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I have a consultation today @ Sono Bello in...

I have a consultation today @ Sono Bello in Woburn, MA. I'm interested to hear what they have to say. I think it's interesting that I'm not meeting with a surgeon, but with a sales-type person.

I have struggled with weight all of my life, but even more after puberty. I have PCOS, which causes hormonal imbalance. I eat well just to stay at the weight I am at, which is considered obese by BMI guidelines, but im also a bigger "person;" I have very wide hips, slightly broader shoulders, and a bigger ribcage. Even when i was a healthy child, I weighed heavy on the scale. I wear a size 12-14 pants. I don't hate my body, I like that I am very curvy, but I think i would be more comfortable, and would have more lothing options if i had a smaller abdomen and smaller love handles. After the consultation today I will let you know the areas I am choosing to get altered. I am fairly certain I will get upper and lower abs and flanks. Not sure if i should get the bra roll, as this is a more recent development. I wonder If i could work that off at the gym.

My family and boyfriend are supportive, but I can't help but feel a little vain having this procedure done. I do love my body, and I know there is more to life than being skinny. I just want to know what its like to have fun shopping for clothes, and my tax returns are my only chance to finance this. I hope I have a successful journey.

I had my consultation. They quoted me at around...

I had my consultation. They quoted me at around 1650 per area and seperated the abdomen into two prices, for upper and lower. The target areas I chose are the upper and lower abdomen, and the waist/flanks. I will pay close to 6,000 for this procedure. This is because my BMI is between 28 - 32. The higher your BMI, the higher the price. Everything was included in the quote, in regards to follow ups, etc; except for the second compression garment which is between 80 - 100 bucks.
Anyways, The rep was really nice and informative. i put down 2k from a bonus at work and got an appointment for NEXT FRIDAY!
I have a lot of instructions to familiarize myself with. I have restrictions as well. My pre-op is 03/19. Can't wait to have this done. I have very high hopes.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Congratulations on setting your date and good luck! It will be here before you know it! I hope everything goes well for you, I'm sure it will.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!


My pre-op changed to tomorrow because of the...

My pre-op changed to tomorrow because of the blizzard. I have been drinking lots of water and electrolytes, and no alcohol since Friday. I went and bought some things they said I would need postop; towels, maxipads for oozing, arnica pills for bruising, warm socks for surgery; antibacterial body wash for the night before and morning of surgery; drawstring pants for recovery, stool softener for opiate pain meds; and my own idea, probiotics for being on antibiotics. i am wearing a zip-front sweatshirt and drawstring pants to surgery. Cant wait to get this done.
Hey, so how did the surgery go? Could you share your experience more? I am having a consultation in early April. Hope you're well.
Good luck for your procedure. I had mine done at Sonobello as well but only paid 4200 for the exact same areas, but you are right it depends on the BMI of the patient. The priced me at the lowest possible level, my BMI is 22. I had my procedure done one week ago and felt no pain, just some discomfort. Don't be scared, it will be ok. Keep us update.
Thanks for the reassurance, it is much appreciated. I will keep updating as i progress.

I had my procedure done Friday morning. The pills...

I had my procedure done Friday morning. The pills they gave me helped me relax and I did not freak out [which is kind of saying a lot for me, haha]. I was awake the whole time, and when i felt pain it reminded me of getting a tattoo. When i told the doctor i was in pain he filled the areas with more lidocaine and the next time it wasnt so sensitive. He removed 4 lites of fat, which i hear is about 9 lbs. I got wrapped up after in my compression garment and went home. I oozed so much which was annoying because i was sore and i didnt want to keep chaning my clothes. my advise is to wear just the compression carment and a little bra/cami, and just swaddle up in a big sheet to ooze out, protecting your bed with towels and a garbage bag underneath. i stopped bleeding after 24 hours, when i was taking a shower. i was really swollen for two days, but on Sunday, i felt better and i had lost alot of bloat. I urinated a lot, which i read is my body processing the tumescent fluid. today im in regular clothes walking around doing light chores. I feel much better when my compression garment is on. Its Monday now and i Have my first apt. on saturday. I was spilling out of my compression garment on friday, and today its so loose, i think i need another. When i get my other one in the mail i'm going to ask if i can wear it. i cant tell a difference in my abdomen, but my boyfriend and mom said that my love handles are pretty much GONE. im excited. I know I need to be patient. So far it has been worth it :)
I hope you are recovering well & are enjoying any results!! Pics? There doesnt seem to be many pics on this procedure??? Odd. I Almost feel like or wonder if one should spend a little more & get the regular lipo for more dramatic results but possibly more down time & pain & such....I was excited to see any review at all honestly!
I just saw your post and would send you before and after if you want to email me directly. I would put the pictures on if I could because my body looks great! I had Dr. Giuffrida and as I said before, he broke my procedures into two sessions; upper and lower stomach and hips on Friday and then legs inner and outer on Monday. I had these procedures 10 months ago now and I have kept the great results. Although a friend of mine said that it wouldn't last (she gained all her fat back) my measurements and weight have improved. I used some Venus Freeze sessions over the last few months to tighten the skin on my inner thighs and stomach and it worked beautifully. I should have done that sooner. I feel great about this coming summer and how I look in a swimsuit. I was a size 8 to 10 before and wear a 4 to 6 now. If you wear your garment, stay diligent about your nutrition and exercise, you can have great results. I took a long time to heal and it's possible that I am a giant pansy. It is not a comfortable procedure but the results make it worth it.
Hi Everyone, I am scheduled to have my procedure tomorrow. I am having upper and lower abdomen and love handles(Waist) done. I met with the doctor yesterday and just decided to "DO IT". SO, Friday 1/24/14 I am going to get the procedure. I will be honest and tell you that I hate the thought of being awake and I am really nervous. I consider this a unnecessary procedure but something that I want done for pure vanity reasons. I think I look really good in clothes but would like to look better if I want to remove me shirt for any reason during the summer. I will try and update this after my procedure is done tomorrow.
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