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To improve my distorted breasts. My journey...

To improve my distorted breasts.

My journey started in 2000' with the desire of having the "perfect" breasts when I was very young.  I went from a AA to a C and experienced moderate to severe capsular contracture with no resolution after trying to replace them under the muscle technique by another physician on 3 separate occasions.

Recently I chose to have both implants removed by my previous surgeon in August 2011 due to mastitis after delivering my last child as this only enhanced the capsular contracture in my breasts.  Unknowingly, this decision would change my life forever.  I experienced severe right breast skin retraction to the point of looking like a partial mastectomy due to infection from a hematoma/seroma that had developed after explantation.  My husband and I went through soo much emotionally to try and figure out how I could fix this new problem.

After watching a Dr. OZ tv episode, I came upon a fairly new technique where you can inject your own fat into your breasts and amazingly feel soft and mobile like regular breast tissue.  This moment was heaven sent to all my answers and I started researching local doctors in the orlando area.

I met with Dr. Hartog in October of 2011 and was amazed of the possibilities that lay ahead of me.  I understood that this process "took time" even though I am very impatient and wanted to see results immediately.  I was extremely impressed how thorough he was and his staff was amazingly helpful as well.  For once in my life, I found a doctor that made me feel important and listened to my concerns.  He has always taken time to evaluate my situation before making an indefinite surgical decision in pushing me in the right direction. 

This has been a long process as I have worn the brava bra for approximately 12 weeks now and had 2 fat transfer surgeries to date with great success.  My right breast may need a little more TLC but it's amazing with the right doctor and the right technique how this can change my life in a positive direction for the first time in 11 years.  Dr. Hartog and his staff have been soooo patient with me as I am soo critical about myself and always strive for perfection after the tremendous amount of heartache I have experienced with previous surgeons.


Thank you so much for this wonderful review! It's patients like you that make us LOVE what we do each and every day!
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Hi Mel, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad you're getting the results you wanted. Please keep us updated with your progress!

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As of today, I have completed 2 more surgeries...

As of today, I have completed 2 more surgeries since my last review. The shape of my breasts have become more significantly better and able to feel comfortable in clothes including bathing attire. My 4th surgery was on August 22nd of 2012 and Dr. Hartog was able to finally find the scar band under the right nipple and release it from puckering in followed by injecting more fat soo the scar does not reattach. This is a huge accomplishment in my journey over the year. As of now, I am very happy to be where I am today a year later. I was hoping this was my last surgery but still would like the left breast to be filled in a little more on the bottom crease and towards cleavage to match the right. We have been concentrating on the right soo much that my other breast now looks smaller and not as round. However if you look at my history this is not a bad thing but just needs tweaked.


hi. i have consulted with dr. hartog, but as of now my insurance wont' cover it. i am worse off than you were after the explant. so my surgeon that took them out for me in sarasota offered to do some small fat grafting, and a lift for me at no charge. i am lumpy, and HARD. there was no brava....my road has been really really tough as i am sure you can empathize. there is a possiblity that i could still go to dr. hartog if i can get insurance to cover and this doesn't work. i am torn about what to do. i read so many different things on line about what to expect after this. i have so many questions. i was wondering if you might be willing to give me some advice, or talk about it. a phone call or personal email or even meet up for coffee or something....i'm just lost. about ready to just accept it all and give up since i can't afford anything more, i'm tired of doing anything, and my body seems to just not accept anything yet that i've tried. it's just so hard to give up and look like i do.....and not want to keep trying. but keeping at this is so depressing....urrgghh. i was so hopeful that this lift and fat graft would get me to a place i could at least wear a bra in front of my husband, but it hasn't really.... ah, please let me know if you'd be willing to go a little more in depth with me about your experience to help mine along?
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I also have similar results. I'm looking for a doctor to do fat transfer too. I have a million questions. To Brava or not to Brava. I am also self pay and not sure I can afford to continue to have multiple surgeries. Did you have to pay full price for each fat trasfer session?
Hi sorry I took soo long to answer back. I'd be more than willing to talk.

Final Update

Here I am 1.5 yrs post-op totaling 5 surgeries in all to reconstruct. As you can see I really need another surgery to fix the left side as the shape is not quite right but at this point I can't take anymore surgeries for now. Trying to just accept what I have and it's been a long but worth it journey with Dr. Hartog.


I can't see your scars from augmentation or removal... You are really looking good. Glad you found your doctor. Where did you take the fat from to transfer. Do the sites look ok from where it was taken. I need to have fat transfer for botched lipo done on outer thighs and below butt. I only have fat in my flanks that can be taken. Wanted to know if you had fat taken from there and if so the quality of skin there and if you see cellulite or rippling of skin there. I have these effects on my thighs cause the ps took too much fat out. Thanks
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My scars healed really well utilizing the silicone scar cream suggested by my doc. I have one left that's being a little more stubborn but otherwise you can't see hardly anything. I had lipo done in the inner/outer thighs, butt, stomach flanks, lower/upper back 5x's. I have some cellulite on the back of my legs but nothing my surgeon did wrong but the normal aging of life. I really can't say anything negative about Dr. Hartog. He's an amazing surgeon. There are things that need to be touched up on my Breast but I always try to remind myself this is a technique that has made my life changed forever for the good. I try not to be critical on myself in wanting a "perfect Breast".
I also paid for endermologie treatments that's like a deep massage utilizing a machine. It reduces swelling and smooths out irregularities. I also was told if you wear regular panties or other tight garments after lipo you can get permanent marks/lines where the pressure was placed.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

I am so thankful to have put my trust in him and his skills as my results show what a dedicated and experienced surgeon Dr. Hartog has become. In addition, it was wonderful to have his wife, Michelle, walk me through each stage and comfort me. I highly recommend Dr. Hartog and his services to everyone. Thanks Dr. Hartog for changing my life, putting a smile on my face and making feel beautiful again. ---Melissa S.

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