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19 Years Old... Tummy Tuck - Wisconsin

I had my son when I was 17 and after 2 years......

I had my son when I was 17 and after 2 years... have decided not to have any more kids. Before my pregnancy, I was a size 7 and now I'm a size 13. I'm happy with all my curves and body except for my tummy. Everytime I put on a shirt, I feel like I have this huge bulge and nothing looks good. I've had lots of people put me down on me getting a TT but after lots of researching and thinking, I've come to the realization that this is for me, not anyone else. I've just got done setting up my consultation and am super excited.

This website has helped my so much and Kimmers, you are an inspiration. Thanks for everything.

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Alright. Here's my tummy as of right now....

Alright. Here's my tummy as of right now. Excuse the stretch marks. :)


lADIES I SURVIVED!!!LOL so well worth it, it was the day b4 yesterday and i have not felt pain at all!! a little discomfort moving around but other than that NOTHING!!! i am not black and blue and i know i am swollen but i can tell u now i am going to have one very pretyy belly button!! Ladies what I can tell you right now its all about trusting your DR!!! good luck to all
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CONGRATS! so happy for you!!!
YOU ROCK!!! Congratulations!!

My consultation is in 3 weeks! I'm starting to...

My consultation is in 3 weeks! I'm starting to get so nervous. All I think about is how everything is going to turn out. I've lost an extra 4 pounds!!! Been doing cardio workouts everyday for 45 minutes. Can't wait til I get into that bikini again! :)


My consultation actually wont be til April 4th, Monday. :) my appointments at 1:45. So excited. I've been going crazy just thinking about everything! LOL. I wake up thinking bout my tt... go through my day thinking bout it and go to sleep thinking bout it. Just can't keep my mind focus on anything else. Hehe. Hopefully everything will go okay at the consult. Did Dr. King do the computer imaging at the consult for you? I was reading stuff on the internet... and it said that some doctors do. Was just wondering if Dr. King did it. Well only five more days til your vacation! That must be exciting!
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For some reason I was thinking it was on the first...I guess my old brain is wiped this week..LOL

I remember well the sleepless nights, obsession, web surfing etc. 

He did pictures for me but I never thought to ask about the imaging thing.  I am not really sure if he does that??  Good question but if you call Sarah at his office she would know. 

I know my count down is on for the beach!!  Four days to go:)   You should see the cute Bikinis I bought for this trip.  I am so excited to get going to the warm weather.  Remember I will have my laptop, Andriod and every other electronic device with me so let me know right away how everything goes.  Are you hoping to schedule for the summer?

Remember my offer to help - I am very serious about that.  I am a good nurse and would be happy to help. 
I'm hoping to schedule by June. *fingers crossed. I just don't want to drive in the snow for post-op appointments. LOL. And thank you for all your help you have already given me. I think without you... I would not have gone through with this. All your support has mean so much to me. And yes. Ill have my phone with me... so ill message you when I'm done with the appointment.
My husbands birthday is on Friday.. but we're going to just go out for dinner when we are down in Madison. Do you have any favorite restaurants you would recommend?

So I had my consultation yesterday! Everything...

So I had my consultation yesterday! Everything went really well. I'll be getting a full TT with no liposuction. Just have to figure out some financing stuff then call to set a date. I'm super excited and can not wait!

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Yay! Date is set. Having my TT on May 24th! So...

Yay! Date is set. Having my TT on May 24th! So excited now that the date is set. Since I live 2 hours away... I'm going to have my pre-op the same day as my surgery. Have to start making a list of all the stuff I should buy before surgery. :)


About two more weeks!!  Woot Woot!
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I know!!!! Getting so nervous and scared! So scared of not waking up and of complications. Probably over thinking everything. But I know everything will be alright. Husband put vacation on my TT day so that was a surprise. Happy he will be there with me. I bought most of my supplies for post-op. :) thanks for everything again Kim... don't know how I could've done this without your support.

Stay calm, take a deep breath and turn the brain off now.  You have done your research, have an excellent doctor...and don't I know that!!!   I am so happy you have my awesome doctor! 

You have done everything you can do and it is now in the hands of Dr. King and the other staff.  They will take excellent care of you, all will go well and you will soon be on the road to recovery.  You are going to be in the best surgery center with the best doctor so no worries. 

There is nothing left for you to do except relax. 

I am happy that your hubby will be with you.  That is always a great comfort to have.  I will be checking up on you:) 

Alright. Only 11 more days. Paid for my TT today....

Alright. Only 11 more days. Paid for my TT today. I'm so ready for this. Last night I shared my fears with my wonderful hubby and just literally cried my eyes out. I guess I'm just getting so scared of this whole thing. I'm scared of not waking up and not being able to watch my baby boy grow up. Scared of complications. :( I'm trying so hard to not think too much about everything. My baby boy will be spending 2-3 nights at my moms after my surgery. (Hes a big mamas boy and I don't want him to think I'm ignoring him when I'm drugged up). My sister will stay with me for a couple of weeks and help me.


Nyob zoo. I wanted to wish you luck on your big day in case I don't get a chance to get back online. I know you're super excited and its perfectly normal to be anxious and even afraid. You're going to do great and your tummy is going to look great. Yay! We will pray for you...or jinglebells if you like :D

Best of luck.
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Lol! Oh dear... you had me cracking up at the jinglebells part! Thanks for your help girl! I'm super nervous but I'm ready. Can't wait! My mommy was giving me her "lecture" today... it was quite interesting.. lol. She was telling me after the surgery I can only eat "boiled chicken". You know... the chicken diet. After hearing that... I had us both laughing cause its not like I'm recovering from having a baby. But I totally get that shes super worried for me which also made me feel better. My daddy even supports me now too. So I'm going into this with such good support and it feels great. Not even all that scared anymore. =) YAY!
Only a couple more days girl! I'll be thinking of you...all the best, and let us know how you are doing. I'm only 2 days after you!
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Tomorrows my big day! I can not believe how fast...

Tomorrows my big day! I can not believe how fast it came! Super excited! Ill have to be there at 6:15... which means ill leave my house around 3:30 in the morning. Early! Ill be the first patient for my PS. I also have to do my pre-op before surgery. Surgery is at 7:45. Packing my stuff later tonight... hopefully I can fall asleep for a couple hours before the long drive. My husband and sister are going with. I keep looking at my baby boy and it breaks my heart knowing I won't see him for a couple of days (he'll be staying at grandmas). I'm kinda scared about the drains. It makes me light-headed knowing that I have two tubes sticking inside me. But ill deal with em. =) well wish me luck ladies! Tomorrow when I update... ill have my new tummy! Yay!


thinking of you
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Good luck!! I am 24 and had similar weight gain with my two pregnancies. I just had my tummy tuck a week ago and already love the new me. You are going to look FANTASTIC!!
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This is it!!  I will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending good thoughts and prayers your way.  Say hello to Dr. King for me:)
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Yay! Have my new tummy! I can not tell you ladies...

Yay! Have my new tummy! I can not tell you ladies how good it looks. I know I'm only one day post-op but already I am amazed! Went in yesterday at 6:15. They did my pre-op then my PS came in and marked me up. Next thing I know I was waking up and sore. Overall the pain in bearable. I hate getting up cause it hurts so bad. Just so tight and feels weired. The drains are not as bad as I imagined. How long was it before you ladies could walk on your own? When I have to sit up or walk to the bathroom... I need someones help. I did feel very nauseous after standing up but I think that is going away slowing. My husband has been wonderful. He has helped me do everything. Hes going back to work today so ill have my sister here. Well... I'm getting sleepy again... so ill update more tmrw. Love you ladies!


Hi Wisconsin! Hope you're doing well!
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wow your stomach looks good ;)
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Thank you!

Yay! One drain out... one to go. Finally took a...

Yay! One drain out... one to go. Finally took a shower today! Tiring but so worth it. Had my hubby take one with me and made him washed me down. ;) I love that man so much. Today my PS prescribed me more nausea med and a different kind of pain med which seems to be working a lot better
I miss my baby boy so much. I so just want him home but my mom wants him to stay a couple more days till I'm feeling a little bit better. Just hearing his voice makes me cry.
I've had my first BM yesterday which wasn't so bad. I'm feeling way better than day one. Can not wait till I can do a little bit more. I just hate laying around not doing anything. 3day post-op today!


We Did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look GREAT!!!! I updated my pix too check them out hope you're feeling better!
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I know! You also look GREAT! Definitely feeling a lot better. Can't wait till I get my last drain out which should be Friday. Yay! Happy healing your way dear!
Thank you ladies! :)
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10 days post-op.... and I am feeling pretty good!...

10 days post-op.... and I am feeling pretty good! I got my last drain removed today!! And it feels soooo good! I also got my stitches on my belly button removed. Grilled yesterday and today so my tummy is pretty swelled up. Everything seems to be going okay otherwise. I still can't get up from bed by myself and coughing/sneezing still hurts so bad! But everyday, everything seems to be approving. I also started my scar treatment. I'm using palmers coco-butter oil.
Well that's it for now ladies. Updated pictures too.


WOWWWWW! Looking good girl!!! I'm 27 days post op and starting to feel like myself again finally. How are u feeling??
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Thank you!
I'm starting to feel better and better as the days come. I sometimes overdo things and that's when I'm most sore but overall I am super happy with my results. :)
Wisconsin, you look amazing! Congratulations!
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3 weeks post-op today. Had my appointment with my...

3 weeks post-op today. Had my appointment with my PS yesterday and everything went really well. My scar looks amazing and I love my results. My PS gave me the green light to stop using my binder so I'm slowly trying to not use it anymore. Coughing and laughing is not so bad anymore. My belly button looks kinda weird but I'm sure itll heal beautifully. So the other day, I made the mistake of telling my cousin that I got a TT. She gave me this disgusted look and asked, "couldn't you just exercise that off?" Made me feel really bad and almost made me cry. I tried explaining to her bout my struggle with my tummy but there really wasn't a point. I did this for me and her opinion does not matter.
Updated pictures. :)


YES, YES, YES you look Awesome!
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You look so awesome!!! I also made the mistake of telling an old friend (who I did not need to tell, but felt like sharing) & she said the same thing when I told her. She said "I just exercise when I want to lose weight". It hurt me very much!! I couldn't exercise any more than I did! I also did not want to get any thinner. I am 5'3" & about 110 lbs. People don't understand it is not always a weight/exercise thing.

My biggest problem was the saggy skin. I even rollerblade 4 - 5 days per week, which is a great ab workout!! Of course I can't do that until a few more months! Some people just don't understand. I decided then & there that no one else needs to know. We paid for it, it is our bodies, so too bad! Don't worry!
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Totally agree with you dear. Our money...our bodies! Some people will never understand how we feel and their opinion surely does not matter. :)

It has been a month since I've had my TT. And...

It has been a month since I've had my TT. And I feel great! My scabs are almost all gone on my incision and it looks great! My belly bottom is getting there. :) I've started walking about 30 mins a day... sometimes more. I still wear my binder at night and sometimes the day. I guess I kinda got so used to it, I'm afraid to have it off for a long amount of time. I can almost do everything I could to before surgery. Just have to take it slow.
I'm so glad I got this done. I love my new tummy and how my shirts looks so good on. I've deleted my 3 weeks post op photos and added my one month. Ill post pictures every month.

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Hello ladies! Its been 2 months since I've had...

Hello ladies! Its been 2 months since I've had my surgery. I must say... I am LOVING it! I still swell a whole lot. Mostly when I eat too much or after excersing. I'm back to doing everything I did before which is great. I hated having everyone wait on me. Excersing wise... I walk about 1 to 3 miles 4 times a week. I have tried running but it didn't feel right so I think I will wait a little bit longer.
When I started looking into my tummytuck way back in febuary, I weighed 172. Before my surgery, I was 160... and now I am 145-149. I am so proud of myself. This journey has been a long and hard one but the result is priceless. I love looking in the mirror and not feel ashamed of my tummy.
My scar is healing nice. I love it. My belly button on the otherhand... I'm not too sure. It doesn't look bad but there is a bump... kinda like a pimple or something right on the edge. It doesn't hurt or anything but I really don't like the way it looks. Ill have to ask my PS the next time I see him.
I'm turning 20 in two weeks and guess what I'm doing!!? :) SHOPPING SPREE! Lol. Good luck to all the ladies out there. Hope everyone is healing fine.


Hey your results look great. I'm 20 and have lost about 110 pounds over 3 years, so I have an oddly shaped lower abdominal. My worries are price and recovery time, in your price it says $800 and that seems like a great price is that a discount or was that a normal estimate.
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I'm sorry. I typed that part wrong and didn't even realize it! It was $8000. TTs can range anywhere from $6000-1500. I was also worry bout pricing and recovery too but girl... its totally worth it! I'm at a little over 2 months post op and I'm back to doing almost everything I did before surgery. It's a long journey but I don't regret one moment of it. Have you have a consultation yet?
Ahhh. I meant 6000-15000. Sorry. Using my phone.:)

Hello ladies! Its been 3 months! WOW! Does time...

Hello ladies!
Its been 3 months! WOW! Does time fly by fast! I've been doing great! My scar is fading. Not as dark as before. I've been eating healthy and exercising whenever I can. Though... I have only lost a couple pounds since my last post. Right now I am ranging from 142-144. Goal weight is 135, so less than 10 pounds left. Its seems like it is getting harder to drop those pounds but I am trying. I notice I still swell only in the upper tummy...mostly at night. I don't have much to complain about. Went out swimming in a two piece since forever! I love my tummy and can't believe I went through with the surgery. I can sleep on my side now. And pretty much do everything I can before my surgery. I am going to my 3 months post op appointment on Friday. Will update next month. Posting new pictures. :)


By the way, I am from Wisconsin as well, near Milwaukee....when I get to the point I can actually afford a tuck, I will definitely check out your Doc!
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dolphins21 definitely do because he is awesome!  Both Wisconsin and I had the same doc so we can both sing his praises to you:)

Thanks so much for sharing your journey. You are truly an inspiration to all of us ladies out there with stomachs similiar to what yours was after giving birth. I hate when people make snide and rude comments such as "exercise more" or "diet" to get rid of it...they have NO idea that many of us do exercise and eat well and no amount of either will get rid of post-baby, overly stretched stomachs. I liken it to a balloon that has been over-inflated for a long period of time, once you let the air out there is no way to get that balloon back to the original shape it once was. Your stomach looks great and your pre surgery stomach looks very similar to mine. I'm about 5'5" and vary from 125 to 130lbs, I love my body, but it's my stomach that I hate so much....if it weren't for that, my body would be rockin'!! Lol...Glad you are happy with the results. Can't wait to get mine someday:)
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Hello lovely ladies!!! 4 months post op now!!...

Hello lovely ladies!!!
4 months post op now!! YAY! I've been meaning to get my post up sooner but everything has been so crazy! My husband got one of his finger broken and cut off the other one. Luckly both were saved and now he's just in the healing process. :)
Wow. I can't believe I'm already 4 months post-op. Everything has been great. My scar is looking a little bit on the red side but it's not bothering me too much. I've been rubbing bio oil and cocoa butter vitamin e oil on it every morning and night. My PS has told me to rub the scar hard and in circles so thats what i've been doing. Last month, I did go in and got to talk to him about my BB. He says it looks like its a leftover strech mark that somehow ended up right by my BB. He said we could cut it off or leave it. The bump isn't so bad so i'm not sure if i want to leave it or get it cut off and have a scar there. We did decided to wait til December when i have my next appointment to decide what we both wanted. I love my PS. He's the absolute best. Swelling wise... I mostly swell just at night after my long days. I've have lost a couple more pounds since my last update. I was at 172 and now at 138-139. A total of about 34 lbs lost. YAY. My goal is 135. What i've been doing to lose weight is eating healthy and just exercising. I eat 1200 calories a day and try to burn off 420 calories a week. Myfitnesspal.com is a great resource to any ladies out there that is trying to lose weight. It's just a form about calories intake. I love it!
Again... I love my tummy. I love how everything looks and DO NOT REGRET A SINGLE THING. I hope all you ladies out there are recovering well and enjoying your body.


Looking great! I'm happy for you:) Just wondering if anyone knows (perhaps you do Kimmers) how the scar looks say a year or so post-op? Does it diminish in shade intensity? I realize it's a large one and will never be invisible completely ( a small sacrifice in my opinion for a nice flat belly) but just wondered about it since it is so large. Also, what effect does a tuck have on stretchmarks? Does it make them flatter as well? I have some deep ones myself.
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The scar will fade more an more from month to month and year to year.   With proper scar treatment and massage it should be flat and nice by one year.  I can't even feel mine at all.  I was pretty OCD with the scar treatment though for months.  

Some of my stretch marks were also removed and some faded after surgery.  I still have some from the belly button down but honestly they don;t bother me at all.  I have a completely flat tummy and that is worth the weight in gold to me.  I will take a few stretch marks for the results I ended up with.  Mine actually look better now.  

No worries girlie:) 

Thanks!!! I love my new body! it does look amazing. LOL.
Im at 4 months post op and my scar is red and puffy but i think its cause of me. I've been slacking on massaging my scar (not good). But I'm sure it'll get a whole lot better.
As to what Kimmers said. Lots of my strech marks are gone. I still have a little on the sides and just a few down my tummy. But I will take strech marks any day compare to what I had. :)

6 months post op... well a little bit over 6...

6 months post op... well a little bit over 6 months. I've been doing great. My tummy looks beautiful. I have found myself shopping so much lately and love how all the clothes fit. No complains. I saw my PS for the last time last week and he said everything looks great and I totally agree. My scar is a little raised on the left side and he said if it ever bothers me, I can go in and he can inject some steroids but I'm sure it'll heal over time. I got to look at my before and after pictures and I'm so glad I got this surgery done. I know I keep repeating that but this surgery has been wonderful. I'm back to doing everything I did before surgery. Even jogging. My scar still sensitive at times but that's excepted. I still have swelling but that is also excepted. :) I'm still weighing in at 138ish. So not much lost since my last post but I'm definitely still working on it.
I hope all you wonderful ladies out there are doing great! Happy Holidays!! Updating pictures tmrw morning.

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Can't add photos. Is anybody else having this...

Can't add photos. Is anybody else having this problem??

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2 year update

Its been a long time since I've been on here! Just wanted to update on my TT. :)
I absolutely love my tummy now and I'm so happy to have had this procedure done. *updated pictures
My scar is still red and it's not completely flat. If you look close enough, you can see that there are a few spots that are almost white. My skin/body does not heal well so I was expecting this. I've had steroid shots injected into my scar to make it more flat but it stung so much, I decided to just keep my scar as is. Over time I'm hoping it'll lighten more but I'm not worried one bit. :)


Thank you for updating, you look fantastic!  I have heard that the steroid shots do really sting which is unfortunate.  Give it some time and it will fade and lighten up.   

So good to hear from you again:)


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