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Hi everyone! My name is Lori and I had a lap band...

Hi everyone! My name is Lori and I had a lap band in 2009 and have lost approximately 60 lbs. I have a Grade 4 (hangs mid thigh) pannus that I plan on having removed. I am having to write to my insurance company Cigna to see if they will grant prior-authorization, if not I will have to pay ~$10,000 out of pocket. I plan on mailing my letter and all of my supporting documents by the end of this week or early next week. Has anyone here had any experience with Cigna? Also, I would love to hear your experiences. I love reading all of the posts on here!


Now the waiting begins...

I mailed my paperwork to Cigna on Friday (9/20/13) now I just have to wait patiently for an answer. I have faith that this is going to work out in my favor!

I pray it's only a road block ....

I spoke with my insurance company today (Cigna) and they told me that they do not accept clinical notes from patients that they will only accept it from a doctor ... not sure how to proceed now. I guess I will have to let my plastic surgeon know and see if he will be willing to submit it on my behalf.

Just Waiting...

I talked with Cigna today and they have received the paper work from my plastic surgeon. The said it will be a 30 day turn around time. I am hoping it is less than that, but at least I have a time period!


I just found out yesterday that I was approved for my panniculectomy! I am so elated! I will keep everyone up to date as things happen.

I Have A Surgery Date

So, I have a surgery date of December 4th! I am so excited, but also know that I have a lot to do at work and home to make sure I am ready for my absence from work and my weeks at home recuperating.

Does any one have any last minute advice?

Pre-Op Appointment this Week

So it is getting closer & closer .... I have my pre-op appointment this Friday! Only 16 more days til surgery day!!!!

Does anyone have any advice on clothing to wear the first few weeks? When were you able to return to work?

Tomorrow is the BIG Day

Well tomorrow is the big day. I am excited, nervous, anxious and all those other normal emotions when getting ready for something this serious. I know I will do great. I will try to post pictures throughout my recovery.

Surgery Went Well

My surgery went as expected. I hope to post some pics in a few days. Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers.

1 week postop

Today is 1 week since I had my procedure. I have had very little pain, just a little tenderness. My biggest complaint is itching from the irritation of the tape on the bandage, which I have been given permission to remove!!!

I am not totally sure if I am happy with my results yet or not. I am happy that I can now see my lap, but the surgeon didn't do exactly what we talked about in my first visit. I am thinking he changed his approach because I was able to get insurance to cover so he just did what is text book per insurance. I hope to have some pictures soon.

10 Day Post-Op

Here are some 10 day post op pics....

12 days Post Op

Today has been a good day, starting to feel like normal again. Still have 2 drains in my pubic area that are starting to get irritating. I am hoping to have them removed tomorrow and hoping to return to work later this week!

Post Op Day 14 - 2nd post op visit

They only removed 1 of the 2 remaining tubes. I have to return on Friday in hopes of having the last one removed. I won't be returning to work this week as I had hoped because I work at a hospital and can't go back with tubes and open surgical wounds. So hopefully I can return on Monday!

I can wear jeans again!

I haven't been able to wear a pair of blue jeans in years! It was such a good Christmas present to myself to be able to fit in a pair!

3 Weeks Post Op

I am now 3 weeks post op. I returned to work on Monday and was only able to make it half of a day, I was so exhausted. On top of being 3 weeks post op I have a cold which I know isn't helping things. I took Tuesday and Wednesday off for Christmas and am back at work today. Still feeling very, very tired, just hoping I can make it a little longer today than Monday.

My incision is looking great, still waiting on my stitches to dissolve. I do still have some swelling; worse at times than others. I have my next post op appointment next week.

I hope everyone is well and had a Merry Christmas!

4 Weeks Post Op

So 4 weeks today I took a plunge and had a surgery to improve my quality of life. I do not regret that decision one bit and will work every day to make my life even better. I have attached some pics both with clothes and with my abdomen exposed and some close ups of my incision. I go for my 4 week post op appointment tomorrow and plan to ask how much swelling I have or if he thinks all of the swelling is gone. I have been having some burning sensations in my belly button, which wasn't touched during surgery, and under the incision on both the left and right sides. Nothing appears to be infected so I think maybe it is just some stretching or the sutures maybe on the inside ... Anyone else experienced this?

More pics

Sorry these didn't post earlier...

2 Months Post Op

So today I am 2 months post op. It has been a good two months. Prior to surgery I was wearing a size 28 pants and can now comfortably fit in a size 22 and even a size 20 a little snug. I also feel more confident wearing shorter, tighter shirts. I do still have a good size abdomen that I am going to begin working on. Can I say that I don't still suffer from body image issues, no I can't but that is just part of it. I know my body will never be perfect no matter how much surgery I may or may not have and I just have to learn to accept it and love it just the way it is. I go for my 2 month post op appointment next week and will update again then.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Final Visit

I had my final visit with the PS today. He took some pictures and said that I looked good. He told me to lose the weight I needed to lose and come back to see him and we would go from there!

Six Months Post Op

I am six months post op now. My self esteem & confidence levels are really great and I feel a lot better than I did prior to surgery. Working on my additional weight loss must become more of a priority for me though ... I just can't get motivated. Any suggestions???
Dr. Andrew Schneider

Dr. Schneider has been awesome so far. He is always there to answer questions and very promptly. I look forward to him doing my surgery!

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Hey sweet. congrats on your surgery. is the doctor planning on removing anymore of the skin or is that the end of it for you? Is you belly button off center? will they fix it? thanks hun xoxo happy healing sweetie and best wishes
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The doctor wants me to lose some more weight and come back to him when I was ready. However, we would have to go through the whole insurance process again. Due to the way my remaining skin hangs my belly button looks off center. I was really hoping that he would have moved it when he did surgery but he didn't think that was the best option for me at the time. When/if I have additional surgery it will be moved to its proper place.
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OK that sounds like a good idea. i know sometimes they do two stage procedures for safety. it sounds like your surgeon has his head screwed on. I hope you are successful in your endeavors and everything works out for you sweet. sending hugs from australia
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You do look great. Congrats! How are things going now?
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Things are good. I have been at a stable weight, but haven't really lost any additional weight. I really need to work on it.
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U look great!!! May I ask how much was removed?? I just had a pannulectomy 5/23 and had 21 lbs removed and I feel great!!
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Now being beginning of May how are things going? I just met with my PS and cuz I have medicare they won't prior auth but he is willing to go ahead. They just have to get the hospital to agree. So now I wait. I have lost 150+ lbs and have a small hernia now to be repaired. I also have had rashes etc so I qualify that way too. Just being part way thru the weight loss journey I am curious how much easier it is for you to get around and exercise now. That has been my issue
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Moving around is a lot easier now which makes exercise easier. My self esteem and self confidence have improved dramatically!!! I am very happy that I had it done and can't wait to lose my additional weight and finish the process.
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Wow you look amazing!  Love your review, can't wait to hear about your next steps :)
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Thank you Jill!
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I can see in your photos you feel more confident already. It's exciting that you have additional wardrobe options and you can even wear jeans again!
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happy 3 months post op! how's the weight loss going now? =)
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Hi Cathy! The weight loss is going slow. I went and had my lap band adjusted and it was too tight so they had to loosen back up some. I just feel like I am at a huge plateau. I know things will improve with time.
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COngrats on 2 months. I am exactly 2 months out today final is not until 3-2. I had one small spot in my suture that acted up, finally healed up. No soreness. Itchy and flaky to the max though. I have been using Vit E oil along the incision line . My thighs are still holding some fluid but my belly finally is starting to feel softer. I guess that just comes with time. Haven't beenbrave enough to try on jeans yet. But today every time I walked around I kept thinking my pants didn't feels right and they were actually riding down !! I had to laugh. Felt good for a change.
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Great news!
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You're looking really good.
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I bet you feel amazing... I'm ready to work my abdomen off... hope I get my confidence back I feel like I'm gaining weight not losing
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I do feel a lot better than I did. After my surgery I weighed 243 and for the past month I have been ranging from 249-252. I have gained some confidence back but know that there is more in there somewhere.
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My appointment went great. He said I do have a little bit of swelling and that should be mostly gone in about a month or so. He said my incision looks great and I go back in a month. Oh and the burning pulling sensation is completely normal! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!
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I have a pulling pain in my left side I just experienced it lastnight :( oh what fun it was... not really but u look really good I'm sure your Dr will tell u that u have a lot of swelling but it's ok we will get thru it soon
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Looking good. I am having burning and spam pain. I think the nerves are waking up. Wish they would wake up a little less
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So glad you are doing well. Take it easy. Don't work to hard. Most importantly, listen to your body. God bless.
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Guess you're having a Merry Christmas after all, huh? Congrats again!
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Congrats on the jeans! I haven't worm jeans in so long...cannot wait to try some on. I got 1 drains out and still have 2 for at least another week. Other than that things are good! Merry Christmas to you!
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Look at you hot MAMA!
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