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Scheduled for Dec 19th for MM: BA & TT w/ lipo...

Scheduled for Dec 19th for MM: BA & TT w/ lipo. 45, 5'5 155lbs. I have 1 daughter now 18 and off to college so doing this surgery for me. I've always been slim but gained since turning 40 gained 30lbs over the past 5 years and unable to lose it. Gained 10 this year, the most ever and at 155 I'm bigger than when I gave birth. Hate the sight of my tummy, hips and stretch marks and I'm pear shaped. I hate exercising, and though I'll diet and lose a few pounds but my love for chocolate quickly kicks in and I'll gain it back +. Figured if I'm going to go through it, may as well get a BA, and finally have the boobs I've always wanted. I'm a size 10 and will post measurements and pics before and after. So glad to have you ladies to go on this journey with. Its so scary, the recovery, the expense, the whatifs, but this sight helps to keep me inspired to do it. Wishing those who have gone before a painless and speedy recovery and those waiting continued strength.
Had Pre-op 12/17 Doing lipo of flanks, hips and saddlebags.
155.6lbs, BMI 25.9
Boobs 36
Waist 31.5
BB 39
Hips 41
Lower hips 42
Thigh 24

Had surgery today at 830a. got home at 6p had a...

Had surgery today at 830a. got home at 6p had a 1hr drive and felt as if i was being beating w a baseball. Just discomfort w breast and tummy but lipo on my thighs was excrucianting.a 9. Wondered y the hell i did it.
but i put on the biker pants as per my doctor and i feel a lot less pain im now around a 4.
hope ur all feeling good too.

Post Op Day 1: Made the mistake of going by...

Post Op Day 1:
Made the mistake of going by myself to the bathroom last night, and think I over did it, felt really sore this morning as if I ran a marathon, did 200 pushup and cruches. But still feeling a lot better than I ever imagined. Probably at a 2 now, no pain while sitting or reclining just when I get up theres pressure, tightness and discomfort, taking pain meds every 5hrs. Slept in the recliner and the airline neck pillow is my best friend--forgot who suggested it but you need it--helps with sitting down and not having the intense pressure on your stomach. I also used another tip, a large garbage bag and then 2 thick towels on the seat of the recliner and the bag helps you slide out, towels extra cushion and in my case the lipo on my left side was gushing-so it avoided a mess. Also, put in the car for the ride from surgery.
So far I'm happy with the results--yesterday I was drain 20ccs on left side and 50-80 on right, now its 20/20. My stomach looks flat, not sure if my boobs are big enough, so once I post pics I'd appreciate your feedback--I did 350CC saline, high profile. I still see some saddlebags, so hope that goes away with time and I'm a little black and blue in that area. Dr G did the scar really low, so I'm very happy with that. His team is truly amazing, from the moment I met him I knew he was the doctor I wanted. I could have gotten the procedure a little cheaper at other doctors, but felt really confident in his abilities and understading of his craft. Every question/concern I raised, he gave me not just an answer but an explanation that matched or exceded my researched answers. His assistants were pleasant, professional and knowledgable too. The surgical center in lake Mary is spotless, and the team there was equally impressive my nurse and the anesthesiologist were knowledgeable and compassionate. Have my post op visit on 12/26, and I have to wait until then to take a shower...thank goodness for wet wipes. Eating primarily soup and ginger tea--the breathing tube made my throat sore and the side of my tongue is bruised and blistered. Coughing is the absolute worse, so I've been sucking lozengas too and that helps with the nausea too (that was bad yesterday, didn't actually throw up cause the pain of the stomach contraction scared the urge away.

Post Op Day 2: Was able to sleep last night for...

Post Op Day 2: Was able to sleep last night for 6hrs, but then woke up stiff and in more pain. Feeling worse today. Finding it harder to get in and out of recliner--having a sharp pain in my left groin, I think from drain. Have rattling on my chest and dr advised to cough every hour, but that is the absolute worst pain--especially when standing, I almost passed out from the pain luckily my mum and daughter were holding me up. To add to it, I've had sinus/migraine headache everyday. I was able to walk with slight hunch day 1, but today I'm at 45 degree angle--did anyone else have this issue. The breathing tube did a number on me--sore and raw throat, blisters on my tongue, jaw line and chin swollen and tender. (Did this happen to anyone else?)

Post op day 3 actually feeling worse. I have a...

Post op day 3 actually feeling worse. I have a sharp pain in groin from tube. Started wheezing and have mucus in lungs.drs concerned could be clot because im not walking and drinking enough. he suggests walking every hour and deep breathing evey commercial. has anyone else had this?

Post Op Day 5. Feeling good today. Wheezing gone...

Post Op Day 5. Feeling good today. Wheezing gone by last night, yeah. Still have occassional coughing, but if I hold my stomach with one hand and my diaphram with other it somewhat lessens the impact and the subsequent spasms. Stopped the pain pills day 3 and increased my laps around the room, and breathing exercises and feel better.
The MOM finally kicked in last night, so got lots of exercise speed shuffling to the bathroom, amazing how the horror of possibly crapping my pants numbed the pain of getting up and down from the recliner.
Finally ate a bagel today, and could taste, not sure if its the blisters on my tongue and sore throat that numbed my taste buds and appetite. The swelling around my jaw and neck have gone down some, and the swelling on my arms from the fluids is all gone. My thighs however, look HUGE and still black and blue. The drains are still a pain, my left one no longer drains and its position hurts like hell, not sure if its slipped out. My right one is draining 25 per day now. Hopefully both will be out on Wed.
Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a pain free day.

Post Op Day 5: Added pics from Day 3. Feeling a...

Post Op Day 5: Added pics from Day 3. Feeling a lot better, lower back is sooooo stiff, and the drains have stopped draining and are painful when getting up and down. But overall, have to say the pain has been manageable and much less than I expected. Really have to give thanks to the ladies who have gone before and provided such valuable insight as you have made my journey a lot easier.

Post Op 1 week. Had the tubes taken out today,...

Post Op 1 week. Had the tubes taken out today, yeah! Taking out the stitch hurt more than the removal of the drains. Overall, feeling fine--my lower back is very stiff, still walking hunched, and the swelling has started, but no real pain. My boobs are still very high, so have to wear the band until they drop. Posted pics.

Post Op 11 days: Feeling a lot better, no real...

Post Op 11 days: Feeling a lot better, no real pain unless I move sharply. Do still get stabbing pains in my groin where the drain was. But my back hurts like hell, and I'm still hunched over. Took a shower today and washed my hair, the water on my back helped but I was pooped after. Also, my lungs feel as if their straining, does anyone else have that?
Posted new pics: Have swelling above the TT scar, my BB looks as if its healing, my boobs still need to drop and one is way bigger than the other.
Feedback welcome.

Post Op 15: Swell hell has begun. I went to the...

Post Op 15: Swell hell has begun. I went to the bathroom and had a case of dejavu as my stomach rested on my thigh again, NOOOOOOOOO! My stomach is so swollen.

Post Op 3 weeks. i've posted new pics. In swell...

Post Op 3 weeks. i've posted new pics. In swell hell. My stomach is so swollen that its pulling on the incision on the sides of my hips causing folds/creases. Despite the swelling I've lost 5lbs and my regular clothes fit looser, YEAH! The boobs are dropping, the left one has dropped a lot but the right one is going slowly. The left one is still looking much bigger. My PS gave me exercises to do, and I found a video on the site that had exerrcises so trying them too. Overall feeling fine, Im now able to correct myself whenever I hunch and stand up straight, but by the end of the day it hurts too much to do it. Despite the swelling I have no regrets about the TT & BA. Not so happy with the lipo--the flanks/hips are fine but the dont see much improvement in the saddlebags, they still hurt like hell and have hard spots and massaging them feels like chinese torture. Hope you're all healing well.

PO 3 weeks and 5days had check up and all is...

PO 3 weeks and 5days had check up and all is healing well. Still very swollen, so have to increse my water. Boobs are dropping, and dont have to wear the band any more YEAH.
Does anyone have any tips for the swelling, I am still HUGE! Posting pics from yesterday, can't believe how big the boobies are, had to wear a scarf with the dress, as too much was showing. Never thought I'd say that :)

PO 4 weeks. Posted new pics. My boobs are...

PO 4 weeks. Posted new pics.
My boobs are starting to settle, can finally stop wearing the band. They're looking better, not as cone like. Getting stretch marks under areola, using aquaphor and vitamin E. The scar is barely visable. PS did an amazing job with scar.
Body is still very swollen--both below and above the scar, starting to get dog ears on the sides of my hips from all the swelling.Praying its temporary. Its been 1+ weeks without improvement on my stomach, not happy. The scar is healing I'm so scared the swelling is going to distort it permanently.
Lipo on thighs still hard and bruised. Massaging them but they still hurt like hell.
Increased my water intake, hoping that it wil help the swelling. I'm better able to stand straight, but if I've been sitting for awhile then I'm really stiff and hunched. I've been still sleeping somewhat upright, so I'm going to sleep flat tonight and see if that helps.
Does anyone have tips for helping with swelling?

PO 6 weeks 5 days, haven't really seen much...

PO 6 weeks 5 days, haven't really seen much difference over the past 2 weeks. I'm down to 147lbs want to lose another 7-12lbs. The swelling continues, by 4 pm I just start to expand and the skin on my stomach feels tight and painful. The girls are looking good-posted a pic. Can finally start exercising, hopefully that wont make the swelling worse. Bought new bras, I'm a 36D in most, and 36C in others.

7 Weeks post op today. Posting updated pics. Still...

7 Weeks post op today. Posting updated pics. Still very swollen. My scars are healing well, especially boobs. Still think right boob is much bigger, what do you think.

7 Weeks 1 day PO. Have not gone down a size, but...

7 Weeks 1 day PO. Have not gone down a size, but clothes are fitting much better especially pants. No longer look like a stuffed turkey.
Measurements Before:
155.6lbs, BMI 25.9
Boobs 36
Waist 31.5
BB 39
Hips 41
Lower hips 42
Thigh 24

Measurements 2/7/13 (7 weeks 1 day)
147.0 BMI 24.5
Boobs 39 (+3)
Waist 31 (-.5)
BB 36.5 (-2.5)
Hips 38 (-3)
Lower hips 39 (-3)
Thighs 22 (-2)

How's everyone doing? I'm 10 weeks+, and still not...

How's everyone doing? I'm 10 weeks+, and still not much changes from week 5. Boobs-- have dropped a little more and look more even, though one is still slightly bigger--no discomfort and they look great. Belly button is perfect, oval shaped and nicely indented. However, I'm NOT pleased w/ tummy, still swollen and numb and now I have dog ears on both sides. My Dr is amazing and he checked me today and scheduled revision for Wed. I posted a pic of the buggers. Has anyone else had revisions?
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Google search,,, and

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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after seeing your results I went and did my 2nd consult with him , I'm happy i find out tomorrow when my exact surgery date is :) ....
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I guess what I was trying to say... Don't forget to look in the mirror when you are looking your best!!! From your pictures you look great in my opinion! Even when you are swollen you probably are doing better then before TT :-)
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Sounds like you are roughing through the process. I too suffer from swelling (especially after less then excellent eating days), but when the swelling is completely down, I look at the side view of myself and I'm able to think "yep, this is why I did this, thank you doc!." Out of curiousity, how did the revision go? I'm thinking I have "dog ears", and seem to have a side love handle that I expected to go away... Wondering if its worth another recovery process. I go to ps in beginning of May.
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Hi Surgery Twin, Thanks for the pep talk. I have those moments too when I look in the mirror and think WOW too. Most time I try to focus on the positive, like being able to fit in most of my clothes and looking flatter in them. Instead of complaining that I haven't gone down a size, even though I'm down 10lbs now and my waist is only down 1/2inch, so I don't have the hour glass figure I wanted... I can beat myself up for not paying a trainer and done it the healthier way, but I know it would never have happened :). So overall I am happy!. The revision lipo helped on the right side but not the left and both will have to be fixed again in a few months. The recovery process was minor compared to the tummy tuck. You have to wear the CG for 3 weeks 24/7 again and its probably added to the swelling.
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Really hourglass?? I think u are being too critical. Ur pic in the black panties...u definitely have a waist. Look at ur befores....the transformation is awesome!! Be happy with yourself girl ;)
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You shouldn't have any reservations about NOT looking look great! Be happy with yourself!!!
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Wow!!! You look AMAZING! I saw in another post that you didn't think you look 15k better. I'm hear to tell you that from an outsiders perspective, I disagree with you. :) I really think your transformation is one of the best I've seen.
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Thanks Jennifer and AudeeLee. My PS is a miracle worker, and every now and again in the morning I get a glimpse of what my stomach will look like when the swellings done. But most days, by the afternoon I look like a pumped up balloon and its frustrating...especially after 4 months.
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Just thought I would "drop by" and see how you are doing (we are practically twins on our surgery dates;) My doctor I think won't really consider revisions for minimally 6 months, my gut feeling he would want to wait closer to a year! I'm kind of wondering if I may need one, but also gained nearly 10 pounds, so I've decided last week to readjust my life style and take care of that before stressing about my tummy.
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Sandy did you get a breast lift? or implants? I'm still contemplating a breast lift but havent come to terms with the scar around & underneath the areola altho i have my tuck scar i kind of feel different about the the breast! Oh well i'll make my mind up soon! Your breast scars look great
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Thanks. My boobs were the only part that didn't sag :), so just got implants. The scar disappeared within 2 weeks.
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Thank u so much but WOW look at you! What a difference. Your boobs are slamming. Your tummy look great, your incision is healing well, Dang let me just say overall your healing in looking great CONGRATS!
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Sandy1219, YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I know you are HAPPY!!! and, yeah the right boob looks a lil bigger, but its not noticeable like in the beginning...anyway, I thought our boobs are different sizes anyway...well, YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! YAY!!!!
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Thanks ladies, was feeling so frustrated by the swelling and you've made me feel a lot better.
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OMG you look fantastic!!!!
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You really do look amazing! You have the body of a twenty year old! It must feel so good! What have you been doing to lose weight? My doc said I should do crunches and sit ups only once I reach the 3 month mark but can do light exercise for now. I haven't weighed myself in awhile but was up 7lbs right after surgery; I hope that was just post-op swelling. I need to lose like 5lbs. What do you recommend? Any particular type of exercise (cardio probably)?
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LOL. Its great having a body where my boobs and hips are in proportion for a change :). Just started exercising this week--and only did 20-30 mins on the elliptical. But I've been following the diet plan my doctor gave--basically its like south beach: high protein, lots of veggies and only good whole grain carbs. Also, most important is having 5 small meals per day and a glass of water before and after every meal.
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Girl you look awesome!
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Looking good!!!! When I started working out I didn't see much swelling so don't worry too much about it :)
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I'm 4 weeks and 3 days, I'm down to 148lbs (7lbs weight loss). Today was the 1st day I've noticed a small difference in the tummy swelling. I started sleeping flat for the past 3 nights and increased my water intake and I'm thinking that's helped. Its def. helped with me walking straight--I'm now only hunched after I've been sitting for hours (working) then I get up and I'm all stiff and tight. Tried on pants, I haven't gone down in size, but they fit better, I don't look like a stuffed turkey, my stomach is too tender to wear jeans--but they do fit better, nothing hanging over the waist, but I still have a little pouch from the swelling so I couldn't wear them with a blouse tucked in.
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Your body is beautiful, a complete transformation in your before and after pics. Everything looks very even, and your scar will look invisible in skimpy lingerie ;). Your PS did a great job and you look like you're 25 with great tatas :-) enjoy!
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You look fantastic! I am almost 3 weeks out (2 weeks, 4 days) and still super swollen too! How are you with standing up and walking straight? I few like I should be walking straight up by now but its hard!
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You look awesome keep us posted with your weight. I'm curious to know how much you end up losing total and if you go down in pants size
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Will do. I took measurements last week and despite the weight loss I had not lost any inches :-(...I've vowed not to measure again until the swelling goes down.
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Wow im in love with your last pic,damn i want my breast now
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