Excited Finally Getting my Breast Perky and Fully Beautiful!!! - Wisconsin, WI

After having my tummy tuck done and healing well I...

After having my tummy tuck done and healing well I decided I should enlarge my breast. Im a mother of 4 and have breastfeed all 4 which made my young fully Boobs looking like little fried eggs. I think I can finally say im having the body I once had "no regrets" I love being a mother. I just feel like I deserve to look and feel good again. So many questions but not doubting the surgery.

Congratulations on the tummy tuck! How exciting for you to finish it off with a breast aug!  Yes, we mothers deserve a little lift once in a while. :)  Do you have any ideas on implant type and size? Here is a quick video that shows you how to make rice sizers at home. This might help you get a better feel as to how many cc's you need for your desired breast size. Keep us posted!

I decided to have a BA years ago however I thought it would be way in future as we have 6 kids at home and they always seem to "spend" all the money. About a month ago I applies for a surgical loan and once it was approved I went on fast track for BA. Literally had it two weeks later. I'm glad I did it quickly cuz I was obsessed with looking online at before and afters up till they took me back for surgery. I couldn't focus on job or anything. I'm 2 weeks post op and am very happy. I was afraid the 500cc were too big immediately after surgery but now swelling subsided I love them! I hope they stay just as they r forever though I really expect them to drop more :( I may should've had a lift but my dr said I was borderline so I just did BA because I was afraid of more pain. My BA did not hurt at all after first couple hours after waking up from surgery although now I'm getting burning and tingling and my incisions get sore cuz I sweat so much. Good luck and best wishes.

nervous very very nervous about BA Surgery

My surgery date has been changed. It will be sooner than I thought. I'm nervous. I'm afraid of dying during surgery. I don't know why I feel like this. It's not like its my first cosmetic surgery. I wasn't afraid of the previous surgery like I am with this one. I pray to god everything goes well.

finally my BA

Well im 4 days po op I finally got my BA done and im in so much pain. I would have thought that it was going to be less painful but was I wrong. First day pain was on a 10 second day like a 8 third & fourth day its about a 7. Call me crazy but my tummy tuck hurt less. I've been taking my pain meds. Oh my implants are saline submuscular 300cc on each breast. I love them I despise the pain
I'm in Wisconsin as well and looking for a good surgeon to perform my breast augmentation, can you recommend the doctor you used
Congrats! Looks good! I am day 5 and still uncomfortable! Hoping recovery goes faster now! !
They look great on you!!

12 months post surgery

I recently asked a question on realself in regards to BA. I had surgery July 2014 & noticed that the left breast is not as full as the right one and it sags a bit more. Well I went to my Surgeon today & asked him if I'd need a new surgery and YESSS!!! I do. I was given 2 options. 1 open up the left breast and stitch the pocket so the implant can raise a bit and look as full as my right one or open up the pocket on the right breast so the implant can hang. I'm not sure what to do. I was also given the option to go a bigger implant size since I have enough extra skin. I'm not sure what I want to do. Here's a picture so you can see how it looks.
I love them!

second surgery BA

After sitting down and having a conversation with my surgeon. I decided to undergo another surgery. I chose to go a bigger size I was a 34C and went up to a 34D. My surgeon said he would remove and replace the implants. He would also stitch up the left pocket of my breast so it won't hang like it did before. I went into surgery on August 12 and I'm in pain but not quite as much as my first surgery. I love how they look. Firm and full. Hands down Dr. Mark Blake is a tremendous doctor. Very nice and takes time to listen to his patients.
They look wonderful! I'm only 6 days po, and Dr. Blake performed my surgery as well. He is amazing!
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