WONDERFUL TRICK to Help Peeling Skin with TCA 12% Peel

Well, I've done the TCA peel twice and the first...

well, I've done the TCA peel twice and the first time, nothing .. seemed as though all the pain and peeling was very much in vain. but because i bout it online for $30 [very credible company that uses many natural ingredients] I decided to give it another go months later. This time, I made sure to put a very thin layer of Vaseline BEFORE putting on the TWO coats of peel with a a cotton ball. I actually waited for the frosting .. [hint, as long as one area frosts, that's good enough] to occur and washed off with VERY COLD WATER - after compressing dry with wash cloth I made sure to lather with Vaseline AND sunscreen. I really don't know why they call the TCA the lunchtime peel because from days 3/4-9/10 you really shouldn't be outside!! anyway, when washing, i used Noxema [this time around] with cold water [every time] I just felt that everything was sped up 50% .. it turned the brown crust color and cracked sooner [remember to always wash with Noxema] as this led it to clear, fresh toned skin in between the moisturizing. All in all, I feel that this is the result I was supposed to come off with the first time. There is definitely a difference and people can clearly see and have commented on the fresh, clear, young new skin. I would always trust my judgment over some trained personal so I feel that this was the best choice for me [home kit] as I have the clear control on how much it's stinging and when to stop, plus, I get to try different remedies to have come up with the above mentioned combination to truly bring out the optimum results. Going through a TCA peel is the most frustrating and depressing experience because you actually believe and feel that you will stay in that state [peeling, discolored state] and you just can't see an end in site, but I recommend anyone that wishes to do it to follow my suggested regiment and please PLEASE please, do it when you're home from work on vacation, sick leave, whatever because there is nothing like working when your chin and nose is peeling on Tuesday and then to have your forehead and cheeks peel on Thursday during a staff meeting!! just stay home and 12 days is the time, from start to finish, that you will need to be home bound. Another hint, summer or warm weather works best to hydrating the skin and accelerated peeling. One more thing to absolutely remember, as soon as the frosting has occurred and you've finished with the ice cold water rinse [no soap] -- SLATHER ON VASELINE AND don't wash your face the next day .. good luck and for those that have heavy scarring like acne, you have to do more than 3/4 cross peels for you to even think of seeing anything ..


I also disagree with the above professionals. I understand they have been told we cannot do them at home, but to be honest, I have met with professionals at my derm's office and they really don't need to do much more than understand skin (which I have studied extensively, not hard to understand the way the heart and brain are) and how to follow directions. How dumb do they think we are? Kind of offended, really -- I mean, I read on here how many people had great reactions and seems like more people had good results when THEY THEMSELVES did it! So there, you over-charging pros! Oh allyson MUAC is supposedly pretty good, however I only know that from reading tons of good results on here. They give VERY specific directions, and always start at a low-grade and patch test it.
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I disagree with the above "professional" completely. I know many people who have home-treated for cancer, cosmetic dental work and many other things after being bankrupted by "pros" who thought they knew what the patient wanted better than the patient. I went to a hospital once and they LOST the data from a surgical procedure, could not retrieve it from their database at all, so I told them not to bother charging me the $1000s it cost (they didn't). Curious to know the company whose products you used for these peels, if they are safe and effective, then please pass it along.
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I have over 8 years experience in the skin care industry and also working with plastic surgeons and medical spas. I completely agree with the comment above and am also horrified that someone would be recommending this to do at home...not to mention everything she did afterwards! When you have a medium to deep chemical peel such as TCA's, Jessners, etc., it should always be done by a trained professional! And after this you should follow the post procedure instructions which would never include washing your face with Noxema. Speeding up the process is only allowing for damage to the new skin to occur. It is extremely important to let the skin shed naturally. Please, please do not try this at home!!
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