Please Let This Turn out Okay! - Worcester, MA most everyone else on here...I hate my... most everyone else on here...I hate my nose...have since I was a teenager and others made me aware of it. Now that I'm gonna be 50...I've decided to do something about it...go figure it took me long enough, eh! I'm starting to freak out alittle bit more now that the surgery is less than a month away! I pray to god that I don't look like a freak after. My main concern is that my skin sucks, meaning I have really sensitive thin skin with broken capillaries. I just don't want the cast to come off and see some big honking blue or deep red vein going thru it. I've gotten ipl treatments which have helped but they keep coming back...especially the ones on my bridge...probably because the skin stretches beyond believe over that big nasty hump! lol
I haven't announced it to the whole small town, but I certainly will own it because let's be can I not! No, I didn't have surgery, I just woke up one morning and that nasty hump was gone. LOL ...opinions are like assholes...everyones got one, right? They can talk after its over. pre-op is next Wednesday! Yikes! I'm trying to do everything right so I heal normally. I'd really rather not look like I got the crap kicked out of my face for months. And I do realize that I will probably bruise more than anyone has ever
Well...okay that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I did have a dream the other night that I saw my new nose in a window reflection and it was lovely. Hoping that's a prelude to the actual event!
I'm so glad I found this site and for all the brave folks who put up pictures and give blow by blow details. I did opt for the hiding of my face...well kinda.
Oh I'm getting a closed rhino.
Thanks again!


Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's hoping you don't bruise TOO badly and that you LOVE your results.

Check out this list of supplies you might find helpful for recovery.

Please keep us updated. We've got your back!

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I do plan to post pictures after...can't believe it's less than a month away! Thanks you!
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Please let this turn out Okay!

So I had my pre OP this past week. Over 7 hrs of drivng, yuck. Probably could have done it by hate driving to the city! Have 4 scripts to fill. Starting to feel like its becoming more of a reality. I keep thinking..hey a month from now, this will be over and my cast will even be off. Or the next time I see a certain client, I'll have my new nose..etc. it's alittle stressful I guess...only when I think about it! I'm pretty much just getting the hump removed and not any tip work so hopefully it won't be too complicated. He never mentioned rib or graphs so I'm thinking its pretty straightforward. Well rock on follow nose mates!


Great before it, really. Sense of humor should never be surrendered!
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So, are you starting to get a little nervous? my time is getting a little closer too. I sent you a private message, letting you know I got my pictures posted and wanted to thank you for your support. So thanks, and hang in there. Anna
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I love your before and afters. Too funny what you did with the lips and the eyes.
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Two sleeps away!

Well my surgery is in two days...can't believe it's happening after thinking about it nonstop since May! I'm still anxious about the bruising/capillary thing but I need to believe it will be okay...or at the very least anything icky can be IPL'd away. Like everyone else I want to get the surgery, get my cast removed and never have to make that drive I got all my scripts filled, bought the needed supplies, put a message on my business phone saying my shop is closed til the 23rd, gotta clean my house and do laundry. I have a friend staying at my house over night tomorrow to babysit my mini dog farm(3 goldens) because I'm staying overnight close to the doctors since the surgery is at 7:15. Tomorrow will be crazy cause I've got to go to one clients and make sure everything is done since I will be gone for 9 days. I couldn't possibly take 2 wks off from them.
I should make some soup today because I probably won't feel like it after the surgery and it would be smarter on my part to just be able to heat up something liquid and nutritious. I will also visit my mom...I haven't told her about it because she has dementia and just wouldn't be able to understand. I speak with her daily so it's not uncommon if she doesn't physically see me for a long as we talk she's happy.
The first week I plan on being a couch potato baby! I never get to do that so hopefully I won't go totally nuts! I've never had to lay low for so long as I'm kind of go go go person...should be interesting. I'm thinking its going to more difficult than I think.
Sooooo what's up with the no sex for two weeks? Do they mean crazy monkey sex or can I just lay there? poor husband!
Anyhoo...just wanted to update my status.....good luck to everyone else on the nose wagon!


Let us know how you are doing at your earliest ability! Hope everything was smooooooth sailing. Can't wait to hear from you!!!
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Good luck!!!!!
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Hope your doing ok ??
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So I'm day one eyes are magically colored some kind of rainbow....yesterday it seemed black, buy today is a puuurtier deep red. I swear my eye are so swelled I'll probably get street marks on
Lets see...oxy and adivan are my friends....I love you drugs. Oh btw I don't have my cheaters on so who knows what this thing type. The surgery went fine..I was definitely awake and the only time it was uncomfortable was he was banging it...probably try to break tha sucka lol.....I remember little and now I am in my lazyboy where I shall pass out for two days...maybe 3,,,this is like a mini spa for me. Man I get to be a slug and take drugs cool is that. I'm sure I'll be bored in a few days and I'll go do some accounting for a minute before realizing that wouldnt be a good idea either....I guess I could paint. Picture.....yes we shall see. Sleep sounds better. I took a picture to scare you Halloween is coming.
I had to take the packing out this morning...that was a relief...can breathe now.
Other than being very tired I feel fabulous so I'm just crags on my lazyboy with my 3 big dogs under's comforting. Hope everyone is well and healing.! xoxo


Hope your doing good, can't wait to see more pictures!
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Awww you look so cute with your neck pillow! I love it! Lol. Hope your healing is going well. :)
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Hahaha you are a true Woburn girl ;) haha. I went to school there for a a bit and met some really cool chicks. Glad you made it out alright. You look great. Happy healing! Keep us updated :D nice neck rest :p
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Post OP day 2

I feel like there are testicles laying on my checks...pretty red ones. The skin above and below my eyes are so swollen that there will probably be stretch marks. I knew I should have done my eyes at the same I can feel some inside stitches...every once and while I feel the twitch. I think I'm ready for another pill exciting...then I'll pass out blissfully for 4 hrs . Trying to drink water, pineapple juice...I ate a mango yesterday...and I few spoonfuls of my honey gelato. Weight loss is an added All I can do is take care of the dog farm and I'm! Here's another picture...looking rather sexy.....


MEEEOW you are looking just gorgeous!! ;) I am so glad that besides being tired you are feeling good and on the road to recovery! Just think how wonderful your eyes are looking under those face-testes :)
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So far so good thank you...I expect today will be the worse they say...bring it on got my drugs here. Can't believe my eyes will return to normal.......I hope anyways!

It's Thursday my math is thinking 3... But that could be the drugs...

Well all in all this has been a pretty relaxing time off...I've literally slept in this lazyboy since Tuesday at 1:30. It's very blurry and I find myself giggling out of control when I reach for things. The pretty colors don't bother me....its more the testicals I want to shrink so I'm icing them...doesn't that make testys shrink? I see my new nose under that cast and I'm all giddy hoping there's no bump...teeheehee. I took another pic so i'll post it... but the light isn't great and I can't smile for some reason....I'm smiling on the inside though. Hope everyone is dong swell!


I think your feeling better, unless thats the drugs Lol !! your eyes seem not as swollen, Is there anything you want to tell me before my surgery on the Tue. 17th, you know, for us older women? Thank you for sharing !!
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Are you doing twilight sedation? Gotta say I did wake up to a very pleasant hammering that took three times before it stopped....I had quite the honka...that was the only uncomfortable feeling during the surgery I remember. Today is Friday and I haven't had a pain pill...and I need one. I feel a lot of pressure today...maybe it's the rainy weather. I also haven't eaten much all week so that's not a good oxy and no poopy...rot roh....tummy is not gonna be happy today. I just ate a mango....hope all goes well for ou..keep us posted!

Post OP day 3...or is it 4...had surg on

I can't believe I haven't showered since Tuesday....I've sleep right thru the I think I only have a few oxy and Ativan left lol....bummmah. I'm in the itch and twitch phase now...looking sexy as evaaah!


Your bruising is starting to fade, and you still have that great humor! I hope you post some before pictures also. I've been busy cleaning house doing laundry etc... getting ready for Tuesday ! Hang in there !!
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A few more before pics....gee think I hide behind my hair much?


That is so funny you said that about your hair, because I do the same thing, I didn't even realize I was doing it, I'll post some more pictures of me and my hair thing. I actually have a short style picked out I want to do. Your a very nice looking women! glad your doing good!
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Haha I'm a total hair hair is pretty much my signature. Maybe I can at least wear it pulled back now...ya know, after the bruising goes away.

Day 5 Post Op...itchin and a twitchin...

Hey yas!
I can't believe I have sat in a recliner for 5 days and still don't feel 100%....getting there but not quite yet. The space between my eyes is still swollen and it aches...oh I guess I should remember the Tylenol...I'm sure that will help. I'm starting to feel anxious about whats under this I just don't want my nose to start above my eyes....all I can think of is a commercial when I was a kid...the Neosynephrine Man...ya know that character that was just a nose with arms and
I can't believe how sensitive the space between my nostrils I had a closed rhino. Only I could hit myself in the nose and not have turrets as an excuse...ouch.
I also have what looks like a knotted fishing line in my nostril. Of course my immediate thought is...I must make this go away, but then I just push it back in with a little Vaseline and pretend its not there. I really am trying to be so good...and not try to move things along, but it's hard when you are a closet scab and zit picker(don't ask me why I get at 49).
Okay and for your morning laugh...a new sexy photo. It almost seems like a bad tube of suntan bronzer exploded around my eyes with a touch of purple eye shadow...only worn under the eyes...lovely! :)

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Oh and I forgot to add the most important thing!

I had a flipping shower yesterday....woohoo...okay that's all. Lol


You look better everyday, It's amazing to how fast you are recovering. I do remember that commercial, funny! had not though of that in years. Zit thing is ok too, am 52 and still get em, Lol! Hang in there. I'll know more of how your feeling on Tuesday! I'm having open rhino.
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Thank you...I'm hoping for a fast recovery but it just can't be fast enough! Lol

Day 6 post OP....feeling better than yesterday

Last night I finally slept better drug free. Hadn't had a decent sleep since the first 3 nights knocked out on drugs....eeeeh does that make sense? I feel like taking a shower and going into the studio to do some design work...just a few hours anyway.
I can not still believe how sensitive that space between my nostrils is. Are there stitches underneath the skin or something? I had a closed rhino. The underneath of my top lip is black and blue...I thought I maybe did that days ago when I was all doped up. I was snuggling up to my pillow and was pulling it closer and it slipped out if my hand and I smacked myself did that hurt! The stitches in my nose don't hurt. The only other tender spot is between my eyes.
I have a few sides shots...I like my profile with a case on more than any before You can see the space on the top is swollen...its squishy so I'm hoping that will go down...I just pray for a straight no bump profile! I didn't realize my left jaw was bruised til I saw pics.
Hope everyone is doing well!


You are looking good even with the cast on! The black and blue underneath your lip, was it there since the day of your surgery? This could indicate your surgeon cut through the muscle that holds the upper lip. They do it quite often depending on each case. Wishing you a speedy recovery with minimal swelling!
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Love it!

Well here's a 3/4 eyes are still bruised, but I didn't expect anything less than a month of bruises to be honest...this is day 8 I'm fine with it. I love it! Dr Fechner is a talented gifted man! So glad I trusted him with my face!
For the first time in my life I actually like my nose. Life is good! Hope everyone is well!


Looking fabulous and very happy. Enjoy!
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Congrats! I think it looks really good and natural on you!
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Thanks...I'm very happy with it!

Day happy I did this!

Well it's been 10 days....I'm still so glad I did this. I still have some bruising on my cheeks...but I'm fine with that....I figure maybe by next Friday I should be cleared up. older chicks like me....I'm kinda digging the swelling, it has smoothed out my I want the bruising to go but the swelling can stay. It must be an age thing right....has anyone else experienced this?


Thank you! I had a few inches taken off - no time or energy to maintain long hair around my kids, and the stylist did color correction on my dark brown. I am thinking about getting some ombre-highlights, a combo between the two of them. Something to go with my new nose which is so swollen by the way. I am not sure if my stereoid shots are wearing off or if I am not watching the sodium intake? I'm telling you, the 12 months to seeing the final results seem so long! It's a long road to the recovery. Still worth it!!! Enjoy your new you! :)))
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Thank you....funny thing is I like the I'm happier than a camel on hump day!

Day 11

Another gorgeous fall day and another day I like my nose...although I think it is changing...or the swelling is...awe and I wanted it to stay. The bruising is slooooowly going away. So I went to see my mom yesterday and she only noticed the black eyes...I said,..ya notice anything else, and lturned sideways. She just the black eyes...haha. But then again she does have dementia. My brother didn't notice either til I turned sideways and said ya notice anything? While putting my finger along the bridge of my nose. I felt like the camel on hump day...Mike Mike Mike...what day is it? Last night I went to get take out and the woman asked about my I said, ya notice anything ele( doing the sideways pose) and she goes...ooh you got your eyes done? My haha No my nose! Kinda funny. Here's another selfie...I feel like such a narcissist...taking all these


Your nose looks great! I'm excited for my cast removal! Can't wait! Were your nostrils uneven while the cast was on? How was the stitch removal?! I'm scared it will hurt...
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Thank I had a closed rhino so I didn't have any stitches on the outside. I don't have any that need to be taken out. But I gotta say the space where they would have been is tender. I have dissolvable stitches inside my nose....I'm just getting bits and pieces with a My nostrils were a ittle uneven before surgery and will stay that way...I just had bump removed...didn't really care about that part of my nose as everyone's are slightly different. I'm sure you're noticing it cause it's healing...give it time. Pamper yourself!

Day 12....swelling don't goooooo.....I thought we were friends...

Another beautiful day in New England! I feel good...everyday the bruising gets better and the swelling goes down. I still like what I see. I have a normal profile which is all I ever wanted since I can remember. My tip and nasal cavity seem numb...but I can live with that...I'm sure it will pass. Hope all is well with everyone is noseland!


Looks great! Like you were born with it.... and u look very happy! :) So glad to see!
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Thank you!

Day 15...already

It has flown by...which is a good thing. My bruises are almost gone...maybe a few more days. I still haven't been ale to wear concealer because it just looks all cakey and shit when I put it on. Looks worse in wrinkle so I'd rather have my face be shiny with grape seed oil on it instead.
So glad I did this. 2 weeks in time really did fly by and although I looked like Marvin the Martian for a few days, one really does heal quite quickly with this type of worth it in my opinion. Even if hardly anyone notices, I know I look softer and I'm happy....buh bye old nose! Here's today's picture. Not much to report so this may be it for awhile. Take care everyone!


You look awesome! I hope my result is as good so quickly. -L
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How are you doing? Just checking in.
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thank you for all your updates and encouragement, I've enjoyed following your story. Good luck!
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7 weeks post....doing well!

I can't believe how fast time flies by! I'm still so glad I did this! My nose still is if I crinkle it, I can still feel some twinges. Can't wait til it feels normal again. The cold mornings I really notice it.
Can I just body faaakin notices....NO ONE! Lol. Once I say something, they are like...OMG....I totally see now! I'm good with it though. I feel like my profile is so much softer.
Hope everyone is well!


So helpful to read your story....I think based on your experience alone I might go with Dr. Fechner...been having a hard time deciding who to trust with my nose! I guess I could at least do a consultation with him and feel into it...been waiting a long time to do this as well. Anyways, you look beautiful and natural. Really impressed.
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Hi Darling ! That's great that know one notices !! It shows he corrected the problem but shaped your nose naturally to your uniqueness :) love that ! It would be awful if everyone stared at you or said what did you do to your nose ? Wouldn't it ? :)
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"Testicles laying on my cheeks… pretty red ones" HAHA!!! That is the best thing I've ever read on these reviews. Great story, updates, and results. Your nose turned out perfect. Not just better… PERFECT!!! Congratulations.
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10 months

wow time does fly! I'm still so happy I did this. Everything feels normal now and I no longer care if people take pics of me from the side! yay! My only regret is that I waited til I was almost 50! If you are on the fence about this....git yer ass off it and do it! Hope everyone is healing nicely!


Looks great! I think our noses are similar and am hoping for a lovely natural looking result like yours :) I am 32 and decided to do it now so that I don't regret not doing it sooner (like when I'm sixty). Do you wish you'd done it sooner?
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Looks ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreattttttt!!!!!!!!! Happy for you!
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Great results!
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Dr. Frank Fechner

The man is a highly skilled, talented and gifted facial artist! He knew what would look good on me and I'm so happy I trusted him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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