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almost a year PO Ful TT & BA

I am 5' 4" weight around 190lbs with...

I am 5' 4" weight around 190lbs with large frame. I have 2 children a 4 1/2 year old and my daughter just turned 2. I weighted 150 before my first pregnancy at age 17, at delivery i weighted 223. i lost all but 14 lbs after having my son. Then during nursing school i gained 30lbs! Then got pregnant again, i weighted 196 when i got pregnant and ended up at 254!! it took me over a year to lose all of my pregnancy weight and then some.

I have lots and lots of strechmarks, and i know it want get rid of all of them but i dont care i cant stand my stomach!! I had my consult in Feb. I am having full TT and BA, Dr. said lipo would not help much but I have decided I am going to ask him again at my pre op appt. He said he was going to be able to take out everything below my belly button and about an inch above. I am really excited!! I am taking 2 weeks off work ( I am a pediatric nurse). I am having procedure on April 24th and going back to work on May7th.

congrats and good luck with your surgery. I too agree you should ask him again for the lipo, it does help especially with the love handles and the back fat if you have any...love your tatt!
Good for you! Congrats on all the weight loss. You will be so happy after this is done! Keep us posted on your recovery & we are here to help if you have any questions!
I Am in an office so I walk stand and sit. I work with children so I do not lift any.

I had my pre-op this morning!! Dr. gave me my rx...

I had my pre-op this morning!! Dr. gave me my rx to get filled. pain meds, antibotics,muscle relaxers,and nausea med. also he said since i am brode chested that he is going to give me 350- 400ml implants. and that should make me a full c or d, but im not to sure about that because i am already a b or small c, sounds like a lot!! what do you guys think??
I am going to Wilmington PS.
GL. I've always heard that you want to go a little larger with implants, b/c they settle in and then you wonder why they aren't as big anymore. LOL I live near Jax, NC. Where are you going for your procedure? GL to you!!
Hi there~I'm a Nurse too. My TT is April 27th. I'm so excited but so scared of the pain...

LET THE COUNT DOWN BEGIN!!! Only 9 more days to...

LET THE COUNT DOWN BEGIN!!! Only 9 more days to go!! I'm sort of nervous and a little bit scared but I am really looking forward to not having to be embarassed about this stomach!!!
Love your tatt. Your day is just around the corner. Hope all goes well. i went back to work at 3 weeks and everything went well. Hope you all the luck in all your recovery. keep us up tp date on all
I just had my consult last week, my TT Surgery is on June 15, and I am very nervous as well as some of you. But I wanna say good luck to all of you. Thanks for all the info.
I just had my consult last week, my TT Surgery is on June 15, and I am very nervous as well as some of you. But I wanna say good luck to all of you. Thanks for all the info.

Well only 2 days left before the big day!! I'm...

Well only 2 days left before the big day!! I'm really excited but scared and nervous!! I was thinking about it yesterday on the way to work and got so sick to my stomach!! I really hope that it turns out worth all the money and stress! Going today to finish up getting everything for after surgery at home. i did get a loveseat recliner (it has an armseat in between so the 2 chairs dont conect to each other) so that my husband can sleep in the living room with me. i also purchased a shower chair yesterday to make it easy to take a shower my PS actually sugested it. i can't believe i have waited for almost 5 years for this and now I only have 2 days left to wait!! Thank you all for all the support and info.

I'm so nervous right now!! I've had so many...

I'm so nervous right now!! I've had so many emotions today. I have 10 hours to go... Good luck everyone that is going in tomorrow! Keep me I. Your thoughts and prayers
Hope you get to feeling better and better each day! I bet I say the same thing after mine. lol
i am starting to feel much better! I actually got out of the house yesterday and went to town
I'm sure we all will say that when we wake up from our procedures. I'm getting a TT and some lipo around my waist. And I know I will say the same thing that you did. So how are you today? Better I hope.

Well today is 6 days PO! I have my PO appt today...

Well today is 6 days PO! I have my PO appt today I am hoping the drains will come out the right one has not drained at all in 2 days but I think it may be clotted i tried milking it but it didnt work. The left one has been less than 50 for 3 days. They are so agravating!!! I haven't had to take much pain meds but the muscle relaxers I have been taking at least 2 times a day! I still can not stand up striaght and it is killing my back. I go back to work a week from today.. I sure do hope I will be stand upright by then. My mucsles are super tight!! The doctor took out 7.5lbs off my stomach however the scales dont say so! As far as the BA we had talked about 500ml implants well i got 550ml in each they are high profile. I was a little upset about that to begin with but now I think they look fine. i still haven't had a great look at my stomach but what I can see looks soo much better. i'm glad i did it!!

My PO appt went pretty good I did get one drain...

my PO appt went pretty good I did get one drain out and the other should come out before friday so I wont have to go back to work with any drains!! Happy about that! It really did burn when they pulled that drain out. Some how I have a small blister above my incision I think it is from rubbing against the binder. The nurse said my belly button looked great. My grandmother went with me to my appt and she told the doctor that I was going back to work Monday and she didnt think it was a good idea. his response was Nurses are crazy lol and that we are the worst patients (joking), he said I would be fine to go back to work as long as if I felt like I needed to leave I did. I will be so glad when I can stand up straight!! I hope by monday.
You look great now but in a few weeks you will look even better! Congrats girl and welcome to the flat side!
Glad to hear you did well. I got one drain out too! But i dont see my ps til next mon. Im only draining 10. And the drain coming out wasnt bad which surprised me. Now your BA i got 400 so i cant wait to see your result with 550's. Take care.
Im ready to see what size they really are. They are still sort of numb feeling. The drain coming out wasnt that bad but it did burn really bad.

Got the last drain out today!!! And was told that...

Got the last drain out today!!! And was told that I could wear a different bra....I am now a DD.. WOW!!! I don't have to go bback until May 31st.

Well since both drains are out I have gained 3...

Well since both drains are out I have gained 3 lbs!! I guess it's from sitting around and the swelling.. I go back to work today, excited cause I'm sick of staying in the house. I'm sort of Ned ous though cause not a lot of peoe at work knew why I was on vacation, and I work 12 shifts so I hope I can make it through these next 3 days of 12 hour shifts.

I went back to work this past monday at 13 days PO...

i went back to work this past monday at 13 days PO. the first day was hard but the next 2 days were good. I was so ready to go back!! Everyone there was really supportive since only ab out 3 people knew before hand. I went out this weekend for the first time dancing, I was around a lot of cigarette smoke and I did drink some, I did ride with my husband on his motorcycle too. Now under my stairy strips there was some like watery fluid not a lot but I cut that part of the strip off and dabbed that spot with paper towel and there was a little bit of blood I put a band aid over it. I hope i didnt over do it and mess it up :(((( What do you guys think???

This whole journey is really starting to get to me...

This whole journey is really starting to get to me. I feel like I can't do anything I did normally before surgery. I really wish I would have gotten the lipo to. I think I may have a dog ear that needs to be removed not for sure yet but if it does I am going to see if I can get some lipo to my sides and back. I am ready to start back exercising i feel like a cow!!
Congrats on the new you. The transformation is amazing. Happy healing and God bless.
You look like you are progressing nicely. Have you tried to do an all protein/fruits & veggies eating. Maybe that will help you feel better. When i first weight myself i was horrified but now three weeks later im super happy. Its hard to stay good with eating but remember you dont want to go through this again. Im down 10lbs. Ive started stroller walking with my youngest and it felt great(2miles). Im so used to working out hard(p90x) so not being able to is killer. How are your boobs feeling? Are you happy? Have you tried on any swimsuits? Take care and give it time :-)
I havent been eating like I should.... I like going waking and doing zumba, i did go walking the other day about a mile. i was looking at my stomach yesterday and from where they streched my stomach i have a few little tiny new strech marks that were not there the first week. I was soo upset! My stomach in the front is leaking some fluid which worries me cause im scared i did something wrong! My boobs are now a DD and i like them I fiirst thought they were to big but they look fine to me now. I am happy that I went through with it just wish i would have gotten lipo too. I have not tryed on any bathing suits yet. how is everything going with you??

Well I haven't been on here in a long time. I...

Well I haven't been on here in a long time. I will be 1 year PO on April 23rd. I am happy with my results over all. When I went back for my 6month PO apt the doctor told me that I did need to have a revision to my sides. I did not get lipo with my TT but wish I would have. I have a spot right above my BB that sticks out and its kinda hard I thought it was a hernia or something but he said it was fat and that at year when he does the revision he will give me lipo in that area for free. I am not looking forward to the revision but I know it needs to be done. The only thing I do not like about my stomach is that since I have had the TT my hips stick out more ( I did not have lipo). also I have noticed in the last little while that if I stand up and lean over my stomach is not tight. but I have lost about 18lbs since January. does anyone else have this problem?
I've lost weight too and have the same problem, I'm so looking forward to my year check up on monday. I'm also worried about my BA I had to done to refill them. I think with the weightloss I've lost more volume again and will need them to be redone and fuller. But overall very happy with my TT. Its nice to see the 2012 checking in. Congrats, would love to see your year progress :-)
I just put up some pictures taken this morning! Would love to some of yours
You look great girl!!! Omg I'm so hopeful!!! THANK YOU!

Well going back looking at my journey over the...

well going back looking at my journey over the last year makes me realize I did the right thing for myself. I still have some issues that need to be fixed but at least I don't have to carry around that ugly belly anymore. this last year has really been hard on me. before I had my TT I went from 190 to 201 stress eating then I got down to 195 after surgery within a few weeks. I didn't exercise like I should have or eat right. Then about 4 months PO my 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy and had 5 seizures before she was put on medication, that was very stressful. We have had to go for lots of different tests and doctors but she is doing well on her meds now no seizures since November! We bought a new house in October and went through the moving process. then in January my son was diagnosed with ADHD. So with all the things that were going on the last year I went back up from 195 to 209. which of course made me feel like I wasted a lot of money for nothing. To top it off after having surgery like within the first 3 weeks or so I got a bunch of little sideways stretch marks!! The PS told me my skin could not handle stretching anymore my pregnancies did it in big time. I started exercising and eating better in January and I am now down to 189. I am hoping to get down to at least 150 or so. I am looking forward to go to my 1 year appt and see about this revision since I do have dog ears and my scar is kind of loose where I had the issues with it coming open because of the stitches coming out and I have a "lump" above my BB that the PS said was fat but its hard... but he said when I had my revision he would do lipo in that area for free. Anyway looking back at this journey even though it wasn't easy im glad I did it.
When is your post op?
in the morning at 10 is my one year PO i will be oneyearouton the 24th
Good luck on your next appt. you look great!

Went for my one year po appt but the dr wasnt...

went for my one year po appt but the dr wasnt there. i said something to the nurse about the bolge above my bb and she had me tighten up my muscles and felt my stomach and said to her it felt like the stitches had came out there and my muscles were separated there...ugh that was disappointing. but theysceduled my scar revidion and dog ear removal for may 22. im not sure what they can do if my.muscles are separated im not feeling going back through the whole healing process again if that is what it would take. what do you guys think. anybody else ever had that issue?

I also forgot to mention that before surgery i was...

i also forgot to mention that before surgery i was a 36 c but not full c. went ti victoria secret and got fitted im now a 38 ddd... was suppose to only be a d... im happy with them though!
Hi Cam. For one, I'd be upset if my Dr wasn't there.. Did you know he wasn't going to be? The stitches inside dissolve? Or did the stitches come apart early in your recovery? Kinda concerns me because I tend to do too much.. Lots of questions, sorry.. :) You have a beautiful body btw.. Can't til I'm a year out!
theyarenotsupposetocome out. i guess if thst is the readon mine csme out from doing to much early on. so take it easy. thank you fir the compliment. wish i thought the same about my self.
Oh my, I can't imagine my suture coming apart. I was very worried about that especially that I do some crazy exercises like P90x & Tapout but that's why I wore my tummy garment longer especially during exercises. It held me in better and didn't feel so pulled or tight while doing exercises. I also would be mad if my doctor wasn't there at my appointment, there the ones that do the procedure!

15 months po ba and tt

Went yesterday for follow of revision and one of the dog ears came back so he went ahead and fixed it in the office so I wouldn't have to come back. Hopefully that is the last time. I am really thinking about getting a tattoo to cover up my tummy tuck scar. ?. Anybody have any suggestions on where I can find some ideas. I also am now 39lbs under what I weighted when I had my first surgery.

15 months po

Fifteen months po in a two piece...still very self conscious aabout my body and still don't look like I would like to...but much better than I did s and I'm sure if I work hard and work those muscles it will only get better!
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