats!
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I am at almost 5 weeks and do not look that good! I still have some scabbing. Time seems to drag when you are waiting for something miraculous to happen!
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Well it's early Friday morning March 23, I'm 3...

Well it's early Friday morning March 23, I'm 3 days away from the finish of my Mommy makeover, I get my BA on Mon March 26th at 1:00pm. I'm nervous, had my first mammogram yesterday(since I'm only 46 yrs old) so they had a before comparison & visit with my family doctor, she made the comment that these things get addicting & did the plastic surgeon tell you all the risks even with silicone implants ie: auto immune disease, early onset of ostio-arthritis etc, etc, so I had a rough sleep last night getting nervous again , not to mention I had a bit of a sore throat & stuffy nose :( hoping I am not sick on Monday because it would just mess up all my arrangements. I really want this done but, soooo nervous. Anyone else have more information on all the cons?
oh, btw my tummy tuck is doing well, I use a uv protected sunscreen silicone scar cream last week when we went to Mexico, my scar in the middle was slightly red but otherwise did well.

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Sorry in addition to the post I just did, I'm...

Sorry in addition to the post I just did, I'm looking for a little reassurance from people who know of any prolonged side effects


Hi there walking mom 46, your tt looks great. I am having a mm on the 2nd of April. TT and Dermal suspension BL . I talk to my PS about the lift because I am a little nervous that I am going to be smaller that I want after the lift. I asked him about a BA after the lift. He sure wasn't keen on me having a BA he mentioned having to have it redone a few years down the road and said that there are more complications. I’m 49 and that seems to be the issue I think. So I hope that the Dermal Suspension will be the ticket.
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Thank you , it will get better, just scar treatment & massage at least twice a day.

16 hours & counting, excited yet calm................

16 hours & counting, excited yet calm..............kinda surreal really, I'm much calmer then the night before my TT surgery . I check in at 11am tomorrow morning, surgery likely around noon or 1pm. Will try sizers again as I have time but, soooo glad it's finally here. I want to get it done/heal & see some results. The waiting is the worst. Well wish me luck . I'll check in again in the next couple of days.


Best of luck to tomorrow walking Mom 46. I be sending positive thoughts your way :)
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Good Luck Tomorrow!!! I will be sending lots of positive vibes your way! I'm sooo excited for you. I will be getting my BA/BL on April 3rd. I'm 5"2 120 34/B. I'll be getting 375cc to 400cc's. Smooth, high profile silicone. What size are you and what kind and I've of implants are you getting? Please post pics:)
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I meant "size" of implants.

My Breast Augmentation was yesterday afternoon and...

My Breast Augmentation was yesterday afternoon and it's Tuesday Mar 27th & I'm finally back home.
I ended up staying overnight at a hotel as the doctor said the surgery took a long time ( went in at 3pm appox & lasted until around 7:00pm discharge 10pm - so she wanted to make sure I was okay & I live a long drive from the Hospital. Seems I had alot of muscle & I had my implants placed under the muscle through my armpit, I do recall the technician when I had my mammogram last Thursday commenting that I had alot of breast/muscle tissue very little fat so perhaps that's why, not sure, I'm not a doctor. :)

Okay so here is my latest info/ experience so far:
As usual everyone at the hospital was wonderful., admin staff, nurse Teresa & Nancy & another nurse but shame on me I've forgotten her name (must be the percocet lol)
1st Type of Implant:
Mentor Saline implants (smooth round Moderate Plus Profile) & ended up with 450cc's in the Right & 475cc's in my Left breast. They are good for life & I confirmed if I had any issues with them I would go to the hospital where she has privelages & any required procedures would be covered under OHIP so that makes me feel better.
I don't really remember waking up, once I did, I could feel that my chest was tight & sore but, they had the pain meds right there for me. Also, orange juice and digestive cookies. I wasn't really feeling nausea but, I think because I was under for so long I did get ill from the anasthetic . I slept propped with pillows behind my back as I thought it would be most comfortable. My wonderful husband booked an extended stay hotel with a kitchenette & prepared some toasted bacon & Tomatoe with Mayo, my favorite, I was able to eat half as I was nodding off in between lol.......the pain meds made me sleepy., so I ate in shifts kinda, I layed down for a couple of hours then up ate a little more., seemed to work well eating in shifts. It was kind of a last minute suprise as we had planned on going home but, he was so good, it had already been a very long day for him to linger around . I was awake through the night, about every 1 1/2 - 2 hours & finally stayed awake at 6:00am. I called the doctors cell at 7am to confirm the time she wanted to see me in the morning, which was 10:00am , all went well, my tapes were changed & instead of support bra I have the elastic band over my upper chest & once my swelling settles by next week hopefully I will start the massage routine. I'm swollen & look like I did when I was nursing my daughter, so hopefully when the swelling goes down & my breasts settle they will look exactly the way I want them to. I'm going to stay on the Percocets for the next couple of days & then see if I can avoid taking anymore. I will keep you posted on how I feel tonight & tomorrow.
Oh also, since I had the TT 8 weeks ago, I asked the doctor if she would put in a belly ring while I was asleep & she did, I figured that would be painless & it was, so I am looking forward to surprising my hubby with that once my breasts are in working order. I don't feel too bad now, a little sore throat from the breathing tube but, otherwise just a little loopy from the meds. So I apologize in advance if I've repeated myself. I must say my armpit incisions are a little irritated due to a little sweating & rubbying, I have put a cotton camisole on & then the elastic band above my boobs to avoid any more irritation as my doctor recommended. Well all for now ladies will touch base over the next couple of days. Time for a nap :)


aw good luck chica and wow u look as mi amiga who did hers 11/2011 last winter so flat within just 30 to 45 or so days,so that is within six weeks,she was lucky as u r, and i hope i am too when i go under the knife i can't wait i am actually excited,not scared,GOD is good and he bring us all out of the procedure just fine! your lookin SO great sexi flat stomach certified 2012! so enjoy!

Felicidades!(congrats chica)adios and god speed.

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I am now at 8 weeks from my TT. I am vry thrilled with the results. I have a questions, as anyone expereinced a very painful burning sensation on the incision area? I can not stand to have anything touch me, it burns so bad. The incision looks good an no infection. Thanks for your help

Hello, Well it's me walking mom 46, had my Breast...

Well it's me walking mom 46, had my Breast Augmentation Monday afternoon, came home Tuesday afternoon. Was very sore, a different kinda sore then my TT which I had Jan 30th. I'll be honest, don't try to be brave & go off the percocets too soon, Lets see I made sure I got topped up on Monday night when I left the hospital with 2 percocets & took 2 every 4 hours Tues , Wed & Thurs in the morning, during the day on Thursday I took 2 xtra strength tylenol about every 3 1/2 to 4 hours & at 11pm for bedtime 2 percocets but, with the TT I did the perc's for 7 or 8 straight days every 4 hours, no point in hurting if you don't have to & have help & my husband was awesome, better then expected since he was very nervous about it all & then when I wanted to complete my Mommy makeover & do the BA he went with the flo,( ok back again, started this update this morning & now it's afternoon) - he makes sure I'm not doing too much & watches over me, jokes a little about the floatation devices/ jugs lol but seriously he's not letting me do anything I shouldn't be doing. If I get up to do anything he tells me to go sit down & about mid afternoon I usually hit a wall & need a nap anyway lol, healing does tire your body out for sure. Today is the first day we ventured out for a drive , just to get me out, so that was nice, only took 2 xtra strength tylenols, have the band on my chest fairly snug as instructed, still swollen & a little more sore on one side then the other., will try & massage more often especially on the one side as I think there may be a slight bit of blood due to me catching my slipper & jerking my arm forward, I know it felt like a slight rip perhaps in the pocket made for the implant, hope it heals cuz it really hurt when I did it on day 2 :( Otherwise , I think it seems to be going as expected. Bought an UnderArmour 38 DD (LG) sports bra that zips up the front, it's a bit too tight now but, I think it'll be perfect once my boobs settle down & swelling etc. Hoping the bruising is gone by next week for Easter so I can where the top I want to wear . My armpit scars seem to be settling quite well, I've been using polysporin triple action since 2 days after when the tape bandages fell off, so hopefully won't be sore much longer. Well, I've got next week off then back to work, light duties, hope most of this is settled down by then.
Anyone else who's had a BA accidently jerk there body & feel a slight rip in a breast, like it's the pocket of the implant? Like I mentioned I think there may be a bit of blood or fluid cuz I hear/feel a slight squishyness in my one boob, not alot or anything but, just abit but, not in the other so I'm hoping it will go away.


Your welcome, you look good, I'm 2 weeks PO for my BA, still sore but, back to work this week, should be interesting, I've been a little stir crazy. I had holidays between the surgeries, I should have done both the TT & BA at the same time but, was too chicken lol Happy Healing & don't push it even once you feel better & are off the meds & then you will heal well.
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thanks for the cream tips you look gr8t
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They don't feel like they have dropped, I'm still wearing the band around the top & have been wearing it faithfully, doc said I could go without or wear a sports bra for easter & I did , I had a tight camisole style top I wore under my dress top & it worked out but, back to the band today. It has literally felt the same from day one & I wear it tight which makes me feel sore, so that's why I don't think I've dropped or had alot of swelling??? Just not sure, will find out soon enough I guess lol
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Well I have an appt Monday after calling the...

Well I have an appt Monday after calling the doctor about the lump under my arm. The BA was 2 weeks ago today .
oh & today my first day back was tough, it's a very physical job & even on modified work I'm exhausted . So I worked 5 hrs, hope each day gets easier, I'm quite sore & tired . Mostly upper body work & wow did I feel my abdomen today too & the TT was Jan30th. Feel so out of shape :(
A little nervous about Monday, hoping they don't have to operate again .

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So I had the lump under my left arm checked & it...

So I had the lump under my left arm checked & it seems it is a swollen lymph node & they are not concerned as of yet, if it doesn't go down in the next 3-4 weeks then they will ultrasound it. Still pretty sore in the morning & at night. :( Went to look at some bra's , not sure if I have alot of choices, I'm still so wide chested didn't like much of what I tried on I hope I'm just still a little swollen & hoping that I need to drop more. Having a down day I think.


Its good to here from you walkingmom. Sorry to hear your down. Sucks to have days like that but, maybe its just a moment and won't last long. Someone will come along and make you smile. :D. Have a great day.
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Thanks Waited Sooo long,
Ya it's likely a down moment, I go look in the mirror & I'm happy but, when I didn't like the look of the bras at La Senza I was disappointed.
I think part of it is I tried to go back to work & just couldn't do it. The TT was less debilitating I think, I do so much with my upper body it's driving me crazy I want routine back.
My BA was under the muscle & thru the armpit & I just found out the details , that they had a very hard time going in that way & another surgeon wanted to cut me under my breast & my surgeon refused & went the way I wanted , thank goodness, I think I would have been devastated waking up & I had the scars there, I understand why it is taking longer to heal & had more pain. my armpits are minimal scaring now, done in the fold which is great I figure soon you won't even be able to tell. Well stuck home another couple of weeks. Here's hoping to some full night sleeps. Waking up & going to bed like i'm being pulled on lol.
I like La Sensa panties but not their bras. I think I’m hooked on VS lol. I order some CG from a site called leosia they have some nice stuff. Check them out if you get a chance. Bra fitting is a tough thing. My friend (the only friend I have that is open out her BA) went from a small B to a DD under the muscle. Cut under the breast. It took her a long time to recover. I bet going back to work with a job that requires upper body would be tough. I just had a BL and my right breast is sore when I take off my sports bra. So when I shower, all though it feels good, hurt like hell when I wash my hair. I can see how the TT would be easier in that sense because withe BA you lose your arm sort of speak. It’s good you were able to take more time off. There is constant movement in our arms so that probably affects the recovery time. I dont suppose there is a special bra to help with the "pull" your feeling.

Had my 5 weeks check up today after the BA, went...

Had my 5 weeks check up today after the BA, went well, back to work gradually, Yippeee, I'm so happy to be on the mend, wow, never ever dreamed that the BA would be a tougher go then the TT. Note to anyone whom is in a very physical job, you cannot get a BA under the muscle, thru the armpit & plan on returning to physical job after 2 weeks, it's not realistic 4-6 weeks at least. But, happy to say I'm feeling alot better now. Also happy with results, will have residual swelling over the next 4-5 weeks with the physical job but, final result in 6-8 weeks , my left breast has settled more then the right but, I'm told it will come so I'm positive, I'm happy so far. Hubby thinks I may be a little big lol, hmmm I think he'll get used to it & not mind lol. All for now Good Night..........


That's great to hear everything is going good! So Happy for you. I'm have issues with left side and right side not been or healing the same rate. My PS said not to worry everything will work out.
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Thank you, first half day done & feel great, so nice to be back at it. We all heal at a different rate & I'm sure your PS is right, all good things in good time right :D, positive thoughts .........waited soooo long, it'll be worth it.

It's been awhile but, slowly getting back to a...

It's been awhile but, slowly getting back to a normal routine, starting a healthy eating regime & exercising , not be able to do the normal stuff has been difficult. Put on some weight & now need to re-tone the muscles. Will update in afew weeks & hopefully be down afew pounds & feeling better.


Good to here from you :)!! Glad that things are returning to normal in your life. It seems to take a long time, at least that how I feel. Take care :)!!
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Ok so here I am - March 26th was my BA & now at 7...

ok so here I am - March 26th was my BA & now at 7 1/2 weeks PO May 17th my nipples are still numb, my husband thinks they are too big, they kinda fit my body but, I am thinking I should have been a little smaller????? omg when will I have feeling again???? I think I didn't have alot of swelling so now I'm thinking I should have had the mid size round instead??? I sure hope things settle soon & they shrink a little more :( don't know what else to say???


Hi Walking Mom,
Did I read it correctly that you paid $6000 for a tummy tuck and breat implants? I am trying to find a affordable place and i'm starting to think there isn't any......Where did you go to get your work done?
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Hi there MM,
Well, I'm ok, slowly dropping & swelling settling a bit, dropped a couple of pounds but, still very hard to lose so I'm trying Eat Clean by Tosca Reno ........baby steps. still numb in the boobs/ & nipple area, hope it goes away soon. Walking 3 hours a day at work so it should start helping the weight loss again. How are things with youl?
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hi sugar...how are you? been thinking about you!!! write when you can. xo
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