Mastopexy,Mini TT with Lipo - NC

Hi everyone, I am a 77 yr old young lady, who has...

Hi everyone,
I am a 77 yr old young lady, who has the pep of a 39 yr old, wears in style clothes but realizes they have to be mostly conservative. I am married, have 5 children, 9 grandchildren and almost 6 great grandchildren (6th one due in June, I am an RN and retired 2 years ago and really miss my nursing. I've always kept my appearance up, but since retirement, my wt. is up.

So, I'm not going to the glue factory any time soon, so I've decided to improve where improvement is needed.

My experience thus far has been positive. I have a wonderful PS who in 2006 rescued me from loosing my leg after a motorcycle accident. Hes board certified and I have the utmost
respect for him and his skills. 

I've had saline implants since 1974, never have had any problems with them and they are still soft and intact. My PS was amazed when he examined me. However, my breasts are sagging and I appear very matronly in whatever I wear. So, I am having explantation and a lift, aiming for the natural look. I am also having the mini TT at the same time, as a revision to an abdominoplasty scar, as I have gained weight and my tummy is not flat anymore...I know you may be thinking "now why would a senior citizen want to spend money on plastic surgery?"
Well, for one thing, its not comfortable to have saggy breasts that don't fit in a bra that is comfortable, and my belly is also uncomfortable especially when I'm doing exercises, so I pray that a nip and tuck will have me feeling comfortable till I meet the good Lord....which probably won't be for another 20 years, my family has longevity to middle 90's....I am healthy without any health issues at all and so I'm going to enjoy keeping myself attractive for my husband......I've had a face lift about 20 years ago, and my skin is glowing, I keep it that way by using the OBAGI skin care. so I'm going to be a real happy camper after I am in shape again... 

I am seeing my PS for my pre-op appt on Mon. April 29th. My surgery is scheduled for
May 14th at 8 am. I am very excited and will keep you all posted...I guess with the "you all",
you can tell I'm a southern bell......:) God Bless you all and thank you for being interested in
My Story.... I have read and replied on many of your posts and I am truly proud of you gals.

Pre op appt today the 29th. Lab work, EKG,...

Pre op appt today the 29th. Lab work, EKG, pictures taken, physical, instructions for post op given and paid in full. Will be taking anti-inflammatory supplement Bromelain with Quercetin started 3days before surgery and continued seven more days. Always on empty stomach. Also, dr gave me Arnica sublinquil 3 tablets under tongue nothing by mouth for 15 minutes. Before and 15 minutes after, which is for bruising, swelling and pain. And Vicodin for pain and phenerghan suppositories for nausea and vomiting when and if needed.
I was told having my Mastopexy following my explantation, would require me to wear a support bra, not a compression, no ace bandage .
Tummy Tuck with lipo, will require the compression garment. I most likely will have a drain or two for the TT. That's about all I can share at this time. My
Renewal date is May 14th, 8 am. (Surgery :0)
Please pray a little prayer for me Please?
Angel face
Glad to see you finally posted!!! Now you have to put some pics up to inspire us all Great you are staying so young and with that positive attitude :) xx Huggzz
Thanks for sharing your story, angelface! My explantation is the day before yours so we'll both be crossing to the lighter side!
And we'll compare notes to keep up with each other. I'll be thinking of you on your day and will pray for a comfortable post op with little discomfort. God bless and good luck. Angelface

Hi gals, Just want to catch u up with my journey...

Hi gals,
Just want to catch u up with my journey. I had my pre op appt....
HATE posing nude for a nurse or anyone. Wore my sleep eye blinders so I wouldn't see her expressions. Jus kidd'n. All went well, but golly they give you so many reasons for not going through with it pertaining to all the things that can go wrong with surgery and anesthesia.
However, I still want to experience feeling natural and looking natural and healthy. And so, May 14 th is
My big day and I am so excited..
Hug zzz to you all.
Lv each and every one of you for your support and encouragement.
angel face
You are definately an inspiration angel face now if we could figure how to get your photos you have a camera by chance? you could download them onto your computer...I'll ask my honey how you do it with a phone because i have no it an 'i-phone'? Huuggzz and warm thoughts to you and all of us brave girls :)
Girl, you are a hoot! If you're ever in Texas, let me know and I'll buy you a margarita and take you boot-scootin!
Oh my goodness what a hoot...I would love a margarita, maybe 2. And also, LT Trxan what's boot-scootiin? Sounds like fun. Never know, I may surprise you. Lv &tanks for talkin to me... Angelface

Oops, forgot to tell Dancelighter that I have a BD...

oops, forgot to tell Dancelighter that I have a BD happening on May 6th, Monday,yep, gonna be 77 yrs young and really feel good. Golly, I don't feel
like an ole lady, my mind is still on the Beatles, Mick Jagger,Rod Stewart , and
at this time I'm really enjoying Country with Blake Shelton...I love to listen to music while out driving and well, I just want to keep going till I can't any more.
Soooo looking forward to May 14th, to get my body in shape....Say a little
prayer for u all, Angelface
Yea! There you are!! You did it, angelface!! Your skin looks so young and healthy--that should help with the recovery, right?
Yes my sweet dancelighter :) it is an apple i-phone, I said apple because I think other companies sell i-phones too, don't they? I know how to take a picture of me on my phone but then what lol, hahaha....I'm at a lost as to what to do with it..... you'd better ask your honey to instruct this bunny how to do it lol hahaha:0), I am so excited about having all my stuff done.....oh, one thing I don't understand and hope I won't embarass you, but they gave instructions to me for the night before surgery.....they said to shave a bikini shave, what the heck is that???? lol....tell me please how much to get rid of :0)...So glad I have you kids to talk to and get advice you all so much and get back with me soon......Oh gosh, the 14th can not come soon enough......tee hee......and NO I haven't been drinking just a little gitty because of to me soon.....hugzzz, angelface
Gosh--I'd go for a bikini wax if I were you. :-)

Golly, Miss Molly, they look like Torpedoes from...

Golly, Miss Molly, they look like Torpedoes from WWII.. Lol :0)..
Will be extra excited on May 14th...lets do a cheer!!!!!
Give me a. Boobies, Give me a B,
Give me a GONE.....
Can't wait for the SMALLS..:0)))
Lv to u all
Your big day is almost here :)
Has anyone heard from dancelite, surgery was today!????
Hi angelface1, I just think you sound like the nicest person and if we lived close to each other we could be good friends. Also, I am a dog person and love the pic of your little doggie! Just wanted to say that I just posted my recent update with pics on my review. I'm pretty much done but will follow you and cheer you on from the sidelines - you will do beautifully; you have the greatest attitude and that's 99% of what it takes! Hugs from Me

Count down continues, Tues can't happen soon...

Count down continues, Tues can't happen soon enough. I'll post ASAP post op to let you know what's happening. Thank you for all your support... Happy Mother's Day to all Moms..
Angel, we are right here with you sweetheart! Don't think for a minute that you are alone. Isn't it amazing how you wait, wait, wait and then here it is! You are going to be one hot gal when this is over and done - look out for Angelface! Just because we are a little "older" does not mean that we don't care or that we consider ourselves "over the hill"!
Hey Angel!!! Your surgery is Monday? I am soo excited for you...shall be sending prayers out for you..How exciting for you to do this, you are going to feel and look soo good your husband won't be able to keep his hands off you!! Luv and huggz and shall be there with you in thoughts :) xoxo
I meant Tuesday...gee that is only four days away :) !!! xx

Only 3 days to go and started taking Bromelin...

Only 3 days to go and started taking Bromelin today. It's sunny and to work in my garden and enjoy. And to all you gals have a beautiful weekend and Happy Mothers Day to those who are celebrating. Hugs and fuzzies to all. Lv. Angelface
Hey Angel,...time is getting very close. I am thinking of you and shall burn a candle for you beginning Tuesday morning. You must be very excited...before you know it will be over. Please post at first chance :).. Luv ya and wish you lots of joy in this new beginning. Let's stay close thru this ..K? Warm soft huggzz, Ana xx
You are going to feel 10 years younger when the booby traps are out!! have a lovely weekend, lots of love x
Thank you so much for you're support. No way we are over the hill, just begining a new phase of life... I'll keep posting , going to start Bromelein today. Hugs. Angelface

Tomorrow is my day to become El Naturale. I want...

Tomorrow is my day to become
El Naturale. I want to express to each and every wonderful women who has befriended me, thank you for all your kindness and your encouragement. I will be in touch following my surgery, if God is willing. Goodnight! Angelfsce
wow oh wow I am so proud of you! I was told they do lipo into the 80's . I just had major lipo in January and just turned 61. I am like you. Lots of energy, think and act young and I had a deep plane face lift 1 year ago. I figure if its available and you do your research why not. My facelift was much easier than my lipo. It has taken 3 months to feel good and I am back with my trainer doing crazy stuff. Taking arnica really helped with bruising and healing. Also massage helped smooth things out. I have some wripples on my tummy but the huge buddha is gone. So happy for you and would love to know more about the face products. I have heard of it.
Just a short note to you, I am getting ready for bed as my surgery is in the morning.. My rejuvenation skin program is by OBAGI NU DERM. I purchased it by my PS, all his staff use it and they are very satisfied. Their skin is glowing. Best for you to search on line. Good luck and Good Night Angelface1
Good luck tomorrow, Angelface! You seem like a real firecracker, I'm sure you'll recover quickly and beautifully! Looking forward to your updates! P.S. Did you notice that they moved your review to the lipo section? Maybe you should change your title to 'Implant removal w/ mastopexy' so they put you back over in our section where you belong! ;-)

Whoopee it's been a trip..I am home, NO pain but a...

Whoopee it's been a trip..I am home, NO pain but a little.. Thank God. I was shocked to find out that I had Saline implanted and God only knows that the left one ruptured between the time of my Pre op appt and me surgery date. A miracle happened and all of you gals prayed and brought me through this. My doctor did an awesome sculpting and I have come through with breasts of a nice size, haven't seen them yet.. I will take a shower tomorrowo and dr called called tonight ans said to keep compression bra on and I may shower in the morning.
He told me I sounded wonderful and not a lady recovering present day of double gig of Mini TT, lipo
And explantation..' I feel so good, I will continue to rest and heal with the Bromelin and Arnica.... Love you all for all your prayers
and support. Amgelface1
So glad ou are back home and safe... huggzz xxx :)
Light again.. how are you doing?? thought of you when entered i into a blessed environment. I had not taken any pain medicine till 6:30 pm. It from the discomfort from "drain" from the T T and Lipo.. Your prayers and Candle did get Gods attention. Lv u , be in touch,tomorrow with A special gal in my life. Thank you Angelface1
Wow, Angel, I can't believe you're home already! I'm anxious to hear what you think of the lipo as I'm having that too. So glad you are safe and sound! Sweet dreams and take care of yourself! Xoxo

Hey gals,

Hey gals,

Surprise implants turned out to be Silicon, dr...

Surprise implants turned out to be Silicon, dr called me this am and told me that between my pre op appt and surgery my right implant ruptured but it was a small opening and was able to clean it out with no complications.
Didn't take a shower this morning, in error I took a sleeping pill last night and with anesthesia and Vicodin it wiped me out and too weak to take a shower , will take one this pm..My hubby took 2
Photos but taken too close. Happy with the results so far.
Talk later, taking a nap .
Hi Angelface, Don't worry about the silicon, mine were too. He will have washed the area out thoroughly after he took them out. I was told to wait for a shower till the steri strips were out, 10 days and not to put any soap, creams or antiseptics on the breast, incision area. The photos look really good! Make sure you rest well. Take care X
Hi Lima gal, All is going well at this time. Bloating is uncomfortable and breasts feel heavy and sore, but no major discomfort.. Back of my neck is tiring and uncomfortable, but Tylenol takes care of it.hope all is good with you. Hugs, angelface
Hi Angel, hope you're doing much better today and continuing to have lots of rest. Been thinking of you. Take care x

Worth it

My Dr Tucker is amazing and worth every thousand I spent.
My surgical procedures were both successful.
He said one week, then he will re-assess.

Mastopexy, explant, lipo

Friday and feeling so much better, still draining from TT, will see Dr for post op appt.. Tues, 21st to get drain and sutures out ( I hope). Will take photo of smaller boobs today..hopefully. I'm behind on answering messages so please forgive. Lv & hugs to all of my new friends for all your support and info you have shared.

Explant. Mastopexy. TT

Just got out of shower, feeling great Here's a couple pics. I hope swelling goes down. I want smaller boobs. Just need more patience.

Explant. Mastopexy. Mini TT

Wow!!! Is that swelling or is all that boob your own tissue?! lol. ;-) You look fantastic! Hope it's still been smooth sailing for you, angelface!
Hello sweet friend. How are you feeling today? Neck and head any better? Rest and take careM. Xoxo
So glad you are resting. I am a superwoman like you and was so hard to just sit still. It might take longer to heal as the younger ones. I am now 4 months post op and feeling good. I did go through a lot of swelling, lots of sensitivity, tons of itching and just yucky. Let sweet hubby take care of you. I have one of those and was so blessed. Later my surgeon raised his eyebows as to how long it would take for recovery...LOL

Explant mastopexy TT Lipo

Today, 24th feeling much better.
Breasts are soft and full, with some swelling on left breast where implant ruptured. TT is all healed, some swelling and little tenderness but flat rock tummy,,
Really good results thus far. Will take pics and post.. Always forget to take pics when I'm put of shower, but will try to remember this weekend. I am satisfied but didn't realize howuch discomfort related to lipo/ TT , lots of swelling. Bloating and fluids a d drain is not comfortable,, it was removed 9 days post op when 24hr output is under 30cc.
Probably would have been easier on me if I were younger..just really was wiped out, today 1st day feel like I'm human.. Lol. angelface
what a very sounding youthful"older"young woman,your amazing chica! hola! and i congratulate you,your the same age as my mother almost,she look AND feel way younger like to take off literally 25 years off her.or more..god speed to u.she only need/want her chin area done,lil nip n tuck there,that is all...Not heavy,nor the breast etc. but i know she is not doing it! lol i told her i will treat her one day to it,she smile,but for now she still is saying nope,she has a great youthful glow,persona like you. the personality i feel reading this 2x is amazing,god speed to u,and i am happy your,satisfied it seem,and that is most important... i really love readin this,keep us posted and rest up angel... God is good. and i agree,this site es lo mejor(i said is the BEST!)for "real"support from,all these great "real women."and a few men i've met here.Your really proof in life,that A.I.J.A.N.(AGE is just a number...)i love that. All about how we care for ourselves,first and foremost,belief in the lord and take care of our loved ones,family,and most relevant US! good luck to you.god bless adios CertifiedSexxxiFlatStomachCertified2013!
Hello you wonderful Yankee Red, I am a transplant from NJ. You are very sweet and thank you for caring. It's not a walk in the park receiving these Procedures and I understand your Mom not wanting to go under surgery. I am in excellent health, however it has put me on my back for 2 weeks, today being 2 weeks post op. I saw the doctor today, everything is A OK- but told me it may be weeks till all the swelling goes down and I feel like me again and he said my age has alot to do with, sweet seƱorita, don't push Mama unless its an explant, that she'd need to avoid side effects in the future... Lv you and hugs to you, angelface
Hi Angelface, So happy to hear you are doing well. Just think how far you have come with this process, and each day will be better than the last. You are inspiring many women!

Mesopexy lipo TT

Hi ladies, went to dr today, 2wks post op. a couple sutures removed-others dissolved on TT.
Rt breast okay, left breast swollen
but healing and its soft, so dr said
Continue to wear sports bras and
Come back in 2 weeks, don't remove tape on nips, sutures are
also dissolve. I have no more body aches or headaches, now
That I can take Aleve. I still get tired easily, dr said it may be weeks before I'm feeling my self
And it has everything to do with age. So I was and am very fortunate to have excellent health.

Dr said he would never risk anything performing my surgery if I were not in such good health..
Well, Lv to u all and thank you for all your prayer, support and the
strength you have given me to have the positive feelings to go through with the procedures.
I took photos, not to good at it, I'm going to see if I can post :0)
Hello gorgeous! So good to hear from you and that things are going well. Getting over anesthesia is no picnic. I read somewhere ages ago that for every hour one is under a general, it takes one month to get over. Sure seems accurate now, right? I'm tiring easily as well. Went to bed at 7:15 last night but of course was up at 3:00 this morning. My body clock is all screwed up. Can't wait to see your new pictures. Great big, Texas size hugs! Xoxo
Love to u LTT, rest to get strong again. How is your lipo areas doing ? Your boobs are beautiful and fluffing up nicely. Lv n hugs. angelface
Wow what good news!! So happy for must be excited. The healing is a process..I am one week ahead of you and i know it will be a few more weeks for total healing, i mean it must be a terrible shock on the body to go though surgery trauma. So it will take a little time to repair itself and we just have to be patient. Can hardly wait to see your new pics!!:) Love you and sending big energy huggzz >>>>>> xxx

TT Mastopexy. Explant. Lipo

May 28th drs visit. All A O K
WOW! Fantastic result! :-) I know you wanted small boobies, but I don't think that's in the cards for you, love! You'll just have to settle for smaller with great shape! Happy continued healing!
Yo better work hunny!!! Your surgeon did his thing!!! You are gonna look extra fab & you are helping me get past the jitters & all the ppl in my life that think I shouldn't have this done!!!! You are a baddie:)
Look at you! Wow, kid you are looking good - I can only imagine that you are a little sore as things heal but your results are tremendous. I only had the explant and could not help whining just a little once in a while. You are not even complaining - you are an inspiration!

TT lipo. Mastopexy explant

Today, June 4, 3weeks post.. Well, coming along fine. TT all healed and successfully flat. Breasts, left one still draining from a small incision site under breast, a clear amber fluid, just takes time for it to heal,,,,,just bothersome keeping dressing on for absorption. I am still needing to rest alot as I feel tired yet when up trying, to do things. But it's all worth it, just wish my breasts were smaller.. 40-D. More than I wanted. I'm sure theirs still much swelling , so I'll just be patient.
Thank you to all my new friends for being concerned and caring about my recovery. Lv & hugs and much blessings to those who are due to cross over. It is so comfortable and Naturale .
Me too Anglface just checking in. How are you doing? Everthing ok? Let nus know please!! Luv 'n huggzz xx
Hey angelface, haven't heard from you in a while. Are you okay? Please post a quick update so I won't continue to worry. Xoxo
At your age things will take time to get your energy back. I can say that as at age 61, I had a harder time than a 40 year old. It took forever for me to lose swelling, not stiff, sensitivity and numbness to resolved. Now 4 months I am back to where I was. I am the every ready bunny. I can do 8 hours of yardwork , take a few advils and next day do it again plus workout with my trainer. She said she cant believe how strong I hang in there and wow your stomach looks incredible. I am going to post new 4 month photos but waiting for my new bathing suit to arrive...LOL

Mastopexy, Lipo,Mini TT

Hello to all my gal friends,
I hadn't had any luck replying to you messages, so very sorry....So I thought if I went to post a new review, Maybe I can have some luck to get the message to you....I am 99% healed from my TT, just some fluid on my left hip....My breasts are like a set of twins....the left one has fluid and it is draining well, it had the ruptured caps.......the right one has not drained but swells and goes down and now is about a DD cup neither of them are of a discomfort to me....The.Nurse at my PS told me to take Bromelin and Arnica again, that it would help with the swelling and fluids...( I do not want any needle stuck in my breast) as there is no redness, pain or throbbing....just has fluids... When I had a lot more fluids in me from the TT/lipo and Mastopexy, it caused my BP to go up to 160/94 when I was up and doing things/ This is when I felt fatigued, dizzy and short of was caused by my elevated any of you gals are having the feelings I experienced, the weakness etc.....check out your BP.....because it makes sense if you are on overload from fluid retention, its not unusual to have an elevated BP and you should notify the dr.
Although, I being a nurse, started process of elimination to determine why I was feeling
so darn bad..and discovered it was my BP......I have never had an elevated BP before this check it after your up and start feeling the symptoms, take care of yourself....
I am doing so much better and drink alot of water to flush the extra fluids from my system and since my breast is draining the BP is almost normal again....
Miss talking to you all, especially LTT, ET and Dancelite who have left messages to me, I am sorry but I'm having some kind of problem with the and hugs and God Bless you all..............Angelface1.
Hey Angelface, Glad you're doing better but it sounds like you're still hitting some bumps in the road.  Is your energy level getting better?
Hey sweetie...just read your update and glad to hear you are doing so well. I am sure with each day you are feeling better. Aspiration must hurt a lot but you've just been through MAJOR surgery so in the long run it will be worth it. Can't wait to see your updated pics.. Thinking of you and sending healing energy >>>>>>> your way!! :) Love and hugss xx
You look great. Now reading your post I don't feel silly having my breasts reduced next month and having lipo on my back (I am going in a couple of days after my 54th birthday). Thank you so much for your story.

Mastopexy explant

Been having alittle ouches with my beautiful 38 c 's. lft is finally settled into a soft cloud and the right had aspiration last Mon of a Seroma 70cc. Over this past weekend on Sat woke up with a fluid blister in crease under rt breast no pain. On sun woke up with a larger blood and drainage blister, but not draining till
Later that evening. All of a sudden when I got out of the shower it burst
Like a water balloon. What a mess, about 200cc if not more. Kept dressing on it. I saw my PS today. He cleaned it out, cultured it and cut tissue from the wound thinks it was the Seroma sac that did not dissolve and held on to fluids. It was tender but my doctor is so gentle he did his best not to make it hurt too much.
I am on Keflex , but the culture will show if I need a different antibiotic.
So gals ill be going back in 3 days, Thursday for dr to check me and get the results of my culture. It is nothing that is disabling to me and I am not a bit discouraged , getting my strength back. And just can't wait
To wear some lacy soft bras . I will post my beautiful boobs someday soon when they're both soft clouds
I did have a heart break a week ago, Sunday , my precious little Misty, 15 year old chihuahua passed away in my arms. She's never been sick a day in her life, she just started major slow down on Fri and just went off to heaven on Sunday...miss my little girl
Anyway, that was a major happening , not the boobs. :0). Love you gals and thanks for asking about me. Love and hugs to u all
Angelface 1
Hi Angel, I haven't been on in a long time but wanted to check up on you. So sorry about your little Misty. I lost one of my little schnauzers 3 years ago and I still miss her terribly - it's very hard. I have pretty much healed from my surgery and from what you are saying I think you are on the right path. Sorry to hear it has been a difficult journey.
Reply so sorry to hear about your Misty..How sad. :( Our animals truly are family and it is heartbreaking to lose one.. sorry too you are having some problems along the way..mind you you had a lot done so something is bound to slow you down.. Ok you take care and rest...and do read the link on rainbow bridge that LTT sent you..It is wonderfully soothing :) Huggzz xoxoxo
Hey gal, are those boobs of yours ever gonna calm down, lol? I'm so sorry you are having this latest setback but it sounds like your doctor has it under control and that your mental state is good. On a sad note, my heart goes out to you on the loss of your four-legged baby! Our pets are beloved members of our family and it just hurts when one passes. Know that I'm sending you a warm, loving cyber-hug! Xoxo

Mastopexy, TT, Explant, lipo

Hey all my supportive and loving gals. Yes, rt boob had a Seroma, now a pocket where it was, filling with drainage. Went to PS this am,
Opened it up to drain more and put
Packing in it so it will heal from the inside out. I have to change the packing every day and am on Bactrim E'S antibiotics now. It's more of a bother than discomfort.
I will see him next Wed to be checked. I am otherwise feeling really good. Have my strength back and driving and getting out some.
Thank you all for your caring about the loss of Misty, I was her Mommie for 15 years, weighed 2 lbs, she was my precious little girl and I do miss her terribly. Especially at bedtime, she snuggled with me every night.
Anyway gals, thanks for checking on me and please all have a Happy 4th
Of July Holiday.. Lv and hugs to all.
Hey Roseyjam, good to hear from you. I wish you much comfort and healthy healing. I'm healing slowly and feeling much better. Thank you for caring.. Hugs & love to u.. angelface1
So pleased to hear you're feeling much better. Its been a journey for you. A true inspiration! Thank you for your wishes. Take care of yourself x
Hi Angel, so sorry to hear about your wee Misty. Sending warmest wishes to you. My, you have been through a lot...I hope your seroma heals quickly. Great news you're getting out and about a bit more. That'll make a difference for you. I have 2 more sleeps left until my explant :o) Sending best wishes to you x

Explant,mastopexy,TT, Lipo

All healed and feeling wonderful. My
Breasts are still alittle swollen, rt side
More than left. Check out the photo
A full C. So happy with results and my TT is flat and looks good. Got my strength back finally and out and about. Love to all for your love and
concern and all the support you gave
me.. Angelface1
Hey Ms. Angel! So glad to hear you are fully healed and back to your perky self! I'm doing great too - back to running 3 miles every day and exercising. Life is good! Hugs to you!!!!!! Xoxo
Hi Angel, ah I'm over the moon you've updated to say how wonderful you feel and you've got your strength back. Keep taking good care of yourself :o) Much love x



Feeling great
Miss you!!!
I haven't been on the site for a while but you look great. What a journey and so glad you are doing great. It can be done at any age as long as you are healthy and why not!!
You look great! :o) x


TT wonderfully flat. Mastopexy is
Successful. Rt breast some lumps.
I am due for yearly mammogram, so that should give my PS the info. he
needs to know concerning the

Mastopexy. Explant. TT

TT - successful. Flat and healed nicely.
Explantation- feels wonderfully light
Mastopexy- successful, rt breast lumpy, mammogram to be done for
PS to determine course of treatment
I really enjoyed reading your review and you are such an inspiration! I'm so happy for you!!
(i don't see any pictures. Where they removed?)How are you doing?Would you update us on your healing?scars?
Hope your healing is going well and you're feeling fabulous! Sending hugs your way! =)

Mastopexy, explantation,TT

Well, it's about 7 mos. post op.
My TT is continually flattening and I feel so much more shapely. My breasts are still re shaping and becoming fuller because of slow
processing of fatty lumps. My P
had removed some fatty fluid from my R. Breast to determine the lump is benign, which also wss determined by my Mamogram. Yes, I did remove my photos, to update my appearance. I'm feeling great now...
It was determined that my post op
Exhaustion and high blood pressure
Was fro being sedentary, not getting out of the bed and walking at least 5 minutes every AM and PM. I was so
Surprised that by not being active, I
could be so I'll... It took about 5 days of pushing my self to walk and become active to solve my problem and feel great again.
Many good wishes to all of you who have had these surgeries, and pray
for you all to heal and be healthy again. I feel so light and look really shapely again, getting in to my skinny clothes...
Love to all my on line super support friends...

No edit of update

Some words are misspelled.
Sorry, hope you can figure out
what I'm trying to say... I will post
New photos real soon...
Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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