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Can't Tell the Difference After 3 Weeks - Winston Salem, NC

1) there is no discomfort 2) unless something...

1) there is no discomfort 2) unless something starts happening soon I will think it didn't work...it seems pretty mild to do much but thats why I chose it b/c it claims to have dramatic results even tho the treatment is extremely easy

It was slightly warm, zero pain. No redness or...

It was slightly warm, zero pain. No redness or downtime.

pet peeves

people who sell beauty products and try to act like their product really does work. Dont we all know by now there is no cream you can put on your face & see results when you get older. and no, I do not think its wrong to have something done to your appearance to look better if it makes you feel better.
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would like to know if there is still the chance that it hasn't started working yet update its been about 4 wks ... maybe a slight difference...not sure! The PA was great, she treated me like I was her only patient that day . I felt she did the best that could be done... but for $1500 I had my hopes up... wondering if theres a chance of a difference after more time?

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Love your comment, busyindc!! I just turned 55 and YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH! UGH!
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I got a brilliant result with titan but it took way longer than 3 weeks. I would say it was 6 weeks before I started to notice tightening, by which time I had had my 2nd treatment. After that I continued to get more improvement for six or seven months. After the first treatment I thought nothing was happening so I got the therapist to turn up the power, which did hurt a bit but nothing I couldn't tolerate.
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Titan does not work. I have used that Cutera Titan machine in another providers office 7 years ago and NO ONE was ever happy. It wasn't the technique either. Most people can't tolerate the hight heat level require to make the smallest change. Even at the level there is a great potential for burns. Where I work, the business choose not to purchase the Titan option because it is a waste money for no results. Many practitioners will recommend other treatments inbetween the Titans so that you can't tell which actually worked. Ask for an in office credit. You got ripped off!
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If it worked, and it does not, you should have seen results in 2.5 weeks.
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I certainly hope that you've received noticeable results by now. Just bare in mind that most skin tightening treatments can take up to 6-8 months for full results to take effect. This is due to your skin's own Collagen & Elastin production taking time to rebuild and renew itself to it's full potential. However, some patients may need up to 3 treatments to achieve desired results.


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I was just kidding myself to think something short of actual surgery is going to do anything to help sagging of jaws and crepey neck , caused by age. I keep hoping some rich entertainer will have the guts to tell the truth to people of what they had done b/c that would be the only way to know what really works, esp. if you think the person looks natural and not overdone, I'd love to know what they get and then try to find the same locally b/c Im not rich and I cant travel somewhere else but surely local drs. have the ability to do the same things you would think.
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The other thing is this as far as RealSelf comments: if the person is under 55, I cant relate to their issues b/c 55 is really when the troubles begin, yes you might have wrinkles when you're younger but its a whole differnt scenario when you skin changes. When I see some of these 45 year olds getting things done besides botox I just laugh and think my gosh you have no idea how much you're going to change in the next 10 yrs.
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