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Hello real self family - i have been considering a...

Hello real self family - i have been considering a bbl for a while. I have been stalking this site forever (lol) I have found the feedback very helpful from all the ladies who have gone through the procedure. My big question is do i have enough fat on my to get the results I am looking for? Any suggestions for dr's?


I also like what I see with yily - is there a post on here that has a list of what you should pack when you go to get the surgery?
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Wow thanks for all the feedback. I have been looking at Dr.Salma patients a lot on here and I do like what I see. I would take a trip to get surgery, especially if the results are going to be great. Thanks ladies.
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You won't know if you should lose or gain until the doc assesses your pics. I was told to lose 17 pounds and some have been told to gain. If you're looking for an AMAZING DOCTOR...go with Dr. Salama Elite Plastic Surgery. There are tons of reviews from him as well the only thing is that he's in Florida. If you want Canada then Dr. Jugenburg is there but I personally don't like him cause he does smaller butts. It looks like from your wish pic he could give you what you want. Dr. Jugenburg is www.torontosurgery.ca. I went to see him...the consultation is free and they are in the Royal York Hotel. :)
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Added some more wish pics - I am really loving this website

Added some more wish pics of what I'm looking for - on average what is the cost for Dr.Salma?


Dr. S is about $8000 and up. I added arm lipo to mine at the total was near $10,000.00.
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I did a consulation with Dr. Jugenburg but the price was high. then i heard about DR.Yily in the DR. I spoke with her several times and i decided to go with her.
Good choice from what I hear she does really good work. Im doing this allll alone again so I would rather not travel to DR
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