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Wondering About Drainage - Smart Lipo

I had smartlipo on Friday on my stomach, inner...

I had smartlipo on Friday on my stomach, inner & outer thighs, love handles and under my bra strap. The procedure itself wasn't that bad, although there were some periods of discomfort. Yesterday I felt like I had been beaten up, but today I feel much better and haven't taken any pain medication.

First let me say that I wondered with all the areas done, was 2 liters really enough to take out? Seems to me that there should've been more. And I haven't had any drainage whatsoever. That seems a little weird to me also since I read so much about it prior and was very prepared for it. Has anyone else had the same experience?

It's only been 2 days and so far, I'm not really seeing the results. My doctor said that it would take up to 5 days to start seeing it so I'm trying to be patient. I'll check back in after day 5 but am giving it a thumbs up for now.


Hi Pooke Bear, Thanks for your post. How long did the procedure take and how much did it cost? Were you able to drive home? How much were you able to move around? Would you recommend the clinic? Oh, and where did they place the incisions? Thanks!!!
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I took my daughter with me just in case. I probably could have driven home but I didn't want to chance it because I am over an hour away from them and thought I would play it safe. I would have to say that there was a little more pain than I anticipated because I felt that I had such a high tolerance for pain that it wouldn't hurt so much, but I am on day 6 and while I am still sore I can bend a lot better, get in and out of the car without to much discomfort and can almost tie my shoes without pain. I was able to move around okay but was really sore. I laid around for the first two days and then moved around on the third. I did light exercises on the 3rd day by doing some step exercises on the Wii Fit. Then on the 4th day....I went for a walk and did the faster step program on the Wii Fit. I really think that the moving around helped a lot with the soreness. SO I am continuing to do light exercising. I do have swelling and am still a bit sore but I must admit that today was a lot better. The incisions are very small in two on the lower abs and two on the upper. The procedure took about 3 and a half to 4 hours. I am really happy with my results so far. I could immediately tell a difference because I was carrying around this huge stomach and looked pregnant. While I am not flat (nor do I expect to be) I am definitely a lot thinner. The pants I am wearing right now used to be really tight on me and now are really loose.
I had my upper and lower abs and love handles done at the MD Rejuvenation clinic in Columbia MD. I just had mine done two days ago and I can see the results. already.
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Dr. Alanso at Monarch Med Spa

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