31 Year Old Mommy of 4! Been Wanting This for a Long Time - Winston Salem, NC

Growing up I was a thin child until I hit 8th...

Growing up I was a thin child until I hit 8th grade & high school. I struggled with my weight until finally dropping 60lbs after high school. I maintained my weight until I got pregnant with my first child at 22. I ballooned up & delivered at 210lbs. Never lost the weight from my first before getting pregnant with my son. This time only gaining 40lbs & still managing to deliver at 210lbs. Finally in 2010 I got pregnant with my twin girls. I gained the same amount of weight & delivered my twins at 209lbs! But boy my belly had stretched to its limits. After the twins I've worked super hard to get back into shape with a few ups & downs in between. I had found this website by chance just looking for reviews & before & after pictures. I came across Solesisters profile & review. She too lives in North Carolina! So I followed her on her journey through Wake Forest Baptist Hospital with Dr. Kelly & Dr. Showalter. I was so impressed with her review & results that I decided to book an appointment in December for my consultation! Soon after I booked my surgery date!
Hi there I think you look fabulous! And could wear a bikini no problems! You go girl! Life is too short, to worry about small imperfections? Honestly I can't see anything wrong with you! I had a mummy make over 2 years ago! I am happy with mine, I never had lipo, either! I still had fat at the top of my stomach, back and sides, i exercised and cut some carbs, My body is not perfect, but i dnt think anybody is 100% happy with theirs? i feel more confident than ever after 20 years of totally covering up after 5 big babies. You look great do enjoy your new body and baby! :-)
Did they say how heavy the skin they took was? Looks really good so far!
I'm very pleased with my results! They have not! Going to ask them for all the details at my post op appointment this Friday! I will keep you all updated!

Road to recovery!

Today is day 3 post op! Recovery is coming so easy for me! Not sure if it's because I've endured 3 c sections or because I live a pretty active life. But the first day after surgery was the worst. Going forward it has been getting better and better. I was a bit afraid of what to expect because I had read so many stories. But honestly everyone heals different! I wish everyone the fastest easiest recovery possible!
Looks awesome :-)
Thank you! I'm excited for the final result! Good luck on your upcoming surgery! I pray that you have a easy fast & pretty painless recovery!
Thank you so much for posting your review and the pics! I felt so comfortable when I met these docs...and I had been to several consultations. I had a very bad experience with a breasted reduction in 1990 and find it harder to trust. After solesister and your reviews I'm sure I made the right decision. I'm so excited to take my turn Friday. Take care and please keep us posted on your recovery. Happy healing!

Another pic!

Going stir crazy! Lol

Not much to update! Feeling great and can't wait to be back to normal! It's so hard not being able to do much for my little munchkins but my husband has been so AMAZING! He has waited on me hand and foot being such a great nurse! Taking care of the kids, cooking and housework! Definitely couldn't ask for a better hubby! He's my rock, my everything! Happy healing to everyone! Until I post again! Chao!

One more thing!

I will post more pictures after my post op appointment on Friday!!!

Was feeling a little froggy & oh so bored! So decided to take some full body pictures!

congratulations and happy healing to you.
Thank you zaria63! :)

Feeling better and better every day!

Not much to report! I feel as though I'm healing on track. I do however feel as though one boob projects more than the other and I feel like they are so square. Also seems as though my nipples are quite low :( When will they start looking more like boobs? Any help would be wonderful!!!
You look great! I've heard of the square boob syndrome, but I also heard it resolves itself once they settle into place. I can't believe how well your recovery has gone! Awesome!
Thank you! I see your surgery is scheduled for May 14th! How exciting!!!! I can't wait until they look more round & not spongebob squarish lol! Like I said it truly is scary how easy this recovery has been. Take it easy & can't wait to follow your progress! Good luck!!!!
Do you think your nipples seem low because you're a bit hunched over? I'm going to tell them I want them pointing straight ahead...lol Glad you're feeling better.

Post op day 6- front view of boobs

So tired of lounging on the couch!

So ready to get back to the swing of things! Can only watch so much tv! And my twins have toys everywhere! I'm a little OCD lol! Anyone else bored of hanging on the couch all day long???
Wow if im feeling or looking half as good as u ill be sooo happy. Your doing great . Good for you . Positive thinking ;-) Im in tomorrow. So scared. Will chat soon. Take care x
Don't be scared or nervous! Just think about the end results! You will do fine! I will pray your surgery goes smoothly tomorrow! Keep me updated for sure!

Can you tell I'm so bored!

Just some more pictures of my squarish boobs


Is the pain worth it. You look awesome but i am freaking out as it gets closer. Please some positive thoughts would help.

Post op appointment today!

So ready to get the drains removed!!! WHOO HOO! Also get rid of this annoying binder and get my body garment today! Plus I get to see what the doctors say about my healing! Until later! Talk to you all soon!!!!!

Post op appointment went well!

Everything looks great and I'm healing well! Got my garments! A bit tight but feel oh so flat! The drains came out as well but after being pulled I got super light headed, saw stars & went slightly deaf lol! Doctor said it's normal. I just had to lay down for like 10 minutes. He took some pictures and then the nurse put my garments on! Let me tell you they feel so funny especially since you have a pee and poop hole! It's a bit weird thinking about having to wear it while you pee & poop. Plus what the heck am I suppose to do during that time of month?! I will post some pictures when I can! Happy healing everyone! Oh yeah I go back in 3 weeks for a follow up!
So DONT poop through the hole.....only pee! And during that time wear underwear on the outside and the pad fits perfectly in the hole.
Good advice! The hubby & I were talking on the way home lol! Going to hold any of that until he gets home so he can help me take it off do my business then put it back on lol! :D
How long did you wear yours?

A few pics in my garment!

Let's just say I feel like a 10lb sack of potatoes stuffed into a 5lb sack! Ha. Doctors did say I'm very swollen still so can't wait to see the progression here! Oh & my boobs are looking much better today!!!!
Happy healing!!
Thank you!
:) Do you feel your scar is up a tad higher?

8 days post op!

Felt good to shower!!!! Lol. Did some walking today, felt really good! Hung out with some friends and BBQed! Oh & my boob are starting to look so much better!!! Hope everyone is healing happy!


The boobs are looking better each day! And your tummy is so flat. Congrats on your weight loss. I know what it feels like to feel too big. You should be really proud of your accomplishment! Enjoy the flat side!

It's been a few days since I've opted a full body pic

Just thought I'd post a full body so you can see how my TT scar is healing. Also some side views before & an after.
Thank you! Good luck on your upcoming surgery!!!


To see it side by side!

Just a little update

So hubby had to go back to work today so back into mommy mode for me. Only took one pain pill today but seem a bit more sore than I have been. Most likely cause I've been having to do a bit more with 2 & 1/2 year old twins. I'm trying to relax for the most part but definitely did more today. No real changes. My right boob still seems to be dropping at a slower rate, I'm thinking it's because that's my dominant hand so the muscle isn't let it go easy! Took a few pictures of my tummy tuck scar up close! And that's about it.
I can identify with being squished into that garment! I can barely breathe! You're looking better and better.
Lol! In 3 weeks I go back & get a smaller size! I can imagine stuffing myself into that one! Thank you! Wishing it would go faster lol! If there was a fast forward button if be using it! I'm ready to get back to a "normal" life & exercise too! But that seems so far away still
Glad you're doing well. Try not to overdo it. Those twins must be fun though.

Love my under armour super support sports bra!

I only wear it while washing my compression bra I received after surgery! But I love it! Love my new boobies and can't wait until they are fully settled and soft and squishy!
Looking good!
Thank you!!! :)

Put on jeans for a bit yesterday!

Felt so good to not be stuck in sweats or anything stretchy! But could only wear them for a little bit as after a while they were a bit uncomfortable!
Wow you look great!!! HOT mama indeed!!! I can't wait to put on real clothes... Been stuck in pj's and button downs for a week :-)
Well just look at you hot mamma!! LOL I can't wait to get into some "real" clothes!
Just found your review through a comment you posted on another review. You look totally fab! I enjoyed reading your review. I thought your comment about wearing your garment at "that time of the month" was so cute. Sweetie, be happy as long as you have that time of month. Someday, you'll look back and wish you still had it in lieu of menopause. lol! You take care and keep us posted.

17 days post op!

So it's 17 days post op & I feel great! I can fully walk straight now! Not much pain except the usual stretching of my boobs! And still a little pain on my left side lipo site! Sleeping a little lower & not so high up. Can't wait to be able to sleep on my side! It's so hard to get comfortable and stay comfortable in one position! Hope everyone is healing well!
P.s last nights sleep was utter crap! 2 1/2 year old in the middle= bad sleep lol! But I'm going to relax and be completely LAZY today! :D
You're looking really good! Your boobs look very even and dropping at the same rate. Do you still have the glue on your incisions? I'm wondering how long before it comes off. Lucky you!! Walking upright :) I can't wait!
I do! It seems like it's taking forever to come off! You will be walking upright in no time! My right is still slightly higher so taking a little longer but definitely can't wait for my belly button to go back in! It just looks so weird to me! How are you feeling?
For the most part, I'm feeling pretty good. It's a mental work out for sure! My belly button looks way in! But that's only because I'm so swollen. It's looking like mine might be heart shaped :-)

Oh how I can't wait to get back to exercising!

So not much really going on. Today I went to shower and noticed that my right boob has actually dropped much more and now my boobs are a bit uneven! I liked when they were dropping at the same rate lol! But any who! I'm so ready to get back in the gym! After getting my "trouble areas" fixed I'm now seeing so many more things I need to fix! Can't afford a full body worth of plastic surgery so I will resort to trying to fix with good old diet and exercise! How is everyone else healing? Hope all is well!
U look fabulous
U look faulous
I can so relate to wanting to get back to exercising! My mind is willing, just wish my body would catch up!! I'm anxious to start working on my legs and see if I can improve them. AND I'm so tired of looking at all this glue :(

Sorry I'm a little late posting my 4 week post op!

So I'm 1 day shy if 5 weeks! It's been getting easier! I'm a lot more active as I was cleared for normal house work last Friday! WHOO HOO! Also I was cleared for treadmill! I have yet to get to the gym though! It's been a bit hectic as we are getting ready to PCS to a new duty station in about 3 weeks! Doctors said I'm looking good as far as healing goes! Yay! They did give me a strap to wear so that my implants can settle a little faster! My love handles look like they are starting to improve a bit more! All in all I'm very happy with my results thus far! I can't wait to see what the future holds! I go back for a 2 month post op check up right before leave NC! Not looking forward to any future post op appointments as I will be about 5 hours away as opposed to the hour & a half to 2 hour drive I do now! The only real complaints I have at 5 weeks post op is the soreness on my left side lipo site! But I'm walking straight, sleeping on my back and sides! Still wearing my garment and surgical bra 24/7! I was told to use a marble to help push my belly button in. I used it for a few days but started breaking out from the tape! So I'm going to try a new tape and see how that works!
Wow!! You look freakin AWESOME!!!! Super flat and your boobs look great!
You look amazing. I wish I live closer to your dr. Here in IL its so expensive
Wow, look how flat you are! Your breasts settled really nice. You look fantastic :-)

So I'm a little over 3 months post op!

Sorry it's been a whole since I've done an update! Life has definitely kept me busy! So all in all I love my results! Not too happy with my tummy tuck scar as it looks uneven & a little higher than I'd like. I'm super happy with how my boobs turned out! I just joined a gym about a week ago so hoping to start toning the rest of my body! Yay!

Why I have a crooked scar! Lol

So I actually was just doing some research! This explains exactly why my scar is crooked!

The scar can get more crooked if the most skin possible is taken out - the tension of the tight skin pulls the scar in different ways. If you take less skin, you can make the scar even and straight. It seems like a really big deal at first because the scar is red and thick. After about 3 months, the scar starts to remodel and become soft. Eventually, it gets to feel like the rest of your skin and is skin colored - it fades really well. At that point, you will be happy the most skin possible was removed with your super flat belly! Makes more sense now!
Your results are amazing, your scars are healing very well. How many cc did you choose?
Thank you! I went with 400 cc's!
Wow you look amazing.

Just another picture

Hi Lady, you're looking really good. Your tummy is flat as can be!! I hope the move went well. I'm going Friday for my last follow up before the good docs move on to their private practices.
Do you know where they plan on going?
Dr Showalter is opening a private practice in Virginia and I may be mistaken, but I think Dr Kelly is going to Colorado. I would follow Dr Showalter if money was no object! He is awesome!

Just another comparison picture!

So very happy with my results! Scratch the past statement about my scar being crooked! I would definitely recommend Dr. Showalter and Dr. Kelly to anyone in a heartbeat! So happy I made the decision to go through wake forest baptist plastic surgery residents clinic!
You have a nice flat stomach. Your breasts couldn't be more asymmetrical if you tried! Looking good! Your side-by-side are amazing.
AHHHHHH! Shoot! SYMMETRICAL! I was trying to say they looked perfectly even! I always manage to goof up the simplest of words. Goodness I am so embarrassed!
You look fantastic! What a difference!
Dr. Kelly and Dr. Showalter

Both Dr. Kelly and Dr. Showalter were amazing. They were super friendly and very helpful! They answered every question before I even had a chance to ask. They made me feel so comfortable & never made me feel rushed. Never made me feel stupid for asking every tedious question possible! I'd highly recommend these wonderful surgeons to anyone looking for any plastic surgery in the beginning!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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