Bypass - 12 Years Later - Wisconsin

I had my surgery in January of 1999. It was...

I had my surgery in January of 1999. It was painful during recovery to say the least, but at first I felt it was worth it. I lost 150# quickly - so quickly that I suddenly became pregnant! It was tricky to make sure my baby would have enough nutrition, but she was born healthy at 6lb 9 oz in May of 2000. Things were great. I even lost nearly 40 lbs during the pregnancy!

But it was in 2010 when things turned for me. Of course over the past 12 years I had the normal byproduct (at least it became normal for me) of throwing up, chronic anemia (no energy and low concentration that went with it), but I was smaller!! So I didn't care....until January 2010. I went to bed normal and woke up completely numb! I literally woke up with a numbness that was horrifying from my neck down. I had no dexterity in my hands and was completely off balance. My palms and the bottoms of my feet were the excruciating numbness you get when your leg falls asleep and is just waking up. It was intense to even walk. Overnight I was practically an invalid.

I made 2 ER visits, and 3 specialists. One neuro-specialist said they have seen nervous system issues with bypass patients coming to light now years after their surgery. It is believed, he said, that it is a byproduct of the Mal-nutrition. Even though I was careful to eat well, take my B12 shot and all that, my body literally is no longer able to absorb what it needs from the food I eat. However, he had no help for what to do. Neither did any of the other doctors. Most just shrugged and said to take some iron. I had already had to undergo Iron via IV drip in the past year to get my iron up or it would have had to be a transfusion. Doctors were no help, they simply didn't know what to do.

Thank the Lord, I found alternative medicine that DID help! It has been over a year of treatment, but I am back on my feet. I think that had I dealt with some underlying health issues (which medical doctors could not detect)I would not have had to do the surgery. I would be much healthier today because my body would be working the way God intended! I also had my Gall Bladder removed which caused issues also. The doctors said it was not a vital organ - boy are they wrong!

I was almost 400# and lost a lot of weight... but have been stuck at 240#. I don't care. I am done almost killing myself to look how some magazine says I should look! My sister, aunt, and cousin all had the surgery. All now have Fibromyalgia (which the neuro-doctor said is prominent in bypass patients) or skin bacteria issues. My cousin spent months in the hospital with an infection and this was a year after the surgery.

Please reconsider having this surgery! There is another way to be healthy.

I had gastric bypass in 1992 and lost 100 lb. For the first 3 or 4 years, things were great. Then I developed fibromyalgia, osteopenia, and had to have my gallbladder removed. I have taken B12 shots to keep my energy up, but still suffer from lack of energy. My doctor had me try taking B12 orally and I can't say there's much difference, except it's cheaper than the shots. I finally added iron to my diet which has helped some. I have gained back 40 lbs and hurt everywhere. It's hard to get into any activity. I'm 69 and feel 90. Hindsight is 20/20. I would not recommend this to anyone.
Gosh, I'd heard GB was risky, but that sounds terrible. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone considering the risk.
I am in the process of getting one of the surgeries done. But since reading some of these stories it is making me have second thoughts. I am well over weight and also have many physical problems that make it impossible for me to do physical work outs. I dont want to die premature due to my stupidity for so many years of abusing food. This physical body is all I have and look what I have done with it! Second thoughts and scared! Any input?
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