Did I Do This to Myself?

I have been horribly insecure about how my breast...

I have been horribly insecure about how my breast have looked for a very long time. A man has not seen me without my top off in over eight years (I was in a relationship where I was made to feel horrible).

After many years of saving, and clearing out my stocks & bonds .. I did my research to find a "good doctor" and decided to finally get implants. I was barely a 34A, 5'5, 110 pounds. The doctor I saw seemed to be knowledgable, he advised me to get saline, and post-surgery, I was a 34C. I was pretty happy with how they had turned out, except it seemed like the gap between my breasts seemed a bit large - but he claimed he had no control over that).

Post-surgery, the doctor told me I had to do a "massage technique" to keep the "pocket" open and to avoid CC. I saw him for follow-up appointments. Just over two months ago, I saw my cosmetic surgeon and he told me to continue doing my massage technique for ONE MORE MONTH. He was very specific. He told me that if I did it for longer than that, the "pocket" may end up being too large. I continued the technique for EXACTLY one more month. During this month, I noticed that I had lumpiness in my left breast (along the bottom and off to the side), after about two weeks, I noticed the same thing happening in my right breast. I have also noticed that when I lean over, I have almost a "sloshing" feeling in my left breast.

When I saw him at my last scheduled appointment last Monday, I showed him and had him feel the wrinkling/rippling/lumpiness in my breasts. He told me this happened because I "did the 'massage technique' longer than I was supposed to" and that I apparently had "loose skin." As he was walking out the door, he told me I may want to consider wearing an underwire bra ALL of the time. The man spent literally three minutes with me. He couldn't get out of the room fast enough.

Two days later, I called back to let them know how disappointed I was. They told me I had the option to have the entire procedure done over - this time with silicone. (At my initial consultation, he was very much against this)

I am devestated. I did exactly what he told me to do, and my breasts are disgusting. I can't even look at them without crying. I've been disgusted with my small breasts for years .. now I'm still disgusted with them, only this time I paid $6,000 for it. Did I really do this to myself? Is there anything I can to fix this???

I am 5'5, 110, and in August I finally went from a barely-there 34A to a 34C (saline) after being horribly insecure for a very long time. My doctor told me to do a "massage technique" to avoid CC for a very specific amount of time. I followed his instructions exactly. I noticed about a month ago that I have a lot of lumpiness along the bottom of both of my breasts. When I saw him and expressed my concern, he told me that this happened because I "did the massage technique too long" and I have "loose skin." I did exactly what this man told me to do. I am absolutely disgusted with the results of my implants. I can't look at them without crying. Did I really do this to myself, and is there anything I can do to fix this?


which doctor did you have? im from wisconsin and wanting to get implants. i wouldnt want to make a mistake and go to the doctor you went to.
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Yeah, if you search around online, you'll definitely find surgeons' websites split on the massage subject, each one providing compelling evidence to support their position. The surgeon of one woman I know was very pro-massage. She found it more painful on her left than on her right side, and at about 3 weeks there were signs that her left side was in trouble. At about 5 weeks the left side was explanted; fortunately other than cleaning out the protein build-up in the pocket (his wording), there was nothing more sinister going on. He finally gave the nod 3 months later to get re-implanted. She didn't bother with massage the 2nd time around, and despite that, the new implant dropped into place VERY quickly. It's been great ever since. (Sidebar: All surgical and implant device costs were covered, which was great news.) So was implant massage valuable in this case? You be the judge.
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YOU DID NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF. There is a problem of some sort, Implant waviness? Displced bottomed out implan? You need to have an opinion from a BOARD CERTIFIED PS, If your surgeon is Board certified PS having the second openion should not bother him/her. But the expalnation that you massaged vigorously is not accepptable. 50% of PS believe in massage after breast implats, 50% Do not recommend any massage.
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