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3 Days Post-op! - Wisconsin

I had my tummy tuck with no muscle repair...

I had my tummy tuck with no muscle repair Wednesday, March 23, 2011. Words cannot describe how terrified I was to go through with this operation! I have two daughters and though Oh my gosh if I die just because of some stupid skin on my belly that would be TERRIBLE! You should know that I am, and have always been a complete worse case scenario thinker and very anxiety filled. So far I have convinced myself that I had every possible complication from this surgery.

Today, which is day 3 post-op, I am finally more at ease and suprisingly feel so much better than I expected. I am afraid of medications and stuff so they sent me home with oxycodone....I knew I didn't wanna take any but the first day I was so full of anxiety everyone convinced me to. Low and behold I took a half and got panicky and ended up fainting. So I think I fainted from blood loss and anxiety and surgery and all of the above but now I'm feeling much stronger and even starting to feel happy I did this! I was so regretful the first 2 days but now I'm like wow, if I survive this I am going to be indescribably happy with my new tummy.

By the way I am 5' 2" 110lbs. so it really was all skin. Doc said he removed a pound...I feel like there's so much I want to write and so many questions or comments I would have loved to have read but I'm actually overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin! For now I guess I'll just go with it was WAY worth it and I am the LAST person in the world to do something like this.

Sidenote: I did have a c-section with my first baby but a successful v-back with baby 2:) I'm not really good with computers so when I'm a tiny bit more mobile, I'll have my husband help me post before and after pics for all stages.

Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon

Dr. L is completely professional and cares for his patients and his reputation. The first night he actually came to my house to check on me after he got done working at 10:00 p.m. That said alot about him to me.

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I'm so glad to hear that you're doing better! And I'm sure you're beyond ready to have that drain out! UGH!
I actually have 10 more days to wait till my TT. I'm busy getting stuff in order so my husband can simply "maintain" the house and kids while I do my best to rest. I'm excited and ready to get it over with.
How are you doing with your kids? My 2 1/2 year old little girl is such a big baby. Even today she had a little emotional fit and wanted me to hold her. Which I LOVE to do. I have 2 boys, 11 & 4, and she's my baby! I'm worried about how I'll physically manage her, especially when its time for my husband to go back offshore.
I hope y'all have a good weekend and xxFingersCrossedxx that drain comes out early this coming week!
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Oh thank you for the sweet inspirational message! I'm doing SO much better! Unfortunately I do still have a drain in which is the only thing holding me back from fully starting to enjoy my new tummy...I mean it still doesn't look the prettiest but the drain is putting dark red out still & that drives me crazy! They say I had/have a hematoma and it just can take awhile to drain out...I don't know my doctor has been out of town all of last week so I only briefly talked to a fellow surgeon & his assistant, I'm not totally getting this whole thing! I just want this drain OUT! Other than that I'm stronger & feeling more like myself more. & more every day. You're 5 days post-op now aren't you? How did everything go for you?? How are YOU doing?!
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Well, I feel like I cam do alot more 10 days post-op than I'm probably supposed to! Nurse says probably next week for holding my one year old so that'll be 2 weeks. Again if it weren't for the fact that I could damage things and I'm scared that's why the blood in my drain has been measuring more for the past 2 days i'd be much better. I've been up and about almost from morning till nite...cooking dinners, cleaning, shopping, you name it. Shouldn't have done all that so soon I'm guessing. So my advice to you is use every possible second of your husbands help while he's there even if you feel like you don't need it...I think it'll do you good in the end:-)
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I'm sorry I'm just now responding to your last post. It's been a crazy week. In a way, I'm looking forward to having to be still and rest, but I really don't see how that's possible! I will have to listen to my body!

How are you doing? You feeling ok? It's totally understandable to get overwhelmed with emotions and sometimes our thoughts try to get the best of us. But this too shall pass! Think about the positive end result. Sometimes when I get wound up, or down, I try to force myself to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. And it may be a goofy analogy, or maybe I'm just preaching to myself (cause sometimes I sure do need it!) - but whatever we magnify is what we see the most. I hope this note finds you doing more than well and in a place where all this is magnified is all the good stuff in your life!
I'd love to hear how you've been!
;) Lauren
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You know, you'll get used to it faster than you think I bet. I'm just so ready to be done with this past of it! It kills me not to be able to take care of my one-year old much more than I even dreamed it would! I'm experiencing all these down, hopeless & anxious feelings that I'm just ready to be done with now. I just wanna feel ok and completely like myself, ya know? Sometimes I get so antsy and irritated at the fact that I opted for this...I did this to myself! Plus, I'm still constantly on the Internet looking for all the things that could go wrong and being really paranoid that way. Anyway, sorry this post was a little bit of a downer, I don't always feel like this but off & on I can't fight it! Keep a good positive attitude and everything will be fine for you, I have a tendency toward anxiety (and even a little depression).
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I still haven't gotten my right drain out and it's starting to actually put more out and for days it's been this dark dark red blood...I'm getting so discouraged with how long the healing process is:( wanna feel myself again and not see blood draining from me!!
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UGH! That doesn't sound pleasant! I'm wondering if I'll be squeemish in having to deal with the drains. Sometimes looking at pics of peoples fresh incisions makes me nearly ill! And I made the mistake of watching 5 minutes of the surgery on YouTube and nearly passed out.

So, you're 9 days post-op with 1 drain remaining. Surely it'll be coming out in the next couple of days!
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Thanks for updating! It excites me to hear that you haven't had pain and it's just having to recover from the incision and deal with the swelling. Did your PS give you any idea how long to expect for it to recover and how much time to wait before resuming full activities, like lifting kids and working out?
My husband works offshore and is gone for 5 weeks, home for 3. I'll have him here to help for 2 full weeks, but then he's heading out. My youngest almost 2 1/2 and capable of getting in and out of the car and such, but still like me to hold her and all that! So, I'm nervous about taking it easy beyond that 2nd week, when I turn back into a full time single parent! And what if I do have some MR done!! EEEK! That scares me!
I'm glad to hear all is going smooth for you! :-)
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Good luck and congrats. My surgery was the 24 th and I am feeling much better. Hopefully I get my drain tube out today.
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Oh thanks for getting back to me! What did he do?! According to his website and other things I've seen he's one of the top surgeons in Milwaukee! He's been written up in Milwaukee magazine too so I'm just so upset to hear this happened to you and worse than that, that he wouldn't help you out and treated you poorly! What was his answer to you? Why did he say it was messed up? Or did he tell you it looked fine? Does everyone agree that your nose looks bad, like is it deformed? I'm sorry if some of my questions are too personal I hope you don't think I'm trying to be rude by prying, I just can't believe I just trusted my life in the hands of a doctor who has done something like this to someone! Please do post pics I would LOVE to see them. I mentioned your story to his nurse sandy today & she just kinda had the there's always gonna be a dissatisfied customer attitude...
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Yes, I thought the same thing about Dr. L before my procedure, too. I saw that he was one of the top surgeons in Milwaukee, but seriously, if you'd see what he did to my nose, you'd never believe it. And yes, he was a total jerk afterwards. He basically just shrugged his shoulders and said that this was just the way I healed, as if the whole thing was somehow my fault (which lead me to carry that guilt for 3 1/2 years....until last week when one of the surgeons I saw told me there was no way this was my fault...it was a crappy nose job done by a hack of a surgeon...what a relief!). Dr. L never took responsibility for any of it. At one point he said something like "we may have left it a little higher on this side", and I was like umm, "we"? I was the patient, I didn't do anything--he did the surgery.

I thought his nurse, Sandy, was fantastic, and I wouldn't expect her to say anything but what she did say to you. And she's right, there will always be some people you can't please. But seriously, my nose looks ridiculous and no one can seem to figure out what he was trying to do in there (the other surgeons I saw). If I can figure out a way to send you a picture, I will, but I refuse to post them here, it's too embarrassing. At least until after I get it fixed, then I'd like to post them for everyone to see, so no one else goes through what I did. The problem with that, though, is that Dr. L can just remove them from his reviews (I'm assuming he was the one who removed my negative review...who else would care?) and no one will see them anyway. I wish I could find a way around that.

At any rate, I do apologize again for dragging you into my story--that was unnecessary. Please do not worry about your results based on my results--it's like comparing apples and oranges :). And as long as Dr. L continues to treat you well, don't let it get to you that he was rude to me. I can only assume that his bad attitude towards me came about because he knew my results were crappy and he didn't know how to deal with that. He couldn't get rid of me fast enough after the surgery, which was fine with me because I wouldn't let him near me again if my life depended on it!

Don't worry...you'll be fine :).
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For clarification purposes:

The statement above, "it was a crappy nose job done by a hack of a surgeon" are my (Stenobabe) opinion only and not the words of any other surgeon.
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Eek! So sorry to have worried you, that was not my intent. I was a little miffed that I posted a review on Dr. L (it was not positive) and it suddenly vanished, and I selfishly saw an opportunity to vent about my poor rhinoplasty results. My apologies.

I am truly happy that you have had wonderful results, and I would not worry one bit just because of how things went for me. Tummy tucks and rhinoplasties are two very different procedures--you will be fine :). And for the record, I knew immediately that things were not right with my nose.

Let's just say that nothing went right with my rhinoplasty. The two dr's I saw for consultations on a revision were both flabbergasted and speechless. I just do not think that Dr. L has any business doing rhinoplasty, period. And to answer your question, no, he was not nice afterwards. He was a total jerk. I even brought my hubby along for support (I never do that sort of thing) and he could not believe how rude and arrogant Dr. L was. It's been a true nightmare.

The good news is that I found two surgeons who said that they could fix this mess. Now I just need to find the courage to go through with it :).

Again, my apologies for worrying you. Relax and enjoy your results :).
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I did a little more reading on the swelling issue and it seems it is just going to take time for things to settle down. Drinking a lot of water is good, avoiding salt, and wearing your garment 24/7 to compress the swelling seems to be the suggestions. I did find some dress black pants with a stretch waistband that will have to do for now, and a few more pairs of pants that I don't normally wear anymore, will have to rotate till the swelling comes down. I usually wear form fitting clothes and am not about to run out a get anything new to wear during this transition period. I must say since taking pix last Thurs. compared to the ones hubs took last night there is a dramatic difference already. Thinking in a month or so I am going to be absolutely thrilled!
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Oh good I'm glad you feel so much better;) Are you from Milwaukee area? I have NO idea on how to get tgis hideous swelling down, but I do know the more I move around throughout the day the more it swells...good luck on your first day back to work:-)
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Yes, he did tighten my ab muscles, and yes, I look like a total chubette! I am puffy, like you said, almost to the point I look fat whereas I didn't before surgery! I just got my second drain out yesterday and feel so much better today than I did. I didn't leak at all after he took out the drains...lol...science experiment! You are a hoot! I am going back to work on Monday and thinking what the heck am I going to wear??? Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the swelling down, FAST? I feel like I have a Buddah belly!
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I am FINALLY accepting my healing time I think today! I woke up this morning and just felt like maybe this all WILL work out! Did you have muscle work done? And are you like puffy to the point that you look almost fat? I look like I have a round belly that I didn't even have before the tummy tuck and sometimes it just discourages me! I still have my drains in most likely until tomorrow morning...do you? There is dark red blood still coming out which I guess they say is normal? The one drain that came out now leaks out of the hole that's left...I feel like a science experiment sometimes but thank you for writing me it is definitely helpful and almost necessary to talk to people going through the same thing-do post some pictures and I will do the same!
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Awesome news! I had mine on 3/22 and just taking some Tylenol a couple times a day now. You are going to be fine and keep a positive attitude, know the worst is over, and try to take it easy still. I too really only had excess skin but right now am puffy and swollen and cannot wait for it to go down. Please post some pictures. I have some that I will have my hubby help me post this weekend. Please keep us posted!
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Just wanted to say you are one lucky girl to have such a great outcome with Dr. Loewenstein. He did my rhinoplasty in 2007 and it is HORRIBLE. I posted the review here, but magically, it's gone now. Guess he doesn't want anyone to see the negative reviews, only the positive ones.

Again, very glad you had such a great outcome. Thank your lucky stars :)!
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Oh no!! I am SO sorry to hear that! It actually kind of scares me because I have not even seen my final result yet! What happened? Why was it a terrible job? Was he nice about things? I am still very much in the worrying stages so that does not make me feel very good to hear:( hopefully you can let me know answers to some of the questions I have for you!
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Thank you so much for reading my little story! It has now been one week since my surgery and im starting to feel much more like myself. My doctor had me wait until yesterday to put a pair of spanx on and at first i hated them, but now I'm starting to feel much more secure with them on. As far as the pain & recovery with no muscle repair, I cannot complain about it at all! I took Tylenol since day one and I only took that for backache and headache! The actual surgery site is VERY bearable pain if u ask me! Thanks for your good wishes and I pray the best outcome for you also!! Good luck! ;-)
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Thanks for posting! I am scheduled for 4/18 and am hoping to not have any muscle repair. My PS feels that my issue is skin, but will perform the MR if needed. I am super curious to know what recovery is like when there is no muscle repair.

Please continue to update as you feel up to it! :-) Congratulations on doing this for yourself! Take Care!
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Wow! I bet you look Great, Congrats! keep us posted on your recovery. I'm still looking for a PS in wisconsin maybe I will check out (Dr. L).I have a question How long after the consultation appt. do you have to wait for surgery?
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Hey thank you SO much for commenting on my little story:) It's now the end of day 6 and I'm approaching one whole week since the surgery as of tomorrow morning already! I have to admit, for me, it has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster that I'm sure is not over yet! I went to the doctor to get the drains removed today but unfortanately only got the disfunctional one removed because I'm still putting just a tad too much blood out into the working drain...he said I'm close but to come back Friday to get drain 2 removed. If he took it out today I could be risking needing him to remove fluid with a syringe down the road a little so I guess this is the better alternative. You said you're looking for a PS in Wisconsin? Are you from here? To answer your other question he is constantly doing surgeries every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I believe. Tuesday and Thursdays are his office/consulation days. I scheduled mine just a few weeks after my consultation. You should look him up and check his website out...he is a very well respected doctor according to everything I have uncovered about him. By the way, I have had almost no "pain" this entire recovery period so far. Keep in mind I did NOT get any muscle work but still had a full tummy tuck and other than being so out of commission and creating so much unnecessary anxiety for myself, I can't really complain about the healing process. I would love to answer anymore questions you might have or just have a chat here and there (gosh knows I have a little extra time on my hand these days)!
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