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It Works, but It's Not for Everyone - Wisconsin, WI

I am Asian. I had a few scars on my face from an...

I am Asian. I had a few scars on my face from an accident 15+ years ago. I played a lot of tennis and loved to travel and being outdoors, and I rarely wore sunscreen. My skin paid for it. Even though the scars healed very nicely, they browned over the years. On top of that, I had age spots and acne scars. All together, they gave my face a darker undertone even when I wore makeup. The only solution was to apply layer upon layer of concealers, makeup, and powder. I’m a mother of two, so I had no time for that on a daily basis. I had tried many different topical treatments. Maybe they were great for others, but I was horrible at applying them consistently, so they didn’t work for me.

I finally decided to try IPL after becoming absolutely fed up. I went to a clinic my friend had mentioned. My aesthetician was great. She told me that IPL would be the best solution for me and that I would be very happy with the results. I trusted her and was excited to get the procedure done.

It was painful, I didn’t jump like what I had seen people do in online videos, but I had to pinch myself to deal with the pain. Right after the treatment, my aesthetician gave me a cold metal roller to cool my face. How I loved that roller, for my face was on fire. She gave me an ice pack for my trip home. I flew home and buried my face in the bag of frozen peas she had told me to get. For the next two hours, I couldn’t go anywhere without the bag of peas and a magnifying mirror. I have never studied my face so close with such intensity. My face was peppered with coffee grounds and chocolate chucks. Unable to do anything else, I took a couple of ibuprofen and went to bed for a nap. When I woke up an hour later, no more pain! I looked at my face in the mirror, and I looked horrible.

I got the treatment Friday morning. By Tuesday, the brown spots began to peel, beginning from the edge of my face. A week from treatment, 75% of the brown spots were gone. I was thrilled that the scars were replaced with pink baby skin.

Ten days later, I was done peeling. My skin was greatly improved. I was thrilled with the results and went out with nothing but sunblock. I did notice that my scars were still a little darker than my regular skin. My aesthetician had told me that it might take more than one treatment to reach the deeper hyperpigmentation.

I went back for a checkup two weeks from the treatment, my aesthetician looked me over and told me that I could probably benefit from a second round of treatment, so I went ahead and got another round. Same painful process, but it wasn’t as bad because it was not as big an area this time since she was just “spot cleaning.” She also treated the brown spots along the edges of my lips. Again, I had brown spots showing up, a sign that the treatment worked once again at bringing the hyperpigmentation to the surface.

It’s been five days since, and I am half way through my peeling as most of my scars are on the side/edge of my face. I expect a full recovery and more even-toned skin in a week, just in time for Christmas. It’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself.

If you are considering IPL and have read some of the posts with negative experiences on this site or others, take to heart that as with all medical procedures, there are risks associated with IPL. You must do your research to find an aesthetician who is knowledgeable and whom you can trust. As for the side affects, remember that most of us who get this procedure done is to get rid of age spots, hence, our skins are no longer smooth like that of an 18-year-olds. If you look hard enough under the microscope, you will find fault in everything. It may not be a bad idea to study your skin before you go in for the treatment so you know the true condition of your skin. It is true that when the spots are gone, you will notice the wrinkles and defects of your skin more. That’s just part of growing old, but you are still you. Personally, I’d rather have clear skin with wrinkles than wrinkled skins with brown spots. I am thankful for IPL and for my lovely aesthetician.

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Thank you for that review! I've been a laser tech for 8 years and I've helped a lot if people just like you. I get so tired of reading the negative posts on here with people claiming things like new wrinkles and pitting, things I've never seen occur in all my 8 years. In most cases our clients are pleased with their results like you are. You are so right about doing your research to find the proper technician/esthetician- make sure they have years of experience under their belt and even ask your esthetician for a list of clients you can call that have had the procedure so you can verify her work. I'm so happy you had such great results! Enjoy your gorgeous skin!
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To Slowhoney that is wonderful you have personally not (mostly?) had a client that has had a side effects. Just want to let you know that does not dismiss the fact that many do have side effects.By side effects I am not talking about hypo or hyperpigmentation, sunburned feeling. or peeling. People get side effects from medications all the time even if it is a small percentage they are real. Please observe the photos and stories by real everyday people . This is not just a claim and doctors know they practice on us and also outcomes can not be a guarantee for good results. What we do want to inform readers and those researching that this type of damage is not disclosed before hand. It is rarely acknowledged afterwards because they are worried of lawsuits. I guess being a laser tech in your state requires how much training? One woman had been going to her plastic surgeon for five years and just one time of her bi-yearly IPL treatment the damage of lines and pitting occured. So if it can happen to someone who has had medical school and more than five years of using the equipment it can and does happen. We just feel it would be unjust not to let others know our truth. That does not mean your story of hardly ever having an issue is a lie it is just both sides of the story. Damage for me took almost two months to show up and two years later is not any better. Please read testing results on a medical website called Pubmd.com. Lasers are heat and heat burns unsure if it is the lasers or the operators that makes the error. Good luck with your business.
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I love that you were honest that the topical treatments you tried might not have worked because you weren't great at applying them regularly. :)

This was a great review. Thanks for sharing so much information and letting us know what each stage was like.

I know you mentioned it took about 10 days for the whole healing process. At what point did you feel like you looked ok to go out & about?

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