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So I've been really considering this for a while...

So I've been really considering this for a while now, totally still on the fence! Like so many I've always had a small chest and have never felt very feminine. All I want is another one or two cup sizes! That's it! My main concern is I'm 23 yrs old and have not had children yet and am planning on it in another 2-3 yrs. If I get this done, what will my breasts look like after breast feeding? Some say to wait till after kids but I would like to enjoy feeling sexy and confident before I become a mom and settle down with my life. Some days I feel like I'm ok with how my breasts are and I'll deal with it and wait to see how they get after kids but other days I'm so down on myself for not feeling attractive and I just wanna go for it, but I don't want to regret it after. My cousin got hers done a few years ago and she really regrets it, she says they don't fall right or move naturally at all and its become an embarrassment to her. I'm thinking that's cause she started out as like a AA and went to prob about a DD. I had a consultation booked but then talked to her and she freaked me out so I cancelled it. Any feedback would be so helpful! So glad I found this site, I have so many questions about things and I'm sure you ladies have all been through it! :)

Thanks ladies! I'm going to make another consultation in January. It's free anyway so I'm not losing out on getting more info. Another question- are they always hard and really bubble looking right after surgery? And long does it take for them to start looking normal and dropping and softening out? I'm just trying to think of a time frame cuz in getting married next October and if I do surgery I'd like for them to look soft and natural for summer but definitely for my wedding. Thanks girls! :)
Do it, u only live once. I know a couple girls that had babies after ba and they were fine, booba actually looked more real to me after kids

It sounds like you're giving this a lot of thought, which, IMHO, improves your chances for success because you're going to think it through and not rush into anything. A lot of how your results will be depends on your surgeon and the type/size/placement of implants you get. A little luck is also involved, too.

In the end you have to go with your heart. But I think a few consultations would educate you and help you decide.

Please keep us posted!


K! So I went ahead and made a consultation...

K! So I went ahead and made a consultation appointment! Feb 4! Can anyone walk me through what all happens at a consult?? I'm just not sure what to expect??
Our stories are very similar! I hear ya in regards to having children before getting my boobs done. My doctor told me that since I have very little breasts as it is, it won't ruin my boobs when I have the kids because its mostly implants. I don't have a lot of tissue to mess them up and make them all disfigured. Sometimes I throw on a sports bra and a shirt and boom im out for the day and i feel comfortable all day. Then I see the victoria secret runway show and im like oh my gosh those women are so sexy and pretty, Im gonna do it! I think over all, I am not going to go to big, im looking for a natural look, so I feel confident in my choice. Regardless of what you decide, I wish you the best!!!! :) Keep us posted!
HEY! Im glad you went back and made another consultation appt. :) I have been back and fourth with getting a BA too, and once I started going to consults I got VERY comfortable around the doctors and saw about 5 doctors before I made my choice :) The consults all start off by having you fill out some paperwork (some more than others and the PS I chose even sent me a packet a month before my consult to have the papers ready when I got to the office) After waiting in the waiting room you get called back to a room.. The doctor comes in, talks about incesion sites, under/over muscle, and types of implants (tells you which ways he prefers).. Then the dr asks if you have any questions (I have a LIST of questions I asked if youd like me to send them your way) and then he/she gives you a robe to change into and leaves for a few min while you change, then he/she will come back and take a look at what they will be working with (some measure, some will take pictures at this point but others prefer to take pix at the Pre-op appointment) then they will usually have you change back into your clothing (some will then let you play around with the implants and try them on with a post-op bra and allow you to bring some shirts and such that you wear all the time for you to get the idea of sizes, but NOT ALL will do this, they might wait until the pre-op appointment for this too) and then you meet with the patient coordinator (the money person lol) and thats it!... I would call the PS office and ask if you should bring anything (shirts to try on, or even a bra of the size you would like to be or a sports bra) I hope this helped :) Any more questions feel free to ask!!!
Thanks so much for the pointers! I do have a list of questions and concerns for when I go so hopefully all will be answered. If not, I have all you on here to ask! Hehe :)

Ok, so consultation is on Monday! I don't know why...

Ok, so consultation is on Monday! I don't know why I'm so nervous. My fiancé is driving into the city with me to go, but how wrong is it that the only reason I don't want him in the room with me is cuz I'm scared of him seeing me topless in fluorescent lighting?! Not like he hasn't seen me naked before, obviously, but that's honestly how embarrassed I am of having a small chest and not feeling womanly. Ughh!!! Recently I have been feeling like not getting it done cuz I really don't think his family would be real supportive if they found out, I know I shouldn't care so much but I do. I have a list of questions to bring with but if there are any specific big questions that you ladies think should be asked, please pass them along my way!! Ill try to get some pics posted of how I am now. Thanks ladies!!

So consultation went really good actually. This...

So consultation went really good actually. This was my first one and if I decide to go through with the surgery I think I have found my surgeon. He actually specializes in anything breast surgery, and does around 600+ breast implant surgeries per year. He was very informative and friendly, I felt surprisingly comfortable with him. I tried on some sizers in the bra I would be sent home in, I had in 325 and 350 cc (pic) and I still kinda felt big but not bad since I would lose around 25cc once they were in. They were Mentor brand, moderate plus profile, I did not like the high profile ones and I couldn't go above 350cc without going with high profile anyway, my chest is too narrow. Needless to say I am even more on the fence now, but he said that scheduling a surgery can be as little as two weeks so if I decide to go with them I shouldn't have to wait too long before a surgery date. I will post pics of me with the implants in the sexy recovery bra lol
I was on the fence for years too, but i'm so happy I finally went through with it. I love my implants! It is a big decision to make, but it is so much fun bra shopping now! You'll feel incredibly sexy! Good luck and keep us posted!
Glad your consultation went well!! :) From what ive heard the "right" size implant should feel like its big, but not totally out of the question when its in the post-op bra.. but idk im still trying to figure out my size too!! Im going in March 20th :) let us know when you pick your date!!
350s!!!!!!!! You'll love them!!!!! And my PS said the same thing to me about having to go to high profiles if I did 350 because my chest was too narrow
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