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Hi there, my name is Jasmine and I live in...

Hi there, my name is Jasmine and I live in michigan. I'm 13 years old and starting my clear correct journey! It took almost 3 months to get my phase 0. I got my phase 0 trays on April 24. When I first got my trays they were REALLY tight. They didn't hurt but they were just uncomfortable. I developed a HUGE lisp, it's normal to have a little Lisp, but I had one that people couldn't understand me. Within 3 days of having clear correct I melted my trays. Thank The Lord above for phase 0!! I put them in to hot of water and they melted! I am getting my replacement trays today. I'll have a total of 16 trays with no ipr and no attachments (buttons). So let's see how this goes. Wish me luck!


Wow, good luck!  Definitely a good thing they were phase 0, but do you know if your doctor gives you, like, one free replacement or something?  Mine did, but after that one, you had to pay for a new one.  Your teeth look pretty good already, though!  A lot like mine before I started my treatment.  I bet you'll get great results!

Have you looked around at some of our other Clear Correct users?  A number of them are active right now:

Lexxi has only a few months left in her treatment.
jwortham just started in March.
DZappala has been going for a year and is halfway through.
Bbop is on the third or fourth tray, I think.
And finally, LittleJessica should be about 3/4 of the way done.

I hope you find support in the community, and I look forward to following your progress!  If you need any help with technical issues on RealSelf, please let me know :).

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Hey there viewers! This isn't really a update but I am getting my phase 1 sometime this week! I would like to let you guys know I started to bleach my teeth during my treatment. Let me just give you a heads up, this is not a good idea if you already have sensitive teeth. With all the moving my teeth will be doing soon my dentist said I might have to stop.... So I'll just have to see how it goes.... Here are some pictures of me with clear correct on


Hi!  What kind of bleach are you using?
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Thanks for the tips... I don't know about the replacement trays so I'll have to find out! If i have any problems I'll be sure to ask for help :) ! X~ Jasmine

Tray b1

Hey sorry I haven't updated but I am now on tray 2 out of 16. I found out that my doctor change my plan and I will be getting 3 buttons. There might be more but I don't know for sure. Pain wise, I didn't really get pain. When I first put on my trays all I would get is really bad headaches, but that's really all of the discomforts. I am starting to notice small gaps in my bottom teeth which is exciting :)!! One thing I do want to make aware is that clear correct isn't as conventional as it seems. I have notice sense I have a lot of party's and trips going on at the end of the school year, it's hard to keep taking out your trays and brushing them. At this moment I feel like I would rather have metal in my mouth because it's a constant fight to take out my trays and brush my theeth. But other than that everything is going great! Will update in 3 weeks.
Talk to you soon,
~Jasmine x


Thanks for the update!  There is definitely a struggle with aligners.  You give up freedom for easier hygiene and aesthetics.  The convenience is shifted.  It's more convenient to eat with braces in, but more convenient to clean your teeth with aligners out.  All of us who have been through clear aligner treatment empathize for sure!  Stay strong :D.
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I have no clue..... Sorry but I will get back to you on that :)

Tray 1c and attachments

Hey guys!
Sorry it took so long I went on vacation so I had to wear my second tray for a month. I got my attachments and tray 1c (3rd) yesterday. Let's stay it's REALLY hard to get of your trays when you get them on. I suggest if you can to have a
Later at night appointment and eat beforehand because it was a fight to get my trays off to eat. I got 3 attachments on my bottom teeth. Let's just say they aren't the most confertable things to have in your mouth. The attachments feel like you have a chunk of food stuck in your mouth that you can't get out. Also I have a few questions for you guys. I get a paper that shows what each tray is doing to my teeth. Would you guys want a picture if it? Also I have a friend with braces that's coming over to my house for a few days. I was wondering if you want me to put a compair and contrast on here?mComment below what you guys want! That's all for now, talk to you guys soon!
~Jasmine x


Welcome back--I hope your vacation was great! :D

I found that the best thing for me to do when switching aligners was to leave them in for many hours uninterrupted at first, for them to loosen up a bit.  So when I went to the ortho and they put in a new aligner, I waited at least 6 hours before eating.  When I switched the aligners on my own, I did it just before bed.  That worked well for me, and it sounds like that's kind of what you're doing as well.

I, personally, am extremely interested in seeing those papers, since it's something that other clear braces companies don't do.

When you talk about the compare/contrast, I'd be totally interested in reading that.  Just make sure that no personally identifying information is used for your friend.  If they decide to open an account in the braces community, then you can refer to them by their handle, though :).
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Ok will do :)

tray 5 (2A)

Hey guys! I know its been a LONG time but stuff hasn't really changed. Also since school is starting I won't be able to update a lot. So I'm going to update every 2 trays. But today I got a surprise. I GOT ANOTHER 2 BUTTONS! That makes 5. I don't understand how I went from no buttons to 5 of them. But that's all that's new.
~Jasmine x


Huh!  I wonder if they gave you more buttons because things weren't happening, or if it was always planned that way.  I don't have enough experience with Clear Correct to know whether most people see movement at tray 5, but in Invisalign, you'd be too early to see much.  For crowding it's usually around tray 7 or 8.  

Thanks for the update!
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tray 2B

Hey guys! so on Friday was my birthday and my parents threw me a hotel party with a couple of friends. so when I got home I realized i forgot my trays in the desk. so we called up the hotel to make sure they would grab them for me. so today when i got there they handed me only one tray. So instead of trying to find out were my case was and my top tray was I was told i could just switch to my next tray. well its 2:20 am right now. This is the worst pain i have felt in a long time. Just for the record i have a high pain tolerance. i have broken 7 bones and have had several injuries and painful stuff like that. this is so bad that i needed to take nightquil to knock me out. so i have to wait 30 minutes before i can take anymore so i thought i would update. If you ever loose them in a case like mine where you went without trays for a couple day and you're dentist say you can just go to the next tray, DON'T DO IT! if i knew what i was going to go through this i would've just waited for a replacement top tray.
-Jasmine x


Jrowe8274 did your lisp ever go away? I am on phase zero and people at work keep asking me what I am saying.
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It will eventually get better but I still have a slight lisp. Hopefully it gets better soon
Eeek!  I'm sorry :(.  How early was the switch?  I mean, when were you supposed to switch trays compared to when you actually switched?  I accidentally switched a week early once, but that was way at the end of my treatment and I didn't even notice until a month later :-/.  I hope the pain dissipates quickly!

And happy birthday :).  Is that 14?
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Dr. Smith

My doctor was very good at explaining my treatment but the only thing he didn't tell me was to NOT put them in hot water.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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