SmartXide DOT Therapy - Face, Neck and Chest - 51 Year Old Female - Winter Park, FL

I started this journey by accident. I went in to...

I started this journey by accident. I went in to my surgeon to inquire about eyelid surgery. During the consultation he recommended SmartXide DOT Therapy first since this will help lift my eyes and address other concerns I have regarding wrinkles around my mouth and neck. I researched DOT Therapy on the web and went to see my Dermatologist for a second opinion. The cost and procedure varied - Dermatologist used topical anesthetic, 1/2 the price and faster recovery (would most likely need a 2nd visit for area around mouth). Surgeon - general anesthetic (I had to get an EKG and blood work before the procedure), more money but it is a much deeper treatment. I decided to go with my surgeon. I will post photos and updates as soon as I have the procedure.

Besides the EKG and blood work I have three prescriptions to fill for the procedure. Motrin 800, Zpack and Valtrex.

Two weeks post surgery - stop using RetinA and Obagi #3,4 and 5 products. Only use cleanser, sunscreen and moisturizer.

Three days post surgery - start using an Obagi gentle cleanser, Regenica, Action and Sunscreen SPF 50.

Had DOT Therapy this morning

So this morning I went for DOT Therapy. I was more than ready to get this over with. Fortunately I was sedated so it it was a super easy procedure for me. Here's a picture just after arriving home. My skin is burning but I an cold. Bundled under two blankets. Eyes are swollen and mouth is really sore. This is an area he concentrated on at my request. More updates to come....

Day 2

2nd day I'm much more swollen. No pain except when I wash all the gunk off and reapply. Grid lines are really appearing now.

Day 3 & 4

Day 3 still had swelling and redness. I'm not in much pain. It looks worse than it is. By day four swelling has reduced greatly and this evening I've started peeling.

A Little More Than a Month has gone by

It's been a little over a month since my procedure. I'm very happy with the results. The fine lines and wrinkles have gone away and my neck has smoothed out a lot. My mouth is still healing and I continue to peel on a regular basis. I'm sure it's going to get better and better.

Two Month after Dot Therapy

Here is a photo two months after my procedure. I think my skin is still improving.

Face almost a year later

Here is another updated photo almost a year later. I'm very happy with the result but thinking of doing a facial peel soon.

Another from Birthday Celebration

Still have not had eyes done but will at some point.
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Your "two month after dot therapy"looks like the Perfect365 work!
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Just added two photos from my recent birthday dinner.
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You look awesome!
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You look amazing! How did it affect you days 3/4? Did you take off work? And how long until you felt the swelling was down enough to go back into the real world? Thanks!
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I was off Friday for the procedure and took the entire following week so there was 11 full days to recuperate. I had to cover up with make up when I returned to work because I was still peeling and blotchy. 3/4 I was still slightly swollen and beginning to peel.
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You look great! I had the CO2 laser procedure done Labor Day weekend last year. I looked similar to you with the swelling and the "weeping" lesions. I had phenomenal results. I am having it done again, next week, and am looking forward to an even better result!
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It helped a little but I think I'm still going to have eyelid surgery in about six months.
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I had upper eyelid surgery April, 2013. Loved the results.
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You look great! Did the SmartXide help with your upper eyelids?
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Just a little. It hurts when I was my face and reapply the aloe and aquaphor. I'm hoping the swelling will start going down tomorrow.
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So swollen!  Is there any pain today?

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Thanks for sharing.  What was the recovery like?

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Have not had it yet. Scheduled for 09/18/2013.
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Ahhh silly me- looking forward to hearing all about it after your treatment :)

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