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Scar Revision on Naval and Umbilical Cord Surgery..- Green Bay, WI

I had my stomach pierced twice and the second time...

I had my stomach pierced twice and the second time it ripped out while I was watching tv. My naval split open and crazy me stitched it back myself. I know that was very naibe of me but I didnt know what to do about it. Now my scar is dark pigmented, indented on left and right side of keloid scar where I stoched it, and my belly button has a hernia I suppose. I damaged myself with a belly piercing.

I am hoping to find out if something can be properly done about these problems I have and find out how much it will cost. I was also wondering if a laser or a scar revision surgery, when the scar itself is removed and restitched, would be better for my naval keloid scarring. I would consider paying the extra buck for an experienced doctor near the Green Bay area who truly can rebuild my self esteem. I am done crying and hiding myself. I pray this site helps me understand these types of procedures and I meet the right surgeon because I am afraid to end up a horror story.

I am attaching a pic in my profile or in a next review of my stomach, since I am having a hard time attaching pic from my phone. I look forward to hearing from various surgeons about this matter who are actually located in Wisconsin for the purpose of me may wanting to hire you to do the job if I def feel what you suggest makes the most sense and based on your years of experience doing these type of surgeries. Also, I love honesty even if it is bluntly honest I prefer it. Thank you!

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