Swelling After Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery - Winter Park, FL

I am very concerned because I had upper and lower...

I am very concerned because I had upper and lower eyelid surgery 9 days ago. My left eye is healing great; however my right eye has not been right from the beginning. It has always been more swollen, then got a little better, now this morning almost swollen shut. My PS saw it today and just said to give it time. But I am very worried why one is so much worse!

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Finally went to see opthamologist yesterday after...

Finally went to see opthamologist yesterday after eye was swollen shut and got prescribed a steroid dose pack and wishin 12 hours eye was 25% better. Today...75% better! So glad I did this bc the opthamologist said the swelling was putting pressure on my eye which can affect your vision!!


It is really hard when they dont tell you much ..I am glady your better all I have learned was from reading things on the internet.
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How are you doing now, Aridge? I hope things continue to get better for you and thanks for sharing your story so far!

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My right eye still has a lump on lower lid so he is going to do a steroid injection next week. Hope that will do the trick.
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