Lets do this thing...7 weeks post op *NEW PICS*

OMG I booked it....I finally booked it. I'm a...

OMG I booked it....I finally booked it. I'm a lot nervous and anxious and excited!!! I'm a mother of 4 ages 9, 7, 6 & 4 and since the birth of my first daughter my tummy has never regained it's shape! I've been wanting to do this for years and had a tt booked for 2010 but hubby & I decided we weren't financially ready. I'm 5'3 and weigh around 140....at my lowest about a year ago i was at 128. I'd love to be around 130 before my surgery. It's booked for July 25th so I have plenty of time to lose a few pounds and stress!! I live in Canada and the ps Ive chosen lives 14 hours away in Winnipeg. My parents live there so I'll have lots of help and support with my kids. My husband is amazing and is probably more excited than me lol!! Im sure every day will bring an emotional roller coaster!! I've already felt the low of why would I put my body thru this...to the excited high of I just can't wait for that flat tummy!!! I have to say ive been consumed with reading everones journeys on this website...i love real self! Im excited to see the may & june experiences!!! Good luck fellow tt ladies! Any other July tt out there yet? Btw how do I post pics??

Btw forgot to mention I'm 38....and had 2 kids...

Btw forgot to mention I'm 38....and had 2 kids vaginally and 2 by c-section. Still trying to post pics which is a little daunting to know my "gunt" (as I unaffectionaly call it) will be out there for all to see! But it'll be gone soo soon....crazy to think of a flat tummy and all those tops & dresses I will be able to go shopping for....sooooooo excited!!!!

Ok...got my before pics up.....ugh!!! I've never...

Ok...got my before pics up.....ugh!!! I've never actually taken a picture of it. My hubby and my kids are the only ones lucky enough to see the gunt. I wear a lot of spanx and tummy control tank tops to hide that nasty tummy!! But seeing those pics makes me all the more excited to get this done!!! I can't believe I'll have a flat tummy soon...it's surreal!!!! Btw...I gained 60-70 pounds with each pregnancy which is why there is soooooo much loose extra skin. And I'm sure my muscles are in need of some great repair!!! Happy healing to all out there!!! xoxo

I am having some craaazzzzy dreams!!! In one dream...

I am having some craaazzzzy dreams!!! In one dream I had the surgery done, big scar but my big belly was still there....another where the ps preformed a tt in a nail salon. Anyone else having crazy dreams?? Lol and I'm still 78 days away. Sometimes I wish time would speed up so I can be on the other side....and other times I'm thinking I'm not ready!!!! I think I'll be a nervous wreck the week before and probably won't get much sleep the night before....I think I may have an ulcer by the time my surgery date is here....lol!!!

Booked my pre-op for June 4....very excited!!!! I...

Booked my pre-op for June 4....very excited!!!! I just can't believe how many wonderful stories and amazing women are on this site! The before and after pictures are inspiring and making me very excited. It's hard to believe this flabby tummy will be gone soon!!!! I have a trip to Mexico planned for December and I'm very excited to rock the bikini!!!!! Happy healing to all those ladies who underwent surgery this week xoxo

Last week was kinda tough.....i really thought...

Last week was kinda tough.....i really thought about canceling my surgery. The nerves are getting to me....everything from worried bout how I'll feel when I wake up (last time I went under I really had troubles breathing when I woke up), to recovery, blood clots, depression, not waking up at all.....ugh the list goes on!!! Ive had 2 c-sections and I recovered fairly quickly from both those so I know I'll be ok but this waiting is sooo hard. And i still have 2 months....argh!!! I just need to keep thinking positively and reading everyone's journeys and seeing post op pics helps!!!! I wish I could fast forward to July 26th.....ok maybe aug 26th??!! ;)

My ps office called today and they want to move my...

My ps office called today and they want to move my surgery by a week....I guess my ps will be out of town on my original date (wait a minute....are they even allowed holidays? lol) So now my surgery is scheduled July 18. That just means 1 less week to stress, worry and have anxiety. And 1 week closer to the flat side.....Whoo-hoo!!!!! I'm very excited!!!

48 days to go!! A fellow realselfer posted "I...

48 days to go!! A fellow realselfer posted "I refuse to let fear dissuade me" i love it!!! And I am living by that quote for the next 7 weeks :D

I went for my pre-op appt yesterday...and I hafta...

I went for my pre-op appt yesterday...and I hafta say I really like my doctor. He answered all my questions...didn't rush me, made sure I felt comfortable with everything!!!! I got my compression garment too...I may try it on just to see how comfortable it is lol But I do have a question for all other tt'ers.....did you keep your original belly button? I guess I was under the impression that a new one was formed...however my doctor keeps the original one intact and pulls the skin down over it. Anyone else out there keep their original bb?? 43 days to go!!!! :)

I told my mom about the surgery as soon as I...

I told my mom about the surgery as soon as I booked it....but today I really went in depth about the procedure. She's pretty worried :( so I got up enough courage to show her my before pics on this website....and she completely understands why I want this done. She was a little shocked to see the amount of flapping skin i have....its amazing what spanks and a tight tank top under your clothes can hide!!! I'm really glad to know she's supporting me 100%. Good luck to all those lovely ladies having surgery this week!

4 weeks to go!!!!!!! I actually have butterflies...

4 weeks to go!!!!!!! I actually have butterflies right now.....so excited!! I feel like I still have lots to do before surgery and I can't believe in less than a month i will be flat and without my tummy. It seems so surreal!! I've been looking at bikinis online....I mean really???? Me in a bikini???? I haven't had a bikini on since my early 20s before kids. Let's do this thing!!!!!!! 28 sleeps.....:D

Wow!!!! Less then 2 weeks!!!!!!! Craaaaaaaaazy! I...

Wow!!!! Less then 2 weeks!!!!!!! Craaaaaaaaazy! I did my blood work a couple days ago, paid for my surgery last week so now I'm just trying to get some last minute things organized! I'm renting a walker, toilet seat riser and a shower seat. I have a recliner but it's not power....it has a lever to pull to recline...hopefully that will be ok? Prob gonna go buy a few more pillows. I'm really considering lipo to my inner thighs, I spoke to my ps this morn and they can add it to my surgery but not sure if it'll be worth it. The extra cost is $2675. My legs are fairly toned however my inner thighs have some extra fat that I can't get rid of with exercise. My legs have been that way since I was young. Even when my tummy was flat in my late teens, early 20s I was always self conscious about my inner thighs. I'll try and post some more pics today.....any thoughts from anyone who has has inner thigh lipo? Is it worth it? Happy healing to all those ladies going in this week!!!!!!

Holy crap....9 days away! I found out this weekend...

Holy crap....9 days away! I found out this weekend that I have a bladder infection...I've never had one :( on antibiotics for 7 days so should be all good for surgery!!! Still debating on the thigh lipo...my friend just had it done and said its really painful. My hubby says if it's something I want then I should get it done. What to do...what to do?????

This bladder infection is starting to be a pain in...

This bladder infection is starting to be a pain in the butt!! My doctors office called yesterday to let me know that my body was not responding to the initial drugs I was given so now they had to switch my meds. Which means I will be just finishing up my penicillin the night before my surgery. I called my ps office today and they said it wouldn't be a problem.....thankfully!!! I posted some new pics...if anyone has any more info/history on inner thigh lipo I'd love to hear about it??! Im going into my ps office on Monday and I need to give an answer on that day if I wanna go through with the inner thigh lipo. I guess my concern is I don't want it to look like loose skin hanging??! I'm 38 so my skin elasticity isn't like it was in my 20's? But it'd be great to get rid of that extra fat pocket!!!! WoW!!! Only 6 more days! Good luck to those ladies going in this week.....happy healing xoxo

I can't believe I'm actually posting pics of me in...

I can't believe I'm actually posting pics of me in a bikini!! When I was taking those pics my kids were like whoa Mom.....why are you wearing a bikini....followed by "are we going to the beach??" I didn't say anything to them but I was thinking in my mind ya right...like I'd be caught anywhere outside these 4 walls wearing that bikini...maybe post-op??? They also told me they think I'm going to look better in my bikini after my "squishy tummy that feels neat" will be gone. Maybe we'll have a ceremonial good-bye party for the belly.....with balloons & cake lol!

I went shopping today and feel like I bought the...

I went shopping today and feel like I bought the whole pharmacy!!!!! Feeling a little more prepared....got some gauze, tape, flush able wipes, Motrin, aleve, ice pack, stool softener, gas-x, arnica montana, & my prescription meds. I have my recliner but thinking I may pick up a couple extra pillows, getting walker, toliet riser and shower seat next week. And filling up on my low sodium, high fiber, fruits & veggies groceries on mon/tues. did I forget anything lol???? I'm leaning towards no on the inner thigh lipo...talked to a good friend who is also a personal trainer and she's gonna help me try and tone up my inner thighs and if I'm still not satisfied I can always get it done at a later date :) maybe I'll even get boobs one day too lol. 5 more sleeps....let's do this!!!

So we made the 14 hour trip to Winnipeg yesterday...

So we made the 14 hour trip to Winnipeg yesterday with the 4 kiddies :) they were actually very good....movies & iPods all the way!!! I love electronics!! Got in late late last night (around 130am) but had a great sleep!! Went to my ps office this morn and dropped off my paperwork, asked some last minute questions then went and spent $550 on groceries!!! Geeeez...you think I'm gonna be out for months!!! Off to the cabin to drop the kids off with the grandparents and then back in wpg tomorrow night. Less than 48 hours to go....I'm feeling very calm and super excited!!! I can't wait!!! Sooooooooooooo excited for all the girls getting it done this week......good luck and happy healing!!!!

Less than 24 hours....i can't believe after...

Less than 24 hours....i can't believe after reading everyone's journeys and amazing experiences for the past couple months and now it's finally my turn......sooooooooo excited! I'm still really calm today and not nervous at all!!! It's kinda nice after being sooo anxious and almost letting the nerves get the best of me. Im sure tomorrow morning those last minute jitters will hit hard! I didn't get a good sleep last night but that's cuz I had about 4 liters of water so I was up peeing every hour!! And my daughter decided 615am was an appropriate time to get up....groan!! We had a little celebration here last night complete with a cake that said "bye bye belly". We even sung a song...."say goodbye to my belly", in the tune of the happy birthday song. My kids thought it was funny :) Let's Do This Thing....I'm ready!!!!!!!!

I made it....I'm on the flat side!! Whoo-hoo!!!!...

I made it....I'm on the flat side!! Whoo-hoo!!!! I'm feeling pretty good sooo far...just a little sore from the muscle repair but honestly not bad. My doc said my muscles were really separated and thats common for having twins....I laughed and said I didn't have twins lol!!! They must have been bad!!! Here's the rundown of the day:

I woke up about 530...had an ok sleep, not too bad considering. Had a shower and got ready to go...still felt extremely calm which was such a nice emotion to feel after 3 months of stress and worry!!! We arrived at the surgery center at 730, filled out paperwork, met with my ps and he marked me up, met anastesiologist (no idea how to spell lol) and told him about my concern about waking up from my last surgery and not being able to breathe. He explained because my last surgery was done lapriscopically they actually fill your belly with gas and that was probably putting pressure on my lungs...that put me at ease!!! I said good bye to my hubby and walked to the OR...as soon as I got in the OR the tears started flowing. For a milisecond I thought about turning around and running out lol!!! The nurses again were great about calming me and making me feel better. Hoped up on the table...chatted a bit and I was out. When I awoke I felt pretty good....pain wasn't too bad and I could breathe just fine!!!! I woke up around 11am about 3 hours after surgery started. My post op nurse was fabulous, very attentive, can't say enough good things about the maple surgical center. I felt a little nauseous when I got up but thankfully it passed.
Got home around 330 and my back was covered in blood. We called the surgical center and she said its from my lipo site...so my hubby put a pad on both sites and it seems to be doing good. I got in my recliner which is super comfy and slept for a couple hours. I still hadn't peed which was also a concern because following my last surgery i had problems peeing and they had to put in a catheder post op. my nurse said if I haven't peed after 8 hours post op then I should go to emerge and get a catheder. But thankfully I just peed!!!! Such a big victory lol!!!! My hubby was excited too....he said that was a big hurdle!! Funny what we get excited about...and the next hurdle will be a poop...haha.
I go back to see my ps next tues when I hopefully will have my drains removed, I was told to keep my compression garment on til then but I may hafta sneak a peek and see how it looks!
I haven't eaten anything yet today...hubby is making soup and a fruit tray for me now. I was up and doing a couple "laps" around the living room & dinning room. I'm getting a little sleepy again so I'm gonna try and eat and get some rest. Thanks to all you wonderful tt's out there....I'm so thankful for all your words of encouragement, wisdom, inspiration, and prayers!!! This site has been truly amazing at getting me prepared and meeting all you lovely ladies!!! Good luck to all the girls going in this week....happy healing!!!!! Xoxoxo

Post op day 1....definitely a little more sore...

Post op day 1....definitely a little more sore today but still manageable. My hubby has been such a great nurse! I think I was up every 2 hours last night to pee...he slept beside me on the couch and helped me in and out of the recliner each time! He's been making me yummy healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner....I told him I could get used to this :) I'm feeling a little swollen today and my tummy has been really grumbling...lots of gas lol! Hoping for a bm soon :) I only have one drain that's draining....is that normal? How's everyone else draining? Meds are kicking in...time for a nap now....zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hello ladies!! Post op day 2.....really has it...

Hello ladies!! Post op day 2.....really has it only been 2 days since surgery? It feels like it was sooooo long ago!! Lol feeling a bit more sore and swollen today and also dealing with little bouts of nausea. I'm hoping I don't actually throw up cuz I hear it's quite painful!!! My tummy is still gurgling like crazy so I know my bm is close lol maybe tmi? I've been taking stool softener (colace) since 1 day preop and I'm on Tylenol 3's and Motrin to manage the pain. My hubby is still being an amazing nurse and is so incredibly helpful! I know i could not have done this without him!!! I mentioned this on the July tt'ers forum but I think it bears repeating. I remember reading about a month ago on a fellow tt'ers blog and I wish I could give credit but I honestly don't remember where cuz I was obsessively reading about everyone's journey. She said the biggest piece of advice she could offer to post op tt'ers is patience! And I completely understand that now! Patience to accept that our body needs time to recover...this is a major surgery! Patience to understand our body is still changing and it'll be months before we see the final results and patience to accept we cannot do everything we want to do right away....take the time we need to rest & recover! Ahhhh patience....now if I could only fast forward about a month lol!!!!!!

Ps I wish I could post some post op pics for all...

Ps I wish I could post some post op pics for all you ladies! It's like a cruel joke that I've spent all this money, im going through this recovery and yet I don't REALLY know if it's worth it??! But I'm guessing anything under this binder is better than my before pics :)

Ohhhhh ya right?!!! Patience =D

Ohhhhh ya right?!!! Patience =D

Po day 3....yay I had a poop!!!! Exciting times...

Po day 3....yay I had a poop!!!! Exciting times around here lol! I also had a little giggle fest and WOW was that uncomfortable!!! I felt every single inch of my stomach muscles....and it was awful. I don't recommend it!! Not much else has changed....pretty much the same. I'm hoping the next couple days bring on some improvement....I think the worst is behind me (fingers crossed) but even the worst was tolerable. Good luck all to the ladies going in next week.....sooooo exciting!!!

Day 4....I feel like a brand new women!!!! My...

Day 4....I feel like a brand new women!!!! My hubby helped wash my hair in the sink and I had a sponge bath....feeling like I can conquer the world!!! But I'll probably just stick to conquering the recliner! I feel like today is the turning point and I'm on the upswing of this recovery! I just have to remember to keep taking it easy! My bro & his family are coming over of dinner tonite which will be nice to have some company...especially for my hubby :) I'm trying to convince him we should have a peek at my tummy but he's reluctant because he's worried he won't get the binder back on properly. Hopefully I'll have some post op pics soon!!!

PO day5...k well I think I have officially hit...

PO day5...k well I think I have officially hit swell hell :( wow is my tummy ever TIGHT! And swollen!! I really did nothing today...parked myself in my recliner and watched the bachelorette finale (can I just say I love Jef & Emily...super cute couple). But I may have overdone it last night. Had some family over for dinner and although I did very little to help prepare I think I was just up & down a lot. I'm sooooooooo excited for tomorrow tho!!!! Hopefully drains will come out but more importantly I can see my tummy for the first time!!!!! I've been so good not to peek...I guess I was worried about ruining my results by taking off my compression garment so tomorrow is gonna be like Christmas! Whooooooo hoooooooo! I'll try and post some pics as soon as I can =)

Yay! I got my drains removed today! It didn't hurt...

Yay! I got my drains removed today! It didn't hurt at all...she told me to take a big breath and I was expecting the worst but I felt nothing! I posted a couple of pics....I finally took off my binder today and washed it but I couldn't wait to get it back on! I felt like a beached whale with all that swelling! So far I'm liking the results and I know it's only going to get better....no more belly. I still can't believe it's gone....WOW!!! Good luck to all the ladies getting it done this week.....you will NOT regret it!! Yay to flat tummy's for everyone =)

Here we are post op day 8....I have to say today...

Here we are post op day 8....I have to say today is the first day I'm starting to feel a little more like myself. I'm walking more upright...so now instead of looking like a hunched over granny I look like I have a stick up my butt lol. My back is still pretty sore but manageable. My hubby went back to work today so i was on my own but really had no issues. My kiddies are still at the cabin with their grandparents and i cant express how thankful i am to have this time to recover! Im very blessed!!!! We're heading back to the cabin tomorrow to relieve the grandparents...they've had a long 9 days looking after my 4 kids! I went out this aft with my brothers girlfriend for a little retail therapy...it's amazing what spending money can do for your spirits!! =) happy healing to all those ladies going in this week...hugs to you all!!

Oh boy it's hard not to get discouraged huh????!!!...

Oh boy it's hard not to get discouraged huh????!!! I had a shower today and took off my garment for the second time and took a better look at my tummy. My belly button is not cute at all :(...it's kinda funny looking. And I feel like the Michelin man....so swollen...my midsection is sooo thick! Ive lost my waist :( :( My hips are so swollen or is that just left over fat that my ps didn't lipo? I try and stay sooo positive and I know my tummy looks miles better than the fat overhang that used to be there but it's ok to have a pity moment every once in a while?? Right??? :(

Po day 12....some days I feel like these past 12...

Po day 12....some days I feel like these past 12 days have flown by since surgery and other times I'm like really?? It's only been 12 days? It's a slow slow recovery but I do need to remember its only been 12 days. And im thankful that its been pretty smooth so far. I feel for all those ladies out there that have had setbacks & complications. You are all in my prayers!!!!

Soooooo I had a nightmare last night!!!! I dreamt that after going thru this whole process I got pregnant.....with twins!!!!!!! Oh my???!! Please gawd help me and do not make that come true....yikes!!!! Not only would it ruin my tummy...again! But 6 kids?????! That's crazy talk! Good thing my hubby is snipped lol! I have managed to avoid sneezing so far...felt it come on a few times on different days but somehow avoided it? I rubbed my nose and took deep breathes and this seemed to work! Tomorrow I'm taking back my rentals....the walker, shower seat, and toilet seat riser. The only thing I used was the toliet seat riser...I didn't touch the walker and my shower seat was too wide for the bathtub. But I will say the toilet seat riser was a blessing! I've been splitting my time at the cabin with my kids & parents and in the city with just my hubby & I. I'm heading back to the cabin tomorrow...and this weekend is going to be crrrrrraaaaaazzzy! We have 23 people staying at the cabin so I hope I don't overdo it! I have a large family and we have a lot if fun together!! Last weekend we played some games and laughed a lot....and oh boy did that hurt my abs. I felt like i had done 1000 sit ups by the end of the night. I also felt quite nauseous so I know it was my body definitely telling me i had stayed up too late and strained myself too much. So my dad sent me into the city to rest more and they kept the 4 kids! Im just overwhelmed with the unbelievable support from my family! I choose to have this surgery....it technically wasnt necessary for my health (but i could prob argue that lol) so im extremely thankful for the help!! I'm sooooooo happy I choose to have this surgery and I know in a couple months time I will be blown away at my new improved body!!! Good luck to all those ladies having their tts this week....we're into the aug girls this week. Happy healing ladies xoxo

Oh...btw...I weighed myself this morn and I'm down...

Oh...btw...I weighed myself this morn and I'm down 3 lbs since my surgery. I know we're not supposed to weigh ourselves but I am a self admitted scale junkie (can't live without it lol)

Po day 17....Hello ladies (and gent) I've kinda...

Po day 17....Hello ladies (and gent) I've kinda been MIA for the past couple days as we have no wi-fi at the cabin but thought I'd grab my iPhone and post an update :) so far my recovery has been a lot less painful than I anticipated. However I haven't bounced back as quickly as I thought. I thought by this time in my recovery I'd be doing much more but my energy level is just not back to normal. My back is still sore....nothing too awful but I need to re-adjust my position while sleeping or sitting at times. I'm still not standing at 100% straight...some days I feel I'm almost there but then it feels really tight and I don't wanna force it. Im still wearing my compression garment 24/7 just taking it off to shower. I feel much more secure with it on and it really doesnt bother me unless i get hot....them it becomes unbearably itchy!! Air conditioning is my best friend these days. My incision is looking fabulous and quite thin in the middle but on my right hip it's opened a little and I've had a little spotting. My ps just told me to put polysporin on it 2-3x a day so here's hoping it'll heal up nicely. Before my surgery I often wondered how comparable a tt was to a csection...and for those of you wondering here's my opinion. I found that getting up and down is much easier and much less painful with the tummy tuck and i think thats because with a csection they cut right thru your muscle as opposed to just stitching up my muscles. My incision has not bothered me aside from the opening on my right hip and occasional twinges. All in all I'd say this was easier than a csection but maybe it's cuz I don't have an infant to look after too :) But i will say dont forget this is MAJOR surgery so give yourself time to heal!!! Its definitely taken me longer than i anticipated but 100% worth it!!!! Im very pleased with my results so far and anxious to get back to the gym to tone up....and maybe even develop some ab muscles????!!! That would be a miracle coming from my that blob of a tummy. Hopefully that's helpful to all you ladies with upcoming tts. And happy healing to all the ladies who've all already underwent surgery. I haven't been posting lots but I'm thinking of you all....and praying for speedy recoveries!!!!! xoxo

3 weeks today!!! Yay! It's getting easier every...

3 weeks today!!! Yay! It's getting easier every day :) I went for a walk today...and felt pretty good. I'm standing at pretty much 100% but my back is still sore from the lipo. I really strongly dislike my belly button. It looks deformed and ugly to me :( unfortunately I'm at the cabin so I can't post pics but will be heading in to the city next week and I'll get some new ones up then. I also think I may have a dog ear....I see my ps in 9 days...can't wait. Overall I am super excited about my flat tummy....I look in the mirror and still can't believe thats my body! When I showered today I went to wash under my "flap" then happily remembered IT'S GONE =) happy days ahead! Good luck to all the August tters coming up and those that are healing!

Almost 5 weeks post op....yay!! Hello to all my...

Almost 5 weeks post op....yay!! Hello to all my fellow tummy tuckers! I've missed you all!! I hope everyone is healing good. And/or excited about your upcoming procedure!! I'm finally home and back in Calgary!!! 5 weeks is a long time to be away from home! I saw my doctor last friday and I'm finally free of my compression garment. I've moved onto spanx....however I do still find in comforting to wear my cg at night time. I love my new flat belly and in the morning it looks amazing....then by mid day it's crazy swell hell! I can't wait for the day when all this swelling has either disappeared or is very minimal!!! Still not very happy with my belly button, my ps said to wait till Dec-Jan and if the swelling on the inside of my button has not gone down he can clip inside and make it look better.....phew I'm thankful for that! Also said I may have a dog ear on my right side but again wants me to wait till Dec to see what it'll look like after 5-6 months. My back is still quite sore especially after sitting for 15-20 min...and still a little numb from the lipo. My camera on my iphone broke :( but I do have a few updated pics to show you....some were taken at the 2 week mark and other were taken just recently. I've shown a few of my friends my before and after pics and they are amazed!!! They can't believe that is what my belly looked like before....it's amazing what clothes & spanx can hide!!!!! I went to a football game last week and had to include the picture taken with the mascot....cuz i'm wearing a dress!!!! Something I never would have done before because of my huge belly.....way too self conscious and always thought I looked pregnant!! I love how I look in clothes and I know the future looks bright! Sooooo happy =D My ps says I can start working out at 6 weeks....can't wait to get back into it! I'm feeling a little slobish! I weighed myself after getting back from my 5 weeks of "holidays" and I'm down 4 pounds!! Pretty impressive seeing as I was at the cabin eating vacation food and far too much snacking on chips....lol! Not exactly the most healthy way to eat. But I'm back home now and it's easier to monitor what I'm eating when I'm doing all the shopping and cooking! So has this been worth it???? 100% YES!!! If you are having this surgery in the upcoming months.....be excited!!! You will most definitely have a huge arrangement of emotions but it is absolutely worth it! The first couple weeks are rough...but manageable with the pain meds! Good luck to all you lovely ladies out there with flat tummy's and those who are going to join us :) :) :)

7 weeks today! So I got the ok to work out but Im...

7 weeks today! So I got the ok to work out but Im still a little hesitant to do anything strenuous. I was on my skates for the first time yesterday and that went well however I took it really slow. I think I'll try the elliptical this afternoon. My back still gets quite sore if I sit for more than 10 min without any compression on. Im wearing my garment at night and wearing spanx on and off during the day. My tummy is still sore & tender if I press on ab muscles. And I'm still swelling like up like a ballon in the afternoon and night! The pictures I just posted were taken first thing in the morn....wearing the same clothes as my before pics. I have to say I haven't noticed too much change in how my clothes fit however I wonder if that is because I always wore spanx before?? I also need to start eating better....just came off a weekend camping trip where eating unhealthy is required (well ok maybe not required but it's much tastier to eat bbq hambugers and chips :) So yogurt, fruit, chicken breast & veggies here I come!! I actually like eating healthy and now that the kids are back in school it's much easier to prepare and maintain! My cutie little 4 year old son asked me today how my tummy was...i said it's getting better. And he proceeded to tell me about his cut on his pinky finger (which I bandaged up last night because band-aids always make everything better) and how it's feeling much better and how sometimes he gets scratches but they get better. I love how the magnitude of this surgery is lost on little kids....definitely a good thing tho! He continually told me during my recovery how he couldn't wait til I was all better so we could have big cuddles again :) :) He warms my heart!!! Good luck to all our Sept ladies starting their journeys! And hope the healing is going well for the rest of you ladies! xoxo
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Im from Winnipeg and considering this surgery. Can you tell me who your surgeon was and your thoughts?
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You look great!! I'm from Calgary too!!!
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You look so Fabulous! look at those befores and afters!! Finally my seromas are done! yippee. Im working out again now just easy does it!I Congrats..I remember laying in my chair and saying please let me just wake up at 2 months po! lol.. and here we are!
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Holy crap you look great! Way to go! I hope mine looks as good as yours
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Awwww thanks Ginny! It's almost your turn? I peeked at your profile...you're gonna look fabulous! I'm soooo excited for you!!!
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I love your new pics. Not sure when you posted but your tummy looks great :)
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Hey stexas....how are ya??? I'm still waiting to see your post op pics girl!! Hope you're doing well!!!!
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I just posted an update. Hope you are doing well :)
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Girl you are smokin in that dress....and I love the mascot too...hee hee! I am around the same time as you, I think?, and swelling hits me in the afternoon and its really tight in the middle. I still have to wear my CG, although right now I am wearing only spanx and I am being bad, but I dont wear it at night. Doc said I didnt need too, yay, but I might just because I feel more secure. I do not sleep on my sides or stomach...still sleeping at an angle and I hate it but its the only way I can right now. *sigh* I am not sure what I weigh at the moment as I dont weigh myself...ever. I use my clothes to see how they fit and right now I know that I have lost weight. I cannot wait, however, to start working out my thighs and butt because OMGeeeee I feel like my butt is wide! Grrrrrrr ,,,>_
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I really hate the fact that half my comment is gone....OMG!!! Anyway, what I wrote was, how is your tummy button doing? My doc said to give it 3-4 months and if I am still not happy with it he will fix it. YAY! I am not even going to worry about it right now. Hopefully it does work itself out because I am not interested in going under the knife again but whatever makes it work, right? You are really looking awesome woman!!! Hang in there k?! TTFN!!!
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Hey katt....how are ya? I have little faith in my belly button lol Im pretty sure I'll hafta get it revised which is a bummer....but if I wanna rock a bikini next summer I guess I'll do it. Plus itll be pretty minor to what we've already put our bodies thru! How are you? Are you working out yet? I'm so nervous to do it....I still get super swollen which is bothersome! and my stomach muscle repair was soooo extensive that I'm concerned and don't wanna ruin anything! Anyhoooo....hope all is well girly!! Cheers
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same here but my situation is not the belly button its the excess skins! Even if they are willing to fix it we still have to go through the risk of being under the knife again and also pay for OR and anesthesiologist fees. your result looks really good :-)
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congratulations calgarymomma on your TT! I had mine on 7/20, first week no swelling I was so happy and now I'm battling with swell hell...LOL.
Looking forward to see some new pictures.....Happy healing :-)!
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Hey aska....how are you doing? I'm still battling the swell hell at 7 weeks!!! How's your swelling? Hope your recovery is going good :) :)
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I'm almost 7weeks po and i still have swelling which i don't mind bc i know it will eventually subside i'm just really worry i might still have excess skins!! When I either bend over or sit down i have a pouch and rolls i can grab on but
when i stand up my abdomen is actually really tight (see my pictures) How's your abdomen area when i bend over or sit?
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Glad to hear you're doing great and loving your new belly!!! Can't wait to see updated pics!!!
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Hey girl.....how are you feeling??? You look amazing and super tiny in your pics!!!! You must be thrilled! Hope you found a stunning dress for the wedding this weekend :D
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Hang in there because you are doing great!

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I am definitely bringing up the ear plugs/marble trick at my next appt. Im hoping it'll work for me too!!!! Good to hear from ya....glad your healing well! You look fabulous! And love your comment about needing new clothes...I have some extra $ put aside for a sizable shopping spree once this swelling minimizes!!! =)
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I'm anxious for my first real shopping trip too.
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So happy for you being able to walk normal lol... What if u try putting earplugs in your bb ... Or at least ask your ps about it....that's what I'm doing and it's looking pretty promising....about your dog ear I thought I had it too but the ps said it would go away once I healed and everyday it's seem to look better
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I think you look great :)
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Awwwww thanks stexas!! I'm glad to hear you're doing better!!! I wanna see some post op pics :)
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You're very welcome. I'll get around to some pics. I honestly keep forgetting to ask my husband to take some. The Dr. showed me my pre-op pics Tuesday. What a difference :)
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Hey Hon! So glad to hear you're continuing to do well! I so get the air conditioning! I am a sun freak but just walked outside for like 5 minutes and it was disgustingly hot! Blech! Oh and I am a scale junkie too! I was down 8 yesterday but I'm seriously eating portions like my 3 year old before I'm full so making sure one of my 5-6 meals a day is a protein shake! Thanks os much for your support through my TT! It's awesome on the flat side!!!=)
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