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OMG - Tummy Tuck with Lipo and Breast Lift Has Been So Painful - Waukesha, WI

I'm 6 days post opt And this Is No joke. I had...

I'm 6 days post opt And this Is No joke. I had tummy tuck with lypo n breast lift. My tummy tuck has been so painfull n uncomfortable I'm not even thinking about my breast lift. I become so dependent on My 16 year old daughter thank God for her. Not Just the pain u really Have to be mentally prepared. I own 2 business in inner city I'm a tuff girl nothing could Have prepared me For this. I have My kids family n friends calling needing me For advice or help Are You kidding me I can't stand being so Co dependent. My advice is Take off work at least 2 weeks n Have someone 24/7 u need help off toilet getting out bed recovery. Emotionaly I feel depressed n I m usually a very Happy person I can't laugh sneeze cough I hope Its worth It. Pray for me

My doctor is great did a great job I guess I was used to those big boobs had them all my life I knew going in I may need implants I was just hoping I wouldn't because of the pain n discomfort I been through with tummy tuck. I love my tummy Just tired of feeling Co dependent for 9 days and counting its not easy
Hang in there..it is tough I know. I promise though it will get better. It is a very long healing process and nothing could ever prepare you for any of this. The swelling or as I call it...swell HELL is the worst part. I am 16 weeks post OP and still have swelling around the belly button and hips. Just tell yourself that this is the way it will be for a while but it will get better. Ice packs make me feel better when I get the tight feeling in the center of the tummy. Feeling sad and weepy is also part of the package. I can remember going in to see my doctor at two weeks and asking what the heck I was thinking doing this procedure. I was better in that department by about day 16 - 18. It is just hard because you feel trapped in this tired and sore body and you can't really do much for a while. Just try to rest as much as you can. I can now say that I am glad I had this TT done and it was so worth it. But when you are in the first month and feeling horrible it is hard to look ahead. Hang in there :)
Kimmers I'm Really starting to think the people who post they have little to know pain must have had a Minnie or no muscle repair I cannot believe anyone could go through This without pain.

Ok 11 days post op still sore But at least I...

Ok 11 days post op still sore But at least I don't feel like I'm dyeing anymore! I took a real shower today felt great. Mentally this has taken a tole I'm very active I am a single Mon n run two businesses I cannot stand That I have become so codependent n being stuck on the couch drives me nuts! I started getting creative like lifting my legs over the back I'm thinking its good for blood flow n something different. Yesterday I ventured out yep I been feeling guilty about the money I spent n my grown daughter who works foe me her car took a dive. Went to dealer bought a car for her people's were looking at me like omg what happened to her honestly I'm embarrassed to say because I did this to myself my daughter scolded me for saying I was hit by a car. I do feel guilty about that But That's how I feel.

Anyways I sat most of the day not lay like I been doing when I got home my wound looked like it was ripping open a was bleeding I wanted to. Die! I thought 10 days post op n I can't move of this ffn couch! This is no joke! I want to say something n ladies Please in the name of God if u smoke stop! Here is my relationship with cigarettes I am 41 not a heavy smoker maybe half pack a day.

Before surgery I was so stressed honest maybe a whole pack. Yes my sweet voice surgeon asked me on 3 different occasions to stop! But now I wish she would Have screamed like a drill Sargent or sat me down showed me pictures because I know believe n was told by her my wound under my belly is not closed like the rest of my scar. I could kick myself in the ass looking at it scares me I should have listen I'm happy to say I have not had a cigarette since surgery.

I Really didn't think it would happened to me because I am 41 I look 31 I have beautiful right skin I Don't look like a smoker. I thought my skin was different boy Do I regret That it Just makes this alot worse I'm already in pain n depressed n now I have to worry about wound care. Pray For me n Don't smoke!

Thank you yesterday I was in great mood miday I check my wound it was bleading and I was back to feelings what the hell have I done to myself. Been crazy I took first real shower today. Get in I'm all wet n realize my daughter took my shampoo uuhg! Yes the physical condition I'm in I could not just hop out n get it! For christ sake I can't even raise my voice because of the pain n even if I could my survival depends on her she is the last person I want to piss off! Lol love my family just trying to illustrate how completely Co dependant you become
LOL...oh do I get that! Showering felt so good but it about wore me out. I always had to take a pain pill a half hour before the event and then a two hour nap after. Yikes....promise it will get better.

I'm now 12 days post op first day I don't...

I'm now 12 days post op first day I don't feel like I'm gona die! I actually can get out bed myself n I cooked with help of my daughter my wound scares me so after reading everyones stories I come to conclusion I been moving to much I been laying flat two days n my wound finally closed! More pictures to come

You got That right I learned some life lessons during This process not to be so bossy bitchy with people. My real life is rush rush no feelings. Laying around I have had alot of quite alone time this is making me a better person. It is a changing point in my life. I think differently then I did before surgery I feel humble
Ok you make me laugh...I bet you never thought that blowing the nose and having an easy poop would be worth a victory dance...LOL I remember well. Now just wait until the day you can sneeze and not cry. That day was awesome for me. I think that was at around 12 weeks. Hey don't rush the exercises with the abs. My doc is making me wait until six months before I attempt any ab work. I do everything else except that in the gym. Running, biking, light weights, squats etc. I so can't wait until I can work these abs. It is going to feel very strange not having all the fat and skin in the mid section for cushion. Crazy huh..I have never had six pack abs but think that is a nice goal. My trainer is just ready and waiting to kick my butt in the gym.
Ok people's day 13 post op. Today was one of my besties I took a poopy with ease. I cooked n I carried my own pillows n blanket downstairs. I am not going to move around much as u can see from my photo I was moving to much n my wound open so now it scabbed over n I'm putting natural Shea butter on it. Mentally I'm feeling good I also blew my nose. I have the past 3 days been drinking tons of orange juice v-8 juice e e t I read drink lots of fluid keep the blood flowing I also lay most of day because of my wound opening so to make the blood flow I move my arms n legs I even lay upside down I'm trying to exercised without the use of my mid section I also read besides the wound u can risk tearing your muscle so until This wound heals I will be On couch. I also feel like my guts are falling out when I'm not wearing my binder I keep it of at night I'm trying to dry my wound out

14 days post op I put On a pair of panties and...

14 days post op I put On a pair of panties and seen my Kitty for the first time in years this tummy tuck is for all the women over 35 who carried the tire around I was about 25lbs over weight 180 day surgery it was all stomach my doctor had a big job ahead of her and she did it she made me a women even though I'm still swallon n have light stretch marks I look beautiful compared to before all I can say Is imagine a 100lb weight loss and 4 kids being older it was ugly I'm loving my new body and rubbing pure Shea butter on my wound

So its night I feel like I had a little bit of a normal day I went shopping Then to eat I was able to sit n eat normally. I feel very tired n this is totally not me having surgery takes alot out of your body. I'm worried I notice I'm loosing more then usual amounts of hair I'm hoping I'm just so busy I never noticed before. I bought two sports bras for my lift I Really hate the way my body looks I can't wear my tight jeans or my under wire bras. Because of This I'm upset n I'm going to have to go back to work in jogging pants n flat looking boobs until I heal I'm so worried I'm gona see someone not to mention alot of people are gona think I'm nuts spending all that money were is the results. I truely did not know this was a process I thought when They say off work two weeks u go back with your new body. I wish I would have did more research I then would have realized this may take months to see results. Then now one of worse parts I spent alot time n effort to loose my weight n now I cannot even go for a normal walk. I'm bored as hell so I been eating more then usual I'm so afraid to gain the weight back. I wish I would have did my research more then my expectations would not have been so Hi. I did talk to my friend today She told me she had a trip to Disney planned with her family five days after lypo was the worst pain she ever felt but like me she did not have a clue. Mentally I'm going insane lol. N this dumb tape on my breast is holding them down I hate that they look so flat n ugly. My incisions are starting to it and today was first day I could get up n down from toilet lol. I still can barely carry my purse or lift gallon of milk I Just feel weak n my tummy hurts. Oh for God sakes my daughter who is my caregiver was bit by a spider so she Is limping around. Dear God give me your blessings and help me heal. I Really also wish past posters would up date on their progress it would help me feel better to see before n after pictures after 3 months just give me some encouragement! Good night hope Tomorrow brings better days.
15 upset put jeans on and They fit the same I pray to God I'm swollen I'm trying to be patient its hard
You are still swollen so hang on! My jean size did not go down until I hit 13 weeks post op. It is a long process but you will get there and be happy.

16 days post op I'm feeling down I cannot get...

16 days post op I'm feeling down I cannot get into my jeans I am still tired n not ready to go back to work

21 days post op just came from doctor I'm upset I have mrsa I'm so pissed off I'm tired being sick doctor wants me take off work today. Wtf
Just woke up its 4am 21 day post opinion woke up from pain In swollen and anywhere my incision is a little open its leaking! If I didn't have doc appointment in morning I would go to er but I took a pain killer some ibprofin n put on my compression garmet. Uuuhhhgggggggg!
Post op 20 days I woke up my belly button was leaking fluid I'm that swollen! I was so tired from work I slept from 10-9 am I was that tired. I went back to work today I had help I relaxed as much as I could in my lounge chair I still cannot walk normally but I like being at work because it takes my mind off of it. Every night I get naged n air my incisions And sleep. My tummy is swollen my friends are pissing me off they want to do dinner or lunch or dates do they not know how much I feel like Hell I wish I would heal

8/28/10 I have not been on because I did not want...

8/28/10 I have not been on because I did not want to freak anyone out but I have to share with you so you are prepared because I wasn't. I have heard of infection but me being very healthy very active n very clean I thought I had nothing to worry about well my incision that would not close started getting bigger to my shock I have a staph infection this has been the hardest thing I ever had to go through I thought I was going to die since my surgery I been taking care of it n when it became an infection and grew bigger I wanted to die the last week has been hell alot of stress and anger why did I do this. I been taking 3 antibiotics n vitamins packing wet dry wound care I want to cry when ever I look at it. I feel it is now starting to look like I'm going to be good thank God I probably will have a scar Please take my advice if you notice your incision opening just even a little bit throw a fit insist that its not part of healing and you want your doctor to culture it. I have isolated myself from everyone I can't function This is on my mind all the time . I pray that I heal fast I just want to be normal it Really has changed me for the better

We're definitely taking a risk when we have any type of surgery, I know what the risks are but I am willing to take them because I know the final outcome is going to have a huge impact on my self confidence and ultimately make me feel much happier about the way I look, a happier me = happier family. I can see how your experience changes your opinion about the surgery. Hopefully once your finally healed and this is all behind you you'll be happy with the ultimate outcome as well. I hope you won't still regret the surgery. Hope your continuing to heal!
Thank you so much that so sweet of u. Right now I'm just crabbing because it took away my life I can't walk or carry anything normally so I Really don't go out. I just want to be normal not to mentioned the expense I have not been able to wwork n the cost to take care of wound is adding up Uhhgg Pray for me I'm tired already
wow, so sorry to hear that your experience has been so difficult. That wound looks angry. Have you had MRSA in the past? My surgery is not for a few weeks but I specifically asked my Doctor what the occurrences of MRSA were in his surgerys, he assured me the instance of infection is very low but this makes me rethink the whole thing!. Did you have surgery at a hospital or ambulatory care center. I'm so sorry and I hope you'll heal quickly!

Well today I am one month post op. Its been a...

Well today I am one month post op. Its been a nightmare because I'm still nursing my wound. It's hard because it has set back my recovery. I'm tired of it. I can't work clean my house or play with my grandaughter. I miss my friends its been real tuff for me .

Another picture of my infection I don't want...

Another picture of my infection I don't want to scare anyone Just Please take care of yourself

Please keep us updated on your healing. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry you had this experience.

Thank You things are looking up I'm slowly getting back to normal n Doc said my wound is healing nice thank God
Oh girl I am so sorry you are going through this...hang in there! Sending prayers your way!

Im six weeks post op and alot has changed thank...

im six weeks post op and alot has changed thank god I am way better able to do almost everything I did before surgery. I don't exercise because I still have an open wound that I been dry/wet packing. It has gotton smaller THANK GOD! That was very scarry for me. My surgeon said I will be pleased with how it will heal so I am looking forward to that. My breast are very beautifull I did not have implants just a lift. I am starting to put silicon strips on the breast scar. Because of wound I have to wait to do anything about the scar on my tummy. To aid in the healing I just been eating alot of protien and taking my vitamins. As I stated before weather you agree with me or not there is no way after what happen to me that I would ever do surgery outside the USA. I am greatfull I was smart enough to have it here because of my wound I would have really been scared had I had no one too go too. My boobs look so huge I actually went down a cup but because they are lifted and I have a tummy tuck my boobs look very big and I love it. My tummy is getting flatter I do have alot of swelling. I have tried different things sometimes I sell sometimes I don't. I do have pain daily not an unbarable pain but enough where I have to take a pain med everytime I wake up. It's hard for me to look at my wound. I hate that I have to change the dressing it is scarry and everytime I take the gauze off I pray that it is smaller. Had it not been for my wound I would have been back to exercise and going out with friends and living normally and enjoying this part of my tummy tuck. So for all you women who are now suffering you can expect by the 6 weeks you are almost 100% back to normal with swelling here and there. HAPPY TUMMY TUCKS!

I wanted to put a picture of me just 5 months ago...

I wanted to put a picture of me just 5 months ago so you can compare my transformation

6 weeks post op and for all you newbies it does...

6 weeks post op and for all you newbies it does get better hang in there if I was not taking care of my wound I would feel great! Thank god I am getting better and it has gotton smaller. I am still doing wet to dry packing and if anyone has any questions shoot me an email I am a pro at it now! Other then that you could honestly say that 6 weeks is really a great place to be after all of the recovering you feel almost back to normal!

I wanted to start another review for all of you...

I wanted to start another review for all of you girls who are 20lbs over weight or lost alot of weight. I notice from months of being on two sites that most women who get a tummy tuck are thin and just have loose skin. So I thought to post my pictures and show that you can look great even if your a bigger boned or not what society thinks is thin. You can look beautiful! I am happy I did it. I finally have a figure.

hey my name is susie and im doing the same thing haveing to pack my belly and im just wondering how you are healing im so scared right now i guess i just need to hear from some one that knows how i feel. hope to hear from you soon

How are you doing
That's wonderful new Chica. I'm so glad to hear you are doing better and that u are using this time to focus on u. That is a great attitude I am try to do the same it's hard for me do this as I have always focused on everyone else and put myself last as we mothers often do. So you go Chica.

It's October 18th I am almost 10 weeks post op...

It's October 18th I am almost 10 weeks post op. On friday I developed celulitis. It probably is connected somehow to the MRSA I contracted a month ago anyway I shaved the night before woke up with a bump that felt like a hard pimple and within 24 hours my arm swelled and was red and felt like it was on fire. I went to the ER and they told me I have celulitis. This recovery has been really tuff but I am not the normal so don't be afraid but do your research. When you have complications you will get better your recovery is just longer. I am not so focused anymore on the beauty part of it and having a flat tummy. Because I been sick I have allot of anxiety and now just want to live and be healthy. My gulf size hole is now the size of a dime and doc says if it is not closed by the 22nd she will be closing it. I am very excited about that. I still get tired easy and swell like crazy. My scars itch and burn at times. If you have any questions shoot me an email

You look amazing now.
So congrats on your tummy tuck and lift you look great! I'm a mother of two small children the youngest 5 months and i'm looking into having a tummy tuck. I actually know someone who went to Dr.Bonness and she came highly recommended as well. So you would recommend her as well? How long do you think I would have to have someone around helping me before I could get back to taking care of my kids? Oh, and how much did your tummy tuck cost? Please get back to me asap i'm eager to set up a consultation with Dr. bonness! Thanks!
Well recovery takes much longer then I realized. I'm now 3 months and just recently feel back to normal besides the swelling. The first two weeks I needed someone to help take care of me. Then it was not until 6 weeks that I could do things for other people. And just recently I'm able to do my normal routine. But my jeans are tight and I don't Have the strength I once had. Its a long recovery. And not something you see to many people talk about. I'm still wearing a compression garment and I swell every day. That's why my jeans are tight. I still cannot wear a regular bra because my scars burn at times. If your going to do it do it now then by summer you should be fine good luck

Well I had my surgery august 5th so I am almost...

Well I had my surgery august 5th so I am almost four months post op. It has been a really ruff road but I am slowly getting there. I look better in my clothes. My scars still burn and feel tight at times and I also swell every day.. I wear my spanx everyday I just feel more comfortable with it. I am pretty much back to normal as far as my work and household chores. I am still waiting for my final results. I just recently stopped wearing the silicon sheets they are a pain. I still cannot wear an underwire because it rubs against my scar. I am glad its cold outside so I can pretty much hide by next summer I should be good to go.I was rubbing my scars last night while laying in bed and they feel like hard nots. This has become pretty much part of my life I am so used to it now that it does not bother me. I don't think about it like I did a month or so ago. I forget sometimes even that I had a tummy tuck. When I stopped thinking about it so much it got easier for me to handle the swelling and burning sensations. At this point would I do it again I am not sure I had a longer recovery then most maybe ask me that in a year. It is a long process something to think about. I guess I did not do my homework I think what the heck was I thinking when I thought I would have a banging body right after surgery. LOL anyway happy tummy tucks

You look wonderful!  I am so happy you are finally getting back to normal now...what a long road you have had.

You are right..honker down for our cold Wisconsin winter and then out you come looking even more fabulous in the spring. 
Hey Tesslove, How are you doing? I sent you a message over a year ago and although I haven't had my surgery yet with Dr.Bonness I wanted to know how you are feeling and if you would post a new pic of yourself after all this time. I'm planning to hopefully have my surgery later this fall. Hope to hear from you soon!
Brookfield Plastic Surgeon

She is The best I seen her work n she came highly recommended I. Was so Happy even before n after surgery She has like celebrity status the nurses in hospital Were telling Me I choose best surgeon and they offered without me even asking im excited for end results. She Really worked a miracle on me.Updated on Sep 19, 2010:

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