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I am 23 years old, standing at 5'3 and at 150...

I am 23 years old, standing at 5'3 and at 150 pounds, it's hard to believe I actually weigh that much because people are surprised when I tell them that. I understand my frame is definitely more a medium built but maybe because I work out & my muscles weigh more? Anyways, I was an A cup in high school and near the end of high school, I went to a D cup in just a few weeks. I wore a 38D when I went to college and actually got measured and turns out I was a 36DD. I used to be heavier than 150 pounds so my frame supported my 36DD a little bit more; I had minor back problems but not bad enough.

Ever since I lost weight & became more active, I lost fat but nothing from my breasts which was weird because people usually lose weight there first. It was when I first started losing weight that I noticed I had constant back, shoulder & neck pain. It got so frustrating that it affected me a lot in other aspects of my life. It lowered my self-esteem; I couldn't wear the cute shirts I wanted because I was top heavy or it was too tight on my chest area, I had to wear 2-3 sports bra to work, I have indents from my bra straps after just a few short hours of wearing my regular bras, it was hard to find bikini tops that would fit me and even then, my girls would pop out. I know many of you can relate to me and a 36DD might not be as big as other people but we are all built differently and therefore affected differently. I got to a point where I would hate looking in the mirror cause I felt all you could see were my breasts. People knew me as the "big chest" girl. I also picked up running which can be harder to do when you're bigger chest. Surprisingly, I can run pretty good but I am limited physically in my work-outs.

I never really thought about getting a breast reduction but I'm not happy anymore and I can't take the pain. Some people don't understand when I tell them about this; they tell me "You're fine the way you are" but have they walked in my shoes? Have they felt what I felt? It's frustrating and I feel like I've been on a roller coaster of emotions ever since I started really pursuing a breast reduction surgery.

Two months ago in November, I went to a consultation with a plastic surgeon and let me say, I almost didn't go because I would debate in my head if I needed one or not. Well, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made going to him because he explained everything I needed to know and I even found out that due to my breasts, they can cause me random headaches in which I get quite a bit. I was emotionally when I told him my story and he was very kind. After the consultation, he submitted papers to my insurance saying this would be a medical procedure (so that my insurance will cover it).

I waited a month until I finally received my insurance letter letting me know that I had been APPROVED!! I jumped for joy but I am also very nervous because here comes the hardest part..I called to make an appointment for the surgery. My pre-op will be next Tuesday, January 8 and surgery is scheduled for Monday, January 14. I talked to a close friend about my surgery and he recommended I look up stories of others who have experienced or are currently experiencing what I'm going through. I am so glad that this website exist and how many other pages there are to help. I am ready to share my experience with everyone and I hope that I too, can help someone or others one day. It's not easy sharing your story because you know that others will have their own opinions and will judge but when someone can understand what you're feeling whether they're experiencing the same thing or are just a sympathetic person, it's good to know you have people who support you.

I went to my pre-op today and it went really good....

I went to my pre-op today and it went really good. I've been feeling quite anxious about this surgery and I feel so overwhelmed at times but I'm learning to take big breaths and take it one step at a time. We discussed how the surgery is going to go and what happens after. I am not going to lie; I am scared! I have doubts, I'm second-guessing myself but I will focus on the positives, not negatives. I realize I have a long journey ahead of me but reading other people's stories on here helps me a lot. My plastic surgeon is very kind and helpful; he makes me feel comfortable. Only SIX days left until my surgery; I am cleaning, organizing and taking care of bills for the next few days. I know I won't be able to move much after my surgery so I'd rather take care of things now rather than worry about it. The PS also gave me the pills I will need after the surgery. There's an antibiotic, pain meds and one of nausea. He said I shouldn't fail the nausea one yet until I think I need it, otherwise, I'm set with the other two. I will keep you guys updated! I will try to relax and stop thinking so much too! *Big breath*

Four days until my surgery; I thought I would be...

Four days until my surgery; I thought I would be more nervous about it but I am actually growing stronger and feeling better about it. I know that the journey has yet to come but I'm ready. I feel like I've been ready for years and I am finally doing what will make my life better in many aspects. It is also nice to read the comments I am receiving from others in this community; it makes me feel good and welcomed. I also want to add that my PS and I've discussed that I will probably go down to a high B/low C--of course it won't exactly be what we plan but it'll be around there. I would be happy with a C because it's full enough and it'll look good with my body frame. I will be enjoying the weekend with loved ones; also I have a job interview tomorrow so prepping for that. I'm glad I could squeeze that in before my surgery; positive thoughts only =)

I have to wake up in 5 hours & I just can't sleep!...

I have to wake up in 5 hours & I just can't sleep! My surgery is in 7 hours but of course I have to be there by 6 am. How do I feel the day before my surgery? I'm actually pretty calm but I'm sure when it comes to me getting closer to the surgery room, I might freak out a little but my PS did say the nurses can give me something to calm me down. Oh yes, just letting you guys know I won't be having drains put in which makes me happy cause they look like a pain to have. Or from what I've heard, they're not comfortable. Anyways, I should go to sleep now-I will update you guys after the surgery!

12 hours post-up; surgery went well! I woke up...

12 hours post-up; surgery went well! I woke up crying a little from the trauma & the pain was a 2 out of 10 for me which is good. Surgery took about 2 hours; I guess I was expecting the worst when I woke up but I actually felt good. I was a little woozy when I stood up & had a headache when I first woke up. I'm feeling really positive about everything though! I meet my PS tomorrow morning for one day post-up. Also when I got home today, the medicine they has put in me was wearing off so it started to be a pain of 4 out of 10. My pain pills help a lot of course-My body seems to be handling the surgery trauma well. Will keep you guys updated! I am scared to see how it will look tomorrow but it will take time.

1 day post-up---Could not sleep as well as I...

1 day post-up---Could not sleep as well as I wanted & woke up with quite a bit of pain-probably a 5/6 out of 10. It hurts a lot actually but took 2 pain killers & put ice packs on it. Honestly, I wish this week would go by faster because this pain sucks a lot but I'll be a fighter & push through it. I knew it was going to be a long & quite painful journey but I can do this. It's gonna be worth it. Will be visiting my PS in 2 hours; I hope I feel a little better by then cause the thought of getting up & being a car for not even 10 mins is exhausting already. I'll update later.

3 days post op & I have to say it's been quite...

3 days post op & I have to say it's been quite hard. The first day after surgery was the worst; a lot of pain & barely could move. I really thought I couldn't take it-went to my PS for one day post op & he says everything was looking good & I seem to be handling everything well. The second day post op, I woke up with pain, took my painkillers & the pain went down through the day. I was able to take a bath with the help of my mom. I put lotion underneath my boobs & Vaseline on nipples. I put pantyliners underneath my boobs & nursing pads on my boobs. I am using a Playtex 18 hour bra that my PS recommended; it was $18 but it has great support. I also want to add that the painkiller that I'm using makes me constipated so I bought laxatives & that of course helped. It was not fun being in pain & constipated though. Today, which is the 3rd day, the pain has subsided quite a bit but then I have a little nausea & food does not taste good at all to me plus I feel like throwing up. I changed the pads in my bra & took a real good look at my boobs--they are definitely a lot smaller; I am not used to them yet. They also do not look good but again I went through surgery so of course it's going to take awhile for it to look ok again. My PS said he did take over a pound on each breast which I think is a lot. I'm going to have to wait 6 months to a year before I know my new size. I knew recovering was going to be hard & I am trying my best to deal with it & be strong. Any words of advice? Because I am honestly having some low moments at times.

4 days post op & I am feeling a lot better! Woke...

4 days post op & I am feeling a lot better! Woke up really hungry due to not being able to eat the night before but after I ate, my stomach felt a lot better. The pain on my breasts is very minimal now & I no longer need the pain killers. Still taking my antibiotics of course! I am able to get up now without someone helping me; of course I know not to overextend my arms down or up still. I also forgot to add that I've been using ice off & on my breasts the past few days & it helps the swelling a lot! Now that I'm feeling better, I'm a little bored but I'd rather take the boredom over being in pain. I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been supporting & rooting for me--this website has helped me in ways I could never explain. I also want to let those who have yet to do the reduction or are going through it know that things do get better! I was changing my paddings last night & my girls feel like they're gnna fall off without my bra & the right side does seem to lay a little lower than the right but I asked my friend who had a BR before & she said that's normal. I can't wait to see how they look once they heal!

One week post-op everyone =D I am feeling way...

One week post-op everyone =D I am feeling way better and I'm able to do a lot of things on my own now. I am taking it easy however; not over extending my arms and all. About the pain, it's very minimal and it comes and goes. I don't think it's bad enough to take painkillers though. My breasts are also a little sensitive; they randomly tingle which I think it's normal. One thing that I don't know if it's the result of the medicine or anesthesia, when I get cold, I get super cold where I need five blankets but when I get hot, I am sweating like crazy. I sure hope it won't be like this forever so I'll ask my PS tomorrow. The bruising is slowly fading and everything seems to be going good. I will update you guys again in a week or two depending if anything changes. I'm sure my PS will say everything is going dandy when I visit him tomorrow.

Random: since my girls are smaller now, my stomach...

Random: since my girls are smaller now, my stomach appears bigger which I'm sure no girl would like. But this just motivates me more to work out harder once the PS approves.

8 days post op & my PS says everything is looking...

8 days post op & my PS says everything is looking good! He said there's barely any drainage in the stitch areas which is good. As I was heading to his office today, I thought to myself "I just want this whole thing to be over with & be able to work out again, be able to do whatever I want & not have pain" But then I reminded myself that I knew this was going to be long journey & I think of you girls that have done it & are happy about your results today. I thought about all of us who had or will have to endure this journey & I'm proud of us! Don't ever give up! I was sore when I woke up today but otherwise no major pains. I'm quite sensitive but PS said that'll be normal for the next few months. He also said to lotion & massage my girls to circulate the blood vessels to get the nerves going again. I'll update later; stay positive everyone :)

11 days post op & I am so itchy! People say that...

11 days post op & I am so itchy! People say that when you're itchy, it's ok cause the skin is healing. I'm taking Benadryl pills & it helps. I finally wore "regular clothes" two days ago & I could not stop smiling! It feels great to not be the girl w/ big boobs for once! =D On another note, I woke up today & my breasts looked red & inflamed; I called my PS & he said it might be irritated from the lotion I'm using (I'm using Vaseline non-fragrance) & that next time I take a shower, to just let it air dry. I think it's just a part of my skin healing. The itchiness sucks but nothing I can't handle.

2 weeks post op & I feel good! A little itchiness...

2 weeks post op & I feel good! A little itchiness here & there..also once in awhile, I feel a sensation like a tingling feeling but it's not bad at all. I think it's just the nerves getting back to work. Today, I am rating that this surgery was WORTH it!! My self esteem has increased & my posture has improved too! I finally feel that I can wear something without people seeing only my girls. They are starting to perk & round up; yay! Recovery ain't easy but this surgery is worth it in the long run. I know I'm only 2 weeks post op but I've stayed positive through all this & I will continue to do so. I cannot wait to wear regular push up bras again! Now that my boobs are rounding out, they definitely look more full & at least a high B/low C.

One month post op & I feel great! Some people...

One month post op & I feel great! Some people already tell me I look slimmer due to this surgery. I am amazed at how good I feel already plus I'm not as self conscious anymore! I can wear a regular cami without people noticing my boobs first. Went to the PS yesterday & he says I'm healing good; only thing is my dissolveable sultures haven't come out yet. He says it's because Asians, Hispanics & African Americans have different skin so it'll take a little longer. Otherwise he said to wear a bra 24 hours a day if I want my boobs to look higher & rounder. I got the go to work out again too but taking it easy. I'm extremely happy & have no regrets :D

8 months post op & couldn't be happier!!!

Hi girls! I know it's been awhile but I just wanted to update with a pic & a few words. My girls are looking great & I have no regrets. I still can't believe how amazing clothes fit now; I don't have to wear size large anymore due to my bigger boobs before. I can wear bikini tops without spilling; I couldn't be happier. I of course do have the scars but they're barely noticeable but in a way, they are my battle scars of what I've endured & to anyone who's done it, you know & understand what I mean. I think to myself of how someone who didn't of doesn't need to get this surgery wouldn't understand how we feel. I tell myself that this is my journey, my story & my happiness. Don't let anyone discouraged you & know that there are many people who have your back. If anyone would like to message me to talk about anything, please do =)
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What size did you end up being after surgery?
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You look do great. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Thanks so much for sharing! I go in for my BR on 3/8/13, scared but so excited. So happy you shared it like it is, ups & downs. I started a blog would love to have you as a guest writer to share where you are in journey now. Check out the site, just started today :) Let me know if you would like to join!
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Glad you are doing so well!
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very happy for you,looking great!
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I use petroleum jelly aka Vaseline and always add between 15 and 20 drops of Lavender 100% pure essential oil that I mix in well to prevent rashes and dampness under my breasts. The essential oil is great for healing and itchiness. I have not had the operation but your journey has really inspired me as I so hate my breasts. From the onset of puberty they have been a nightmare with a life of their own LOL. Congratulations and I am so going to look into having this done. Cheers Julz
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sorry to hear about your itchiness!!! That sucks!! Hopefully it will pass soon!! But they are looking great otherwise :)
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The itchiness was annoying but it only lasted 2 days! They are looking a lot better too :D
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They do look better! Yah! Isn't is amazing how literally every day they change for the better?!? Love it!!
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Very happy for you. Looking great!!
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Thank you :) It's itchy but nothing I can't handle!
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Glad you are doing so well!!!
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Thank you :)
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Keep with it and keep resting . Will take a long time to heal still. I so wish I had this done years ago. U won't regret it !!!
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Thanks! I will take it easy :) Patience is key like you said!
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aww i hope you feel better quickly! Maybe the pills are making you feel nauseous..but if they help the pain then try to get thru another day,.,maybe find a few very good movies to watch to put your mind in a better place.. I havent had mine yet but this is advise ive heard the other girls say and what i had to do when i had other medical problems that kept me in pain and on my butt!..hang in there ***hugs***
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Hi natalierw! I am feeling a lot better today! Thanks so much for the support & encouragement :)
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thats is great news!! im very happy for you..!!
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I am scheduled for 1/31/13 with Dr. Steven Schmidt. There was one person on here that lived close by who used the Dr. you did who didn’t like him. I am glad everything was good for you. You are lucky with insurance coverage because I have to pay $8100.
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where did you go? I am in Neenah
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Appleton Plastic Surgery--My plastic surgeon's name is Brian Kiesnowski & he was amazing! His staff was kind & he makes you feel comfortable too. I highly recommend him!
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I see that your insurance doesn't cover breast reductions which sucks :( Mine was covered, well most of it
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How did your surgery go!?! Hope you are doing ok and good luck starting with your recovery!!
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I just updated my review! It went great! I'm feeling good & I have a feeling my recovery will go by fast with very minimal pain/problems.
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i feel your pain. im 16 years old, very petite, and now wear a 34G. Im very active and like to workout but its limiting like you said. Its to the point where almost every night i have a heating pad on my neck and back. i think im going to get a reduction this summer after reading peoples stories. Thanks for sharing yours :)
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